PHOTOS: Repainted Cinderella Castle Spire Revealed at Tokyo Disneyland (2/25/20)

The Cinderella Castle refurbishment project at Tokyo Disneyland has been underway for the past five months. There’s still a good month or so left on the project, but we got a sneak peek at the results this weekend! It seems that scaffolding is on its way down, and we got a look at the tip-top spire. Let’s check it out!

Yes that’s right, the project is finally ending! I’ve started to forget what it’s like having a castle, in all honesty. I’m so used to seeing these (admittedly cool) scaffold covers.

Even though it’s just the tip-top spire of the castle, it’s lovely to see parts of it again. And as it turns out, the spires look nice and shiny once more!

It doesn’t look it because of the clouds, but this is actually a fair bit more gold than what has been left uncovered.

For comparison, this lower section of the castle has seen no work and looks a bit more faded. Here’s hoping some last minute paint coats are on the way for this section, because it looks a bit more tired.

You can compare the two paint colors in this photo. The unpainted lower spires are visible towards the bottom, compared to the painted one up top.

I love our castle so much, even if it’s almost the same as Magic Kingdom’s. We’ve missed the sight of our Cinderella Castle since October, and look forward to seeing the project’s end in April! Crazy thing is the conclusion of this project comes at the same time as the Magic Kingdom starting its own repainting project! As construction starts to wrap up ahead of New Fantasyland and the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, we’re excited to see the special improvements for the world’s most popular non-US theme park! Are you visiting Tokyo Disneyland right now? Are you excited to see the castle again? Let us know below or on Twitter!

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