PHOTOS, VIDEO: A Patriotic Tour of the All-New Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts & Barbecue Restaurant; Now Open at The American Adventure in EPCOT

Welcome to Sam’s Centennial Cook-Off: A salute to ALL cook-offs… but mostly barbecue. This is a competition fit for patriots and pit masters, mainly because the chefs behind the new quick service restaurant at The American Adventure are life-long barbecue cook-off pit master champions! Now, let’s take a tour of the brand new restaurant at EPCOT:

Regal Eagle Smokehouse – Outdoor Seating, Meat Smoker, and Walk-Up Bar

As you approach The American Adventure from the World Showcase, you’re welcomed by a large, lantern-lit archway which leads out onto the pit master patio. At the center, you have the impressive meat smoker, outfitted with a smoke shed and some additions for safety, like a built-in sprinkler system. Also decorating this space are finishing touches of a western saddle and some large spoke wagon wheels to compliment the classic American theme. Out here, it’s mostly picnic-style wood bench seating, topped with blue umbrellas to provide some shade. At the front of the building, two walk-up bars serve patrons craft beers and twists on Southern classics, like Frozen Mint Juleps.

I, for one, love all of the paper towel rolls at each table… with how messy barbecue is, you’re going to need it!

Off to the side of the main entrance is stroller parking, demarked by themed signage.

And here is where the magic happens… the meat smoker!

Chopped wood at the ready to fuel the fire. The restaurant doesn’t open until 11:30 AM, so things won’t be fully lit until then.

The two walk-up bars were still shuttered at time of publishing, but commences serving at open as well. Here’s a look at the inside of the bar:

The wood accents and rustic decor lining the bar walls adds a nice, thematic touch, while the fun beer taps add a fun pop of color.

One of the bar windows features a lower, ADA-accessible table.

In the middle, you’ll notice slush machines packed with frozen drink concoctions, like the Strawberry Daiquiri.

Regal Eagle Smokehouse – Indoor Seating, Restaurant, and Muppets Galore

Inside, not only is patriotic Muppet Sam the Eagle serving as host, but he is joined by other friendly Muppet faces, and there are also posters celebrating the different styles of barbecue sauce that guests can enjoy at the restaurant. (Truly, our rich variety of barbecue sauces is part of what makes America great.) We also get to see some of the knick-knacks that adorn the restaurant, including a pig-shaped trophy celebrating the “Appalachian Cook-Off Champion.” (Let’s hope Miss Piggy doesn’t stop by for a bite.)

You’ll see the restaurant logo gracing some bricks, seemingly painted on with just the right amount of weathering.

Inside, more picnic table-style seating is available. Booths line the walls as well, and of course, even more paper towel rolls.

The best part has to be all of the decorations along the walls, featuring cook-off prizes and Muppet cameos galore.

The fun decor and theming even continues through to the various condiment and beverage stations:

America is the land of the free, and here at Regal Eagle, you’re free to refill your cup to your patriotic heart’s content!

Real silverware is also available! Sam Eagle wouldn’t have it any other way. This is a huge relief for those of us who thought we had to hack away at ribs using plastic cutlery.

As promised, the condiments are a notch above the rest, with Blue Ribbon Brisket Sauce, Sizzlin’ Pit Dry Rub Coalition Classic Smokehouse Sauce, Sweet Mustard Sauce, Blue Ridge Vinegar League Vinegar Base Sauce, and classic Ketchup all available.

Through these arches, you can make your way over to the registers, ordering stations, and Mobile Order pick-up.

Make sure you ring this bell for Pitmaster Bobo!

And of course, here’s the handheld menu:

And now, for a glorious three-hour finale… the full video walkthrough:

Will you be joining us at Regal Eagle Smokehouse? Make sure to roll up those sleeves before you dig in!

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1 year ago

Looks great! Cannot wait for May to get here so I can check out new barbecue!

1 year ago

Yay! So excited to see what the food is like once you review it. I just booked a trip for mid November, can’t wait (not just for this but for all the cool new things to try at WDW – rides and food). I know Regal Eagle refers to Sam and America in general but I STILL can’t help thinking of the Regal Beagle, the pub on “Three’s Company” (yep, I’m that old).

1 year ago
Reply to  RebeccaMcK

We had this conversation at work, I have a hard time thinking of it any other way 😂. It’s not just you 😉

Jeremy Wallace
Jeremy Wallace
1 year ago

Who eats garlic bread with BBQ? How about cornbread instead! Did they find a hidden freezer full at Tony’s or something???

Tom Corless
1 year ago
Reply to  Jeremy Wallace

The texas toast garlic bread is pretty common with BBQ