PHOTO REPORT: Disney Springs 2/26/20 (New Cirque du Soleil Sign, Mad Tea Party UGears, Chicken Guy! Expansion, MARVEL Tees, and More)

Welcome to a very overcast day here at Disney Springs. The rain is coming, so this is the perfect time to dip into the stores and do some shopping. Before the rain starts, let’s look at some of the latest additions outside.

From the street, we noticed the new “Cirque du Soleil” sign on the building. There’s bold, new yellow lettering added to the front of the building.

On the side closer to the entrance, we can see the lettering and sun icon have been removed and it appears to have a fresh coat of paint.

The sign for the Cirque Store has also been removed.

Over the construction walls, we can see a little white tent on the site of the new Beatrix Restaurant.

Chicken Guy! is quietly expanding, but we can see some signs that big changes are happening. Inside Planet Hollywood, the staircase that used to lead downstairs to the gift shop is blocked off.

As we head downstairs, we discover a new wall has gone up. This wall blocks off the entrance to the old store and the staircase.

Here’s what this area looked like just a few weeks ago.

Now that we’ve gotten some construction updates, let’s get into the latest merchandise. A new UGears toy is available inside World of Disney. This Mad Tea Party attractions set is perfect for a Disney fan who likes puzzles or crafts.

The lavender Spirit Jersey is now available inside World of Disney.

DisneyStyle has the new princess crown pins available.

Once Upon A Toy has two versions of a talking Buzz Lightyear available. They’re the same price, but the packaging is different.

We noticed the new packaging doesn’t say “Disney Parks” on it. The older version also has “15+ original phrases and sounds” while the new version has “10+ phrases and sounds” according to the packaging.

Inside Marvel Super Hero Headquarters, many new Marvel shirts have arrived.

These are all $36.99 each.

Well, that’s about all for now. Thanks for joining us around Disney Springs today and be sure to keep following for more updates!