PHOTOS: New Mickey Mouse Wishables Pocket Necklace Arrives at Disneyland

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The adorable Disney Parks “Wishables” mini plushes have been all the rage since they hit the shelves last April. We’ve seen the tiny, starry-eyed plush series representing characters, attractions, and snacks. In the Emporium in Disneyland however, we have just found a whole new side to the collection, which has crossed its way over into the jewelry part of the store…

This red chain necklace actually has a tiny little pocket, and sitting inside is an adorable mini Mickey Wishables plush. This is a perfect necklace for carrying around a tiny mascot, either for luck or to keep all of your wishes safe.

The necklace is part of the Disney Parks Collection line of jewelry. With so many Wishables on sale, it’s likely there will be more of this kind of style on sale soon, featuring different characters. Stay tuned, as we’ll let you know if we find any!

Are you a fan of the Wishables series, and will you be buying this necklace?

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