tower of terror

Hazmat Teams Called In After Chemical Spill at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

While the parks seem to maintain themselves (or not sometimes) effortlessly, many of the buildings and scenery require heavy-duty chemicals for cleaning and upkeep.

tower of terror

According to the Orlando Sentinel, a hazmat team has been called in to Disney’s Hollywood Studios to clean up a chemical spill after 255 gallons of sodium hypochlorite spilled from a storage tank on the ground. The spill is attributed to equipment failure, according to a notice from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

Sodium Hydrochlorite is typically used as a disinfectant or bleaching agent. Thankfully, no waterways were affected and the spill was contained. No injuries were reported as part of the spill.

Cleanup is underway at the Reedy Creek Energy Services Chiller Plant that’s located at 245 Showbiz Blvd, which is behind Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage and also near Tower of Terror. Out of adherence for environmental laws, the Reedy Creek Improvement District must report these spill to the state.

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