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PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 3/12/20 (Cinderella Castle Makeover, New Pins, Hand Washing Stations, PeopleMover Still Down, and More!)

It’s a bright and sunny day here in Florida, so let’s see what’s new at the Magic Kingdom!

Castle cranes

Right away, we were greeted with high-reaches surrounding Cinderella Castle, hard at work repainting the iconic structure.

Cinderella castle painting

The amount of work completed in the last 48 hours has been truly impressive, with the lion’s share of the progress being made in the last 24 hours. For extensive photos and more information, see our full article here.

Compass Cinderella castle

We took advantage of the breakfast crowd rush to get a glimpse of something you almost never see in its entirety. This compass is at the base of Cinderella Castle, and it’s one of our favorite works of art in the park.

Mulan pandora

Next, we stopped by Uptown Jewelers to see the brand-new charms released in honor of the upcoming live-action adaption Mulan. We love the Mushu charm! For prices and more, see our full article here.

Spring rice krispies

Over at Main Street Confectionery, they’re certainly ready for spring! These adorably-decorated rice krispy treats are all ready to get you in a flowery mood.

Safari mickey pin

At the Emporium on Main Street, U.S.A., we found a few new open-edition pins. This one is Mickey Mouse dressed for the safari.

Safari Minnie Mouse pin

They also had Minnie Mouse ready to explore the great outdoors.

Hakuna matata pin

No worries for the rest of your days when you wear this pin!

Be legendary pin

Lastly, this impressive likeness of Simba reminds us to “Be Legendary.” Mickey and Minnie are available for $9.99 and the Lion King pins are available for $12.99.

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PeopleMover closed

We were disappointed to find the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover still closed for unplanned maintenance today for the fourth consecutive day.

Missing hand sanitizer

While everyone watches the developing situation surrounding COVID-19, an emphasis has understandably been put on cleanliness. Hand sanitizer stations have historically been present in Walt Disney World, but have recently seen an uptick in prevalence. Inexplicably however, they were removed last night. This spot shows where a hand sanitizer station used to reside next to the touch-based FastPass kiosks in Tomorrowland.

Handwashing station Adventureland

While hand sanitizer may have disappeared from Magic Kingdom, it seems to have been replaced with hand washing stations, complete with soap, water, and paper towels. These stations have been popping up all over the park, and in fact all over Walt Disney World. They serve as a friendly reminder to keep clean, and please, seek medical advice should you feel ill.

First aid construction

Construction in between Casey’s Corner and the First Aid and Child Care Center recently expanded to include the seating and walkway area between these two buildings, and some real work has begun there today. It’s a difficult view to achieve, but even from this limited peek, you can see major construction going on.

Look up

Here is today’s “Look Up” installment, a classy and classic view. Hint: You’ll have to stop on your way to see these iconic characters to spot this view.

Look down

We love looking up at the parks and seeing the depth of detail “hidden” there, but we also love looking down. This beautiful floor is another spot not easily photographed as a whole, and yes, it is the partner to today’s “Look Up.”

Tram stop construction

On our way out of the park, we saw work actively progressing on the new tram loading zone in front of the Magic Kingdom. Large sections of it were revealed recently, as well as new security screening areas. We don’t think it’ll be long now before all of this construction is complete.

Cinderella carriage

While speeding past on the Express Monorail, we caught a fleeting glimpse of Cinderella Carriage waiting to pick up a bride at the Wedding Pavilion at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. How magical!

Dapper Dans

That wraps up our day here at the Magic Kingdom. We hope you have a great rest of your day! So long, farewell, bye-bye!