PHOTOS: Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover Speed Ramp Undergoing Refurbishment at the Magic Kingdom

We were ready to catch birds-eye views of the Magic Kingdom on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority (TTA) PeopleMover this morning, but we saw something a bit more interesting as we approached the attraction.


As you can see, the up ramp to the ride is out of order, with scrim at the top. The down ramp has been repurposed as a two-way ramp. It looks like guests won’t be getting those nice calf stretches today.

peoplemover-scrim-02-08-2020-4.jpg peoplemover-scrim-02-08-2020-5.jpg

The scrim could potentially be to fix issues with the recent electrical smoke incident that took place or maybe in preparation for work on the refurbished Tomorrowland vertical supports.


When we asked Cast Members, they only shared that the scrim was for “work on the ramp.”


Once up the ramp, you can see more of the scrim.



The attraction also experienced a delayed opening this morning.

WDW News Today will keep you updated as we learn the purpose of the scrim.

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7 months ago

It seems like if this was related to the smoke incident, it would have happened sooner. Of course, I could be wrong — sometimes it DOES take Disney a while to address things. But if it’s been fine since then, I’d call this routine maintenance.