Performances by Sergio the Master Juggler in the Italy Pavilion Ending March 15 at EPCOT

Another fan-favorite World Showcase performer has announced his sudden termination from Walt Disney World.     Part of a recent slew of Entertainment budget cuts, Sergio the Master Juggler from the Italy Pavilion is making his final performance today, March 15.

The Italian juggler and entertainer took to social media to announce his leave:

Sergio has been entertaining at EPCOT for the past 15 years. Do make sure to pass by today if you’re already in the parks to show support. Other cancelled acts include the Matsuriza Taiko drummers of the Japan Pavilion, as well as the British Revolution rock band from the UK Pavilion.

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  1. I am heartbroken they keep terminating the ones that made Epcot Epcot, I get it 3 weeks closed is going to hurt the bottom line but they make billions of dollars they should of had money put aside for something like this, to throw all the entertainment people out on the streets that been with them since they opened I am so disappointed I don’t thik I will be back and I live right here and always spend my free money in their parks guess what not no more adn now these people can not even get a flight back to their country right now.they should just ride it out now the parks are not going to be the same

  2. How sad. Atmospheric entertainment is really what takes things to the next level to help you believe you are actually in the country. I understand budget cuts with the virus but this is a cheap move.

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