PHOTO REPORT: Disney’s Animal Kingdom 2/29/20 (“ABCDisney Letters” Keychains, Conservation Station Fun, “Onward” Merch, Kevin, and More)

Good morning from Disney’s Animal Kingdom! It was chilly day today at the park, let’s go take a look around.

01 022720 DAK Tree of Life.jpeg?auto=compress%2Cformat&fit=scale&h=750&ixlib=php 1.2

The Tree of Life *might* just be my favorite park icon. It’s also the perfect backdrop for a great selfie!

02 022720 DAK Onward Merchandise.jpeg?auto=compress%2Cformat&fit=scale&h=750&ixlib=php 1.2

Some of the new merchandise for Disney·Pixar’s “Onward” has arrived at Disney’s Animal Kingdom! With the premier right around the corner, excitement sure is building.

03 022720 DAK ABCDisney.jpeg?auto=compress%2Cformat&fit=scale&h=750&ixlib=php 1.2

The “ABCDisney Letters” collection has also arrived at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

04 022720 DAK ABCDisney Keychains.jpeg?auto=compress%2Cformat&fit=scale&h=750&ixlib=php 1.2

We also noticed a new addition to the collection with these awesome keychains! Does your favorite attraction align with your initials?

05 022720 DAK Kevin Roaming.jpeg?auto=compress%2Cformat&fit=scale&h=750&ixlib=php 1.2

Kevin was roaming around the park today greeting guests. Have you ever spotted Kevin during your trip to the park?

06 022720 DAK Empty Dinosaur Fountain.jpeg?auto=compress%2Cformat&fit=scale&h=750&ixlib=php 1.2 07 022720 DAK Empty Dinosaur Fountain 2.jpeg?auto=compress%2Cformat&fit=scale&h=750&ixlib=php 1.2

The fountain outside Dinosaur was off today and almost completely empty.

9ziEnlLQ 08 022720 DAK Awesome Store.jpeg?auto=compress%2Cformat&fit=scale&h=750&ixlib=php 1.2

A great place to cool down and enjoy some awesome scenery is inside of Chester and Hester’s Dinosaur Treasures. This is one of my favorite themed stores in Walt Disney World.

09 022720 DAK Simba Popcorn Buckets.jpeg?auto=compress%2Cformat&fit=scale&h=750&ixlib=php 1.2

Simba popcorn buckets are still available all throughout the park.

10 022720 DAK Instagram Wall.jpeg?auto=compress%2Cformat&fit=scale&h=750&ixlib=php 1.2

This “Can You Feel the Love?” wall is so beautiful. Do you have a photo in front of this wall on your Instagram?

12 022720 DAK Feeding Time.JPG?auto=compress%2Cformat&fit=scale&h=750&ixlib=php 1.2

We saw a Cast Member preparing some food today in the Nutrition Center at Conservation Station. There is so much great information in this area about the health and well-being of the animals living throughout the park.

13 022720 DAK Cutie Chewing Fence.jpeg?auto=compress%2Cformat&fit=scale&h=750&ixlib=php 1.2

Nothing to see here, just this cutie chillin’ with his head in the fence.

14 022720 DAK Meercats.jpeg?auto=compress%2Cformat&fit=scale&h=750&ixlib=php 1.2

These cute meerkats were catching some sun today while one of their friends stayed on the look out.

15 022720 DAK Zebras Enjoying the Shade.jpeg?auto=compress%2Cformat&fit=scale&h=750&ixlib=php 1.2

Unlike the meerkats, these zebras were enjoying some lunch in the shade.

16 022720 DAK Gorilla Booty.jpeg?auto=compress%2Cformat&fit=scale&h=750&ixlib=php 1.2

This gorilla refused to look at us while he ate his lunch. A little rude, but I guess he just wanted to be left alone.

17 022720 DAK Obama Quote.jpeg?auto=compress%2Cformat&fit=scale&h=750&ixlib=php 1.2

That wraps up our day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom! Have you taken any action today to provider a cleaner world for tomorrow?