PHOTOS: Cheers to a Whole New Line of Merchandise at EPCOT’S United Kingdom Pavilion

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It’s The British (Merchandise) Invasion at the EPCOT’s United Kingdom. We had an inkling that new UK merchandise was on its way when found new bags in the pavilion a few days ago. A slew of new items arrived at the pavilion today, including an adorable merchandise line themed around one of the most recognizable British cultural icons…the red telephone booth. Let’s check it out!

Double-Sided Red Telephone Booth Pillow – $34.99

This rectangular pillow is made to look like the famous red British telephone booths. On one side, Mickey is on the phone with a speech bubble reading “Cheers” in a cute cursive font. On the other side, Minnie is waving (presumably to Mickey) while chatting on the phone. Above her is a speech bubble with the greeting “Hello Mate!”

Red Telephone Booth Luggage Tag – $9.99

If you’re traveling from the United Kingdom (or even just around the World Showcase), you might need a luggage tag! This luggage tag features Mickey on the phone in a red telephone booth. The text reads, “Cheers from The Kingdom.” In the background appears in light gray a sketched London Tower Bridge and a scribbled hidden Mickey.

Red Telephone Booth Ornament – $24.99

This ornament shows Mickey conversing on the phone while stepping outside the phone booth. The ornament is flat and can be hung with a red ribbon, which is detachable with a lobster claw clasp.

Women’s Gray Short-Sleeved Top – $39.99

This gray breezy short-sleeved women’s top shows Mickey and Minnie standing on the phone in red telephone booths chatting to each other. Line drawings of famous British landmarks, including the Tower Bridge and Big Ben, fill the background. Buildings from the United Kingdom pavilion are featured and there’s subtle nods to Disney films set in the UK, such as an umbrella for Mary Poppins and a teacup for Alice in Wonderland. The top is tunic style with split seams up the sides.

United Kingdom Hooded Zip-Up Jacket – $59.99

This navy and gray zip-up hoodie looks sure to keep you nice and cozy. The cuffs and waistband are striped. On the front left chest of the jacket is the World Showcase emblem with the Union Jack in the background. Within the emblem, the silhouette of Mickey stands creating a contrast against the flag.

The back of the hoodie features a large full-body silhouette of Mickey colored with the Union Jack. The United Kingdom pavilion logo stretches across Mickey.

Dark Gray Adult Union Jack Mickey T-Shirt – $34.99

This dark gray t-shirt features the same graphic as the zip-up hoodie of a Union Jack Mickey silhouette with “United Kingdom” written across it. The red section of the Union Jack is flocked, so it stands out a bit with a fuzzy texture.

Union Jack Minnie Tank – $39.99

This adorable red tank features a navy-colored Minnie posing in front of Big Ben with her hands on her hips. Both her bow and skirt have a glittery and metallic Union Jack design. Underneath her, it reads “United Kingdom” with the word “Kingdom” in a metallic blue. The back of the tank ties with a large navy bow.

Gray United Kingdom Youth T-Shirt – $19.99

This light gray youth tee shows the silhouette of Mickey posing in Union Jack patterned shorts. His silhouette is filled with some British themed phrases, such as “Tally Ho!,” ” Proper, Brilliant & Always Resilient,” “King of The Kingdom,” and “A Royal Classic.”

Red United Kingdom Hat – $24.99

For those preferring to show their British pride in a simpler way, there’s this red baseball cap. The front has a small embroidered Union Jack flag in the bottom corner. “United Kingdom” is embroidered in white thread on the bill. On the side of the cap, small holes are punched out in the design of the Union Jack.

Navy United Kingdom Navy Hat – $27.99

The image of Mickey standing proudly in front of the Union Jack flag is embroidered on the front of the hat. The seams and eyelets feature red stitching to contrast the hat’s navy color. “United Kingdom” is also embroidered in red on the cap’s bill.

Underneath the bill is bright red fabric with the phase “Cheers” printed on it. The back of the cap has a small World Showcase emblem also in red thread.

Union Jack Mickey United Kingdom Glass – $14.99

This tall glass shows the Union Jack Mickey silhouette graphic on one side and has “United Kingdom” printed on the other. The glass is covered in the British phrases, such as “British & Brilliant” and “Cheers Mate!” that are featured throughout the merchandise line. The bottom of the cup has red colored glass.

Red Telephone Booth Mug – $24.99

This mug’s boxy shape helps to make it look like a telephone booth. Mickey is on one side of the mug, while Minnie is on the other and the two are chatting away on the phone.

The other sides of the mug feature imagery of buildings from the UK pavilion and the Union Jack. The top of the  mug is removable allowing for hot tea (the most British beverage of all) to be poured inside.

United Kingdom Tumbler – $24.99

The metallic blue tumbler is covered in the same colorful imagery featured throughout the merchandise collection, including British landmarks and buildings from the UK pavilion in EPCOT. Mickey and Minnie can be spotted talking it up in red telephone booths. Members of the Queen’s Guard, double decker buses, and an elaborate crown are also incorporate into the design. The tumbler has a clear top that slides to open.

“Fish & Chips” Apron – $29.99

It seems that in addition to releasing this new United Kingdom merchandise line, Disney decided to expand the existing “Fish & Chips” line to include more houseware items. The cream and maroon apron reads “Meet My Friends Fish and Chips” and features the vibrant personified characters of “Fish” and “Chips.”

“Fish & Chips” Oven Mitt – $12.99

The matching oven mitt is quilted with the same graphic as the apron.

“Fish & Chips” Potholder – $12.99

The last new “Fish & Chips” item is a quilted pot holder with the same design as the other items.

There’s been some rearranging at the United Kingdom pavilion and all of these items are available at Sportsman’s Shoppe. All of the sportswear can now be found at Toy Soldier.

Now that you’ve been bombarded with heaps of new United Kingdom merchandise, will you be picking up any of these items on your next trip around EPCOT’S World Showcase? Let us know in the comments!




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  1. The fish is giving me vibes from “The Sword in the Stone” when Merlin turns into a fish, which is not a pleasant thought. And I don’t know what is up with Disney and weird shaped mugs lately– first the bulky Space Mountain design, and now this, a square mug. Unless you drink from a corner it’s going to spill in your lap. Smashing! I do like some of the ladies’ tees, they are cute.

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