The new Loungefly Hunny pot bag

PHOTOS: New “Winnie The Pooh” Hunny Pot Bag by Loungefly Arrives at Walt Disney World

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As you are preparing for a day at Disney, there are various ways that you need to warm up to prepare. Of course, there are your stoutness exercises, but now that we are talking about stoutness exercises, it is probably a good time to stop for lunch. If we are stopping for lunch, it is probably a good time for honey, because, well… every time is a good time for honey. If you are like Pooh, and feel that every time is a good time for honey, this new Loungefly bag is for you.

The bag is designed to look like one of Winnie The Pooh’s elusive pots of honey, or “Hunny,” if you are a bear with little brain.

It is a drawstring bag with a reddish-brown drawstring. The bag itself is a tad bit smaller than the typical Loungefly mini backpacks. Pooh has made sure to mark the bag “Hunny” because he tends to be a bit forgetful and it would be quite a bother to forget.

Honey bees are seen on the inside pocket of the “Hunny” pot bag. This is a pretty straightforward throw-and-go type bag. Like a “Hunny” pot, there are no fancy zippers or pockets, with the exception of the small slip pocket on the inside of the bag.

If you are like Pooh, and never want to stray too far from your “Hunny” pot, this bag will cure that “rumbly in your tumbly.” You can pick one up at Hundred Acre Goods at Magic Kingdom for $65.00.