We love the new ABCDisney series!

PHOTOS: Learn the Alphabet Disney Style with New “ABCDisney Letters” Mugs and Trinket Boxes at Walt Disney World

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Class is in session at Walt Disney World with ABCDisney Letters, a brand new merchandise collection that teaches the alphabet, Disney-style.

So far, we’ve seen trinket boxes and mugs in the collection, but with this kind of artwork, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it extend to other items.

Now, if the class is settled, let’s begin our tour of this new line… in alphabetical order, of course.

A is for Adventureland…

…where this tiki mask can be found inside.

B is for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad…

C is for Cinderella Castle…

D is for the Dapper Dans…

E is for the Enchanted Tiki Room (presented by Walt Disney, of course)…

…while a Tiki Bird waits within. Meanwhile, F and G are Forgotten or maybe Gone (but probably just not here yet)…

H is for the Haunted Mansion, where this image from Gracey Manor’s wallpaper comes from, while I is for “In time, the ‘I’ trinket box will get here.”

J is for Jungle Cruise…

…while K is for a wildlife tour of a different kind in Kilimanjaro Safaris…

L is for The Lion King…

…or more accurately, Festival of the Lion King. (Also, in case you were wondering, the art on the inside of the trinket boxes is also found on the bottom, with an explanation for the letter.)

M is for Main Street, U.S.A.

Yep, it says so right on the bottom!

N is for Nemo (of The Seas with Nemo and Friends, as evidenced by the clamobile), while O is for “Omitted because it wasn’t there.”

P is for Peter Pan’s Flight (featuring silhouettes of Peter and the Darling children), while Q is for “Quite missing from the lineup at the moment.”

R is for Riverboat, which is either the Liberty Belle or the Mark Twain, depending on what coast you’re on.

S is for Soarin’ Around the World.

Nice work, pal.

T is for Tomorrowland, with the Astro Orbiter and Space Mountain in the background… while U and V are Unaccounted For and Very Missing.

We move to mugs with W, which stands for World Showcase…

…or Epcot World Showcase, because that’s what people definitely call it.

X stands for X Marks the Spot… as the Pirates of the Caribbean lost out on the “P” spot to Peter Pan.

Of course, for Disney history aficionados, the X could also stand for X Atencio, the Disney Legend who wrote the script for the beloved attraction, along with the lyrics for “Yo Ho (A Pirate’s Life for Me).”

Y is for Yeti, the fabled resident of Expedition Everest…

And finally, Z is for Zurg, who guests must contend with on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin at the Magic Kingdom (or Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters in Disneyland).

I don’t think you’ll get any points aiming for this Z.

And now that we’ve done our A-B-C’s, it’s time to mention the dough-re-mi. The trinket boxes retail for $17.99 each, while the mugs retail for $14.99. We found all of these at Fantasia Market at Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

Do this collection spell a hit or does this get an F? Let us know in the comments below!


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Alex Long
Alex Long
1 year ago

All I can say is my name rocks spelled here and all feature my fav land: Adventureland!
L-ion King
E-nchanted Tiki Room
X-marks the spot of Pirates (my fav ride)

1 year ago

Sad day, I wish Splash Mountain would have been for S instead of Soarin’

1 year ago

I just loved reading this post! Excellent pictures, so cute and witty! I’ll take one of each!

Connie Buchanan
Connie Buchanan
1 year ago

Wow- an expensive alphabet for sure. Would be sweet to collect little objects to put in box that start with letter. But would you really let children play with them? Are they ceramic? Would be nice for a child’s name on a shelf. As a teacher though, we have to reteach children that their name begins with a capital letter and the rest are lowercase letters. It takes weeks in Kindergarten for them to move to that new way of seeing their name. Aside from that, the detail and art work is beautiful!

1 year ago

Who in their right mind would let children play with these?

1 year ago

This V for Vanessa is disappointed 😕

1 year ago

F is Fantasy land or Future world, people . Q is Queen of hearts . I is for Inside Out. G is for Guardians of the Galaxy. U is for Under the sea . V is for vehicle transportation.

1 year ago

What the heck! Do you know if the V was just sold out?