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Showtimes Revealed for “Impressions de France” and “Beauty and The Beast Sing-Along” at the France Pavilion in EPCOT

Since the announcement of the new “Beauty and the Beast” Sing-Along in the France Pavilion, we’ve been consoled by the fact that the beloved “Impressions de France” would also be playing intermittently at the Palais du Cinema. However, schedules have just been released for the two shows, and it seems Disney is looking to maximize the presence of their animated movies in more ways than one.

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When the new “Beauty and the Beast” Sing-Along premieres this Friday for the EPCOT International Festival of the Arts, Impressions will also return in stunning 4K, but the show will see far less playtime than its newer, character-based counterpart.

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Starting January 17th, the “Beauty and the Beast” Sing-Along will play from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM, with “Impressions de France” playing from 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM. The digital marquee that was installed last week allows Cast Members to easily switch from one show logo to the next.

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The new Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along show now has its own landing page on the Walt Disney World website.

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The new “Beauty and the Beast” Sing-Along will have a duration time of 15 minutes, while “Impressions de France” film runs for 18 minutes.

Are you looking forward to seeing the new “Beauty and the Beast” Sing-Along once it debuts during the Festival, or are you eagerly awaiting the return of the classic and eerily beautiful “Impressions de France”? Let us know in the comments.

In the meantime, you can read more about the “Beauty and the Beast” Sing-Along––including its surprising plot twist––in this post here.

  1. So, there’s only 3 or 4 showings of Impressions de France per day? I, for one, sorely missed it on my December trip when it was down for refurbishment and hope it’s still there when I get back for my next Disney vacation!

  2. Why can’t they just be on a rotation throughout the day? While I’m not in love with IPs in World Showcase, I certainly don’t mind if IPs are in their correct country. I don’t mind Beauty and the Beast coming to France, but couldn’t they have it where Beauty and the Beast runs in the first half of the hour and the amazing Impressions de France play in the second half of the hour? It just seems as if Disney is lining up to push Impressions de France out for good down the line, and that is a sad thought.

  3. I could care less about a childish song-a-long. “Impressions de France” is a beautiful, moving movie and is what is worthwhile to see.

  4. It saddens me that Impressions Of France will only be shown in the evening. I know that may change, but it is one of my favorite movies at EPCOT, and I would like to be able to see it when it will not interrupt my dinner plans.

  5. Not happy about this at all with a trip planned next week to see it. This totally cuts into both the dinner reservation times and those who want a good spot for EPCOT Forever. Why spend all the money to upgrade this movie to 4K if you aren’t going to show it? Other shows are scheduled throughout the day around World Showcase, why could they not truly “rotate” or alternate this show with the sing-a-long and publish a schedule for it? Looks like the beginning of the end for Impressions de France. See it while you can. I’m guessing it won’t last long.

  6. Impressions de France!! I cannot believe we cannot see it during the day. Nothing sounds worse than 100 people jammed into a theater singing out loud to Beauty and the Beast. Disappointed they aren’t getting equal showtimes.

  7. This sing along was pretty disappointing. I thought the movie would take the whole screen like Impressions de France but it just plays in the center of the screen, and some of the animation looks pretty cheap. Besides, the whole story of Lefou being the “hero” behind Belle meeting The Beast is just weird and unnecessary. I don’t get why after all this years they decided to change the whole story. Once was enough for me, I’ll stick to Impressions de France, though it stinks that now there is only an hour and a half to catch it.

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