PHOTOS, VIDEO: Neon and Talking Trash Cans – One Final Tour of the Electric Umbrella in Future World at EPCOT

February 16, 2020 is a day of reckoning for classic Future World in EPCOT. The center of the land will be fully enclosed in construction walls for demolition and work on the area’s breezeways and other structures. In addition to saying goodbye to well-known staple Pin Central, we also bid adieu to quick service favorite: the Electric Umbrella.

In our preparations for bearing yet another EPCOT closure, we stopped by for our usual documentation ritual. So let’s go on a tour of the Electric Umbrella!

The restaurant’s logo used purple coloring that blended with Future World’s older aesthetic; a purple umbrella was on top.

The restaurant was located just outside the breezeway to Future World East, across from the original MouseGear.

On the patio, there was lots of extra seating to people watch those heading to Test Track or enjoy EPCOT’s beautiful flora.

Look up! The patio was covered by triangular tarps that were already largely removed from EPCOT.

Ready to take a look inside?

The signage really popped when it was actually electric! Blue and red colors brought the sign to life.

Neon lighting continued to play up the theming. Amongst the red umbrellas, we see the sun, clouds and lightning brought more color to the purple walls.

We certainly didn’t forget the free refills at the large fountain drink area. At Electric Umbrella, you may have just started your EPCOT day, so it was time to caffeine load.

Our hearts will always be with this talking trash can.

Here are the final offerings on the menu. Quick service items similar to these will now be served at Taste Track and Eats at the EPCOT Experience.

More umbrellas! We always thought these yellow, red and blue umbrellas were a fun touch. How often do you get to sit under an umbrella inside?

The first floor of the dining area was a bit fragmented, with seating on both sides of the restaurant.

What impresses an 8-year-old most at Walt Disney World? Maybe Mickey Mouse. Maybe the monorail. But, certainly, second-floor seating!

The staircase to additional seating was pure 90s, with pink and green paint escorting you upstairs.

From the second floor, you could get an even better view of the wall theming.

In the second-floor dining area, we see an extra condiment station and tables for those in smaller groups. You could also cut to the west side of the restaurant by using the second staircase located on the other end of the floor.

We hope to see an element or two of the Electric Umbrella recycled in future World Disney World projects. Can we please just take one strip of neon home?

For a full walkthrough of the restaurant, check out this video:

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1 year ago

i’ll pour one out for the electric umbrella… before my palate expanded, we would eat here in our early days of visiting WDW. After I started to appreciate better food offerings, my one and only visit after the 90s was back in 2013. I’m ready for EPCOT to finally leave the 1990s behind and join the rest of us