PHOTOS: New Themed Shade Structures Installed at Harambe Market in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Harambe Market is currently in an in-between phase of what looks like an awning installation in anticipation of the upcoming summer months. In our photo report from last week, we showed you that there were rolling planters concealing the construction where new shade structures have now been revealed.

This still feels like an obviously incomplete project as we anticipate that there will be some sort of material stretched over the tops of these structures to protect guests from rain and sweltering sun. With that, we would anticipate the removal of the umbrellas currently in the queues.

You can see a smaller, skinnier silver railing above the tops of the structure where tarp or other shade material will be tied.

If you compare what it looked like last week (pictured above), this is an obvious improvement not just for aesthetic, but overall traffic flow of the Harambe Market space.

This small strip of concrete was laid this week. We expect these beige patches to be painted over to match the rest of the area, but with Disney’s Animal Kingdom, you never really know, as mis-matched decor and half-finished construction is often part of the worn-in, village-like rural theming of the area.

New concrete was also poured over here by where the vertical supports for the new awnings were installed.

What do you think of these new shade structures in Harambe Village?

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