Tokyo Disney Resort Ticket Price Hikes Coming April 1st, 2020 Alongside New Disabled Guests Passport

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Tokyo Disney Resort Ticket Price Hikes Coming April 1st, 2020 Alongside New Disabled Guests Passport

Today, the Oriental Land Company announced that ticket prices will be increasing at Tokyo Disney Resort starting April 1st. This move comes right on the heels of the forthcoming expansion at Tokyo Disneyland on April 15, along with the upcoming Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs expansion opening in 2023. The last major ticket price hike came in 2016 to ¥7400, with a ¥100 increase in October 2019 due to revised consumption tax in Japan. Additionally, a special one-day passport ticket for Guests with disabilities will be introduced.

Tokyo TDR 35th Ticket

The changes are as follows (in Japanese Yen):

Through March 31, 2020 Starting April 1, 2020
Type of Ticket Adult (18+) Junior (12-17) Child (4-11) Adult (18+) Junior (12-17) Child (4-11)
One-Day Passport 7,500 6,500 4,900 8,200 6,900 4,900
Senior Passport 6,800 7,600
Starlight Passport 5,500 4,800 3,600 6,000 5,100 3,600
After-6 Passport 4,300 4,700
Two-Day Passport 13,400 11,800 8,800 14,800 12,600 8,800
Three-Day Passport 18,100 15,800 11,800 19,800 16,800 11,800
Four-Day Passport 22,800 19,800 14,800 24,800 21,000 14,800
Two-Park Annual Passport 91,000 57,000 99,000 57,000
Two-Park Annual Passport (Senior) 76,000 85,000
One-Park Annual Passport 62,000 40,000 68,000 40,000
One-Park Annual Passport (Senior) 52,000 58,000
Disabled Guests Passport 6,600 5,500 3,900

These changes are a bit more substantial than those we saw in October. The One-Day Passport is up from (as of current exchange rates) $68.91 to $75.34. Also, the Two-Park Annual Passport saw a steep hike from $836.11 to $909.61. I’m a little bit disappointed in this, as the Resort is known for not being horribly expensive. Japanese salaries and pay also aren’t growing very much in the current economy, and this may cause issues for some Guests. I do hope we don’t see more hikes for some time.

Do these changes affect you? Are you frustrated by this change? Let us know below or on Twitter!

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  1. So, TDL gets to keep the original park pass ages that Disney World once had?!? Disney World starts charging kids when they’re 3 and it changes to adult when they’re 10 now. It used to be a child went to an adult at 12 or 13. I’m not sure about a child ticket but I’ve been saying I think it’s criminal for Disney to charge that much for a child who definitely won’t remember any of the trip (a 3 year old). We went to Busch Gardens and my five year old was free! Such a nice change of pace!

  2. Im not saying he did it but it seems like a big coincidence that Corless starts to visit Tokyo Disneyland every month and all of the sudden they decide to raise prices. #stopthemadness

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