PHOTOS: First Decorative Sections Added to Base of New EPCOT Entrance Fountain

This morning, guests riding the EPCOT Monorail were treated to a view of what the future of the park will look like. The first decorative sections of the retro EPCOT entrance fountain were added to the base of the water feature.

Most recently, while work has been quiet at the site, red metal pieces were added around the base of the fountain.

Each segment attaches to the red fasteners to make up the new base of the fountain.

The pieces look almost exactly like the renderings we showed you last year of the new design.

From the other side, a better view could be seen.

With workers on site in the last few days and now new segments of the fountain being attached, this is the most we have seen happen at this site since water flow testing was performed over some of the decorative tiles that will eventually make up the fountain.

Are you excited to see the new retro entrance fountain? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Those look like plastic rebar safety caps. A requirement of OSHA, for exposed rebar. More than likely the new segments have predrilled holes, epoxy is shot into holes, plastic caps are removed, and then the cosmetic pieces placed into position on the rebar.

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