This photo was taken prior to the park shutdown, shortly after the castle began to receive its new paint job.

PHOTOS: Cinderella Castle Makeover Painting Continues Despite Upcoming Park Closure at the Magic Kingdom

Walt Disney World Resort is set to close after Sunday, March 15th, in response to growing concerns over the Coronavirus. Today is March 13th, so the beat goes on for us here at WDWNT, and we will be providing you continuing updates to the parks over the weekend, as well as any relevant Disney Parks news through the shutdown.

We headed out to the parks this morning to get a glimpse at the progress that is happening rapidly on the makeover of Cinderella Castle.

There was no shortage of people this morning in response to the impending shutdown. The boom arms of the lift towers were stretched high above Cinderella Castle as painting on the turrets continued.

The middle section of the tower that up till now, had a zig-zag patterned design, has been painted over with the new vibrant blue. Most, if not all, of the turrets, have now been painted with the new blue paint.

The deep blue really stood out this morning as the sun was slowly rising over the east barrier of the castle.

We don’t know how this project will progress through the Walt Disney World shutdown that will start next week. Regardless, we are taking every opportunity to gaze on our beloved Cinderella Castle, and we will be ecstatic to see it again once Walt Disney World is back open!

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  1. Are they going to continue construction at EPCOT and work on the castle while the parks are closed?

  2. I’m all for change but I notice that with the old castle color scheme and the light blue turrets, you can easily see the individual bricks that construct (or seemingly construct) the turret. In this new version, it just looks like solid, vibrant blue. I wonder if we’ll be able to see the illusion of individual bricks once the project is complete.

    1. I hope we will be able to see the individual bricks also
      It doesn’t look like there is much detail at this point and the colors look the same as Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. I was hoping I was going to like it, but so far I’m disappointed!

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