PHOTOS: New Disney Parks Monorail PEZ Dispenser Displays Zoom Into Disneyland Resort

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If you like Disney characters, Monorails, and PEZ dispensers, there’s an amazing new toy now available at Disney Parks to cater to this obscure niche intersection of fandoms.

Presenting the Disney Parks Monorail “Candy Dispenser” Display, which is clearly made for PEZ candy dispensers. Given that Toy Story and Fab Five character PEZ dispensers have been popping up all over the parks lately, this display piece makes it all come full circle as the ultimate way to store and show off your collection of dispensers.

There are two colors to choose from: Monorail Blue and Monorail Red, and despite being marketed for both coasts, they closely resemble the Mark VI monorails from Walt Disney World as opposed to Disneyland’s Mark VII monorails.

Along the top, you have two rows of four slots each for a total of 8 candy dispenser cubbies.

On the back of the packaging, there’s a photo of what the dispensers look like inside the display.

Here’s a better look at the tops of the monorails.

Unfortunately, there are no light-up or sound features for the display, but it’s still a pretty great piece.

You can find both monorails at Trolley Treats (located in Disney California Adventure) for $14.99, conveniently stationed on top of the rack of Disney character PEZ dispensers.

Currently, you can find PEZ dispensers themed to Mickey, Minnie…

… Donald and Goofy…

And lastly, a set of Toy Story themed ones featuring Buzz, Woody, Slinky Dog, and a Little Green Man.

Each PEZ dispenser retails for $4.49. A full set of eight PEZ dispensers, plus the monorail display, will run you just over $50… Now, that’s a lot of candy.

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Phillip Ratter
Phillip Ratter
1 year ago

I collect pez, and this is an interesting … THING. I can’t remember ever having seen a pez holder/display like this before. I’m surprised it doesn’t hold the packs of candy like the Giant Pez they used to make. Please update when and if these are spotted at Walt Disney World.