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PHOTO REPORT: EPCOT 2/28/20 (Flower & Garden Festival Topiaries and Flower Quilts, Construction Progress, New Butterfly Garden, and a Fully Demolished Pin Central)

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Bonjour from EPCOT! It’s a beautiful day in the park with a lovely breeze, cool temperatures, and lots of sunshine. As always, there are a huge amount of projects going on in EPCOT – let’s take a look at what’s new.

Security Checkpoint Construction

Starting at the front of the park (which we think makes sense), work on this new security checkpoint is nearly complete. The paving was completed today, and it now appears that this area could be opened any day now.

Entrance Fountain Construction

The entrance fountain and the surrounding area have considerably further to go before they are ready to welcome guests, however.

Cosmic Rewind Construction

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind is expected to be at least a year away from its debut.

Cosmic Rewind ConstructionCosmic Rewind Construction

Despite that year or more of waiting, we can’t decide if we’re more excited about the attraction itself or the solar panels returning.

Future World Construction

At Innoventions East, the overhead signage was completely removed from the breezeway.

Future World Construction Future World Construction

Only a single electrical cable remains where each of the two large directional signs used to be mounted.

Mission Space Painting

Disney took the opportunity to remind us that Regal Eagle Smokehouse is now open. We don’t consider that an even trade for losing the Innoventions buildings, but it’s not a bad consolation prize.

Mission Space Painting

Outside of Mission: SPACE, painting has been occurring in the entryway.

Mission Space PaintingMission Space Painting

It looks like we’ve only got a layer of primer at this point – we expect some more fitting colors to be applied in the next day or two.

Taste Track Construction Taste Track Construction

Taste Track is looking like it’s about ready to open to serve up some burgers and fries. Our expectation is that it opens in the next few days or, at the latest, alongside the EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival on March 4th.

Cool Wash Closed Cool Wash Closed

Cool Wash was inexplicably closed today – it appeared that they were doing maintenance on some of the equipment there.

Future World Construction

Future World is a hard hat area if there ever was one. Believe it or not, this empty plot of land was home to an open and functioning Pin Central less than a week ago. You read that correctly – the building, and its intricate shade structure, were completely demolished in less than 5 days.

Future World Construction Future World Construction

What’s left of Innoventions West continues to await its total demolition, partially to make way for the Moana-inspired Journey of Water attraction.

Future World Construction

Innoventions East, former home to MouseGear, is nearly completely gutted at this point.

France Pavilion Construction France Pavilion Construction

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vacationeer TopBarAD2020 v2

Back in the World Showcase, the France Pavilion expansion sees daily progress. Recently, this archway took shape at what will be the entrance to the home of Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure.

France Pavilion Construction France Pavilion Construction

That area is seeing a massive amount of construction, but with its scheduled summer opening is getting fairly close to completion.

France Pavilion Construction

Most of the work is on late-stage details. Above is an overhang with some ironwork over what should be the entrance to the attraction.

France Pavilion Construction

Other efforts are on creating details to the theming of the area around Gusteau’s. In this photo, a worker is putting finishing touches on a chimney.

Beauty and the Beast Topiary

Despite the massive amounts of construction taking place in EPCOT, it’s not all bad. The EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival will soon be upon us, and we’re getting a lot of flowers, topiaries, and other beautiful additions to the park. This Beauty and the Beast topiary is appropriately within the France Pavilion.

Lady and the Tramp Topiary

This Lady and the Tramp topiary is fittingly in front of the Italy Pavilion.

Troll Topiary

And this troll has made its home in the Norway Pavilion.

Germany Ornament

In the Germany Pavilion, we found this new addition to the “Ich Bin” collection that was released about two weeks ago – click here to read about all of those items. This ornament comes in at a hefty $19.99.

Regal Eagle Smoker

At the American Adventure Pavilion, the smoker outside of Regal Eagle Smokehouse is, well, smoking. We’d be willing to bet you can smell the barbecue through your screen. If you’re wondering what’s on the menu at this new restaurant, click here to view our reviews of every item offered.

Figment Topiary Figment Topiary

The Imagination Pavilion presents what is clearly the best character in the park. Okay, perhaps that’s more opinion than fact, but there are certainly few original park characters as memorable or inspirational as Figment.

Imagination Pavilion

Thousands upon thousands of flowers have been planted in advance of the festival, and they make for some amazingly colorful views.

Butterfly Garden Butterfly Garden

Just outside of the Imagination Pavilion, the Butterfly Garden has found a new home for this year’s festival.

Butterfly Topiary

Naturally, a butterfly topiary is perched nearby the garden.

Rose Gold Ears

At the temporary MouseGear location, the newly redesigned Briar Rose Gold ears that we discovered at the Magic Kingdom have made their way to EPCOT. Check out our full post detailing these new ears.

Seas Pavilion Sign

Finally, at The Seas Pavilion, the last of the ‘old’ directional signage was replaced with this new version, which reflects the updated EPCOT font and design. These signs can be expected to replace all of the ones currently in the park from the previous generation of EPCOT style.

Are you planning to head to EPCOT for the International Flower & Garden Festival this spring? Let us know your plans, and what you’re most looking forward to at the festival, in the comments!