PHOTOS: Rats Return to the Muppets Courtyard Fountain at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

When the Muppets Courtyard fountain was revealed after refurbishment, we were happy at the return of a perfectly polished Miss Piggy, but somewhat downtrodden at the sight that the fishing rats had been left out even after the fountain was turned back on. Today, we are pleased to inform our readers that the fishing rats are back!

The boat with the two fishing Muppet rats has returned to the fountain, albeit in a new location. It appears these figures also got a bit of a paint refresh.

With the ongoing trend of less and less Muppet presence within the fountain starting in late 2016, we were sure these rodents were gonners, but it seems they returned at the last minute.

Behind the S.S. Wretched Refuse is this adorable rat diving for dollars, also making a triumphant return.

We’re huge fans of The Muppets and Muppet*Vision 3D here at WDWNT, so any love for them is a good sign for us. Are you excited about the return of the rats, or did you prefer the simple, more streamlined fountain look? Let us know in the comments!

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