DISNEY+ REVIEW: “Kim Possible” on Deep in the Plus

Welcome back to another edition of Deep in the Plus!

Each week, we go deep into the Disney+ catalog and pull out a little that you might have overlooked, and we tell you if we think it’s worth your time.

So, here’s the sitch!  This week, we’re talking about our first series, Kim Possible!

Kim Possible played by Christy Carlson Romano is just your average high-school cheerleader, but in her spare time, she saves the world from super villains. Her best friend, Ron Stoppable, played by Will Friedle, and his pet Rufus always have her back.  Then there’s the guy in the chair––no, not that guy––but the resourceful webmaster named Wade Load. Together, they collaborate on secret missions and each episode, they save the world! When she’s not defeating the bad guys, Kim still has to cope with typical pressures of school, family, and social life. So the drama!

So call, me beep me if you wanna reach me, cause we’re going, deep in the plus!

Kim Possible

Kim Possible is still a show that stands the test of time. It’s as fun and as relevant as the first time you watched it. Mix in all of the special guests and tongue-in-cheek humor, and this one definitely falls into the re-watch category. But watch our review––we cover it all from top to bottom!

Plus, get bonus recommendations as we present our “Deep Pick of the Week.” This is where we offer suggestions on even more gems from the Disney+ vault. Don’t miss it!

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  1. I love KP! Some parts of it are badical action, some parts have good life lessons for kids, and some are just good ol’ cartoon fun.

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