PHOTOS: Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover Speed Ramp Reopens After Refurbishment at the Magic Kingdom

The Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover recently experienced some trouble with its ramps. Today, we were excited to see everything is back up and running normally! Let’s take a look.

You can see guests coming and going on both of the ramps.

The line was nice and short, so we figured we’d take the ramp up and see how things looked!

No tape on the ramp and business as usual up here! The scrims are down and both ramps were working great, giving us a chance to stretch out our tired calves.

Do you take a break from walking during your day at the Magic Kingdom to see the scenic views from the PeopleMover?

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1 year ago

My wife and I love the views from the Peoplemover. I’ve taken lots of good photos while cooling my heels on that ride.

1 year ago

It seems that they also repainted the whole area recently… brighter whites and that red paint is definitely new as part of the Tomorrowland revamp. Thanks for the update! This is a great place to take a load off of your feet for 10 minutes or so. Great place to track Tron construction, too…