The adorable baby Hartmann's mountain zebra

PHOTOS: Adorable Baby Sitatunga Antelope and Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra Join the Herd at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

There’s reason to celebrate at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, as two new baby animals have joined the family.

One animal is a baby sitatunga, a species of antelope also known as the marshbuck. Typically found in central Africa, the sitatunga is known to make its habitat in swampy, marshy areas with tall, dense vegetation.

Also joining the herd is a Hartmann’s mountain zebra foal. Hartmann’s mountain zebras are typically found in parts of Angola and Namibia in steep mountainous areas. They are considered a vulnerable species.

A Hartmann’s zebra was born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom back in January, and could be seen at Kilmanjaro Safaris. It is unknown whether this is a new foal, or that foal had been relocated to the nearby resort hotel.

Will you be making a trip over to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge to check out the new animals (or for the famed Sanaa bread service) ? Let us know in the comments below!


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