Big Top Souvenirs Remains Closed for Carpet Replacement After Flood at the Magic Kingdom

First it was a fire, and now it’s a flood. What plague will strike Big Top Souvenirs at the Magic Kingdom next?

Big Top Souvenirs at the Magic Kingdom is currently closed, reportedly due some flooding in the store a few days ago. The carpets are now in the process of being replaced, with the Storybook Circus shop set to reopen later this week according to managers.

Stay tuned to and we’ll let you know when you can once again shop at the circus.

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  1. I’m tempted to say it’s been a real circus there lately, but I know this site never uses this kind of humor . . .

    1. You know this is the website with a weekly comedy show that includes a robot made of boxes, an eccentric billionaire, a dead Imagineer’s ghost, and a talking spork, right?

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