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PHOTOS: Big Top Souvenirs at The Magic Kingdom Reopens After Last Week’s Fire

Circus-goers rejoice! Big Top Souvenirs has finally reopened after last week’s incident. Last Wednesday, we were surprised to learn that the store and Pete’s Silly Sideshow were closed due to a supposed fire. Since the news broke, we’ve been monitoring the situation closely. Earlier this week, Pete’s Silly Sideshow returned to normal operation, so we were hopeful that Big Top Souvenirs would do the same soon. Today was the day that Big Top Souvenirs opened its doors to guests again!

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The outside was completely unaffected by the incident. We went into the store to see if there was any noticeable damage or changes to the interior since the fire.

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Inside, we noticed that some of the center shelving units were missing. A section of the store felt more open. When we asked about the missing shelves, a cast member said that they had been removed from the store for an unrelated reason.

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We’re glad to see that our favorite destination for circus treats is back in business! Will you be making a stop into Big Top Souvenirs on your next visit to Magic Kingdom?

  1. If there was a fire it probably didn’t last long. As one of the most profitable stores at the Magic Kingdom, everyday they make it rain.

  2. WOW! You guys have no idea how excited I am to read this news . I went to magic kingdom back in February and went to this store . And then I went back to magic kingdom this past Sunday and was driving myself CRAZY looking for this place! I seriously thought maybe I had imagined it and never actually went . I finally have solved the mystery ! Thank you!!

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