PHOTOS: New “Spark Your Imagination” Figment Construction Wall Art Arrives at EPCOT

Right about now, we all need a little spark of inspiration, but thankfully, Figment is here to save the day, gracing a whole new stretch of construction walls at EPCOT. We previously saw a small portion of art go up featuring the royal purple dragon, but it seems Figment’s got a whole set of walls dedicated to him and his home at the Imagination Institute.

The construction walls surrounding EPCOT are here to stay for at least a few years, so it seems they’re trying to make them as colorful and as full of character as possible, with each set of walls pertaining to a specific pavilion (or set of pavilions) throughout the park. We recently saw some vibrant yellow walls go up for World Showcase, featuring Coco and Frozen character art. Now, as you walk towards the Imagination! Pavilion, you’re welcomed by these “Spark Your Imagination” walls dedicated to the pavilion and its feature attraction, Journey Into Imagination with Figment.

Three adorable Figments adorn the walls, all in different poses.

You have this high-flying Figment over by the left side.

Over on the right, you have a pensive Figment, actively filling up his idea bag:

And finally, there’s this fun Figment seemingly popping out of a set of colored lines.

Will you be stopping by for a photo with Figment? With the massive construction going on at the center of EPCOT’s Future World, construction walls are an unfortunate necessity, but at least they’re doing their best to bring some character to them.

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