WATCH: WDWNT: The RPG Episode 4 – The Yeti Heist

wdwnt the rpg yeti heist
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On this episode of WDWNT The RPG, the Freelance Adventure Co. are tasked with a second chance at fixing the Yeti inside of Expedition Everest. Through several mishaps in their plan, will they be able to finally fix the animatronic perpetually set in it’s Disco “B Mode” setting? Watch this full episode of The Yeti Heist to find out, or catch up on previous episodes for the full adventure!

WDWNT: The RPG is a table top style game we built from the ground up. Each episode, our cast of players take on characters that venture into a heightened version of Walt Disney World, where the game master and co-host of the Ride Rehab Podcast, Tyler Mann, describes what they are seeing and how well their actions proceed.

The first three episodes of WDWNT: The RPG are now available to watch on our YouTube channel, and you can also listen to them as a Podcast feed now available on iTunes, and soon to come to Google Play, Spotify, and anywhere you listen to podcasts.

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Tyler is the co-host of the Ride Rehab Podcast on WDWNT. In addition to being an avid Walt Disney World fan, and Planet Coaster attraction re-creator, he writes and illustrates his own comics and graphic novels.

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Adam Handley
Adam Handley

Glad to see that episode 4 is posted! Thanks Tyler!