PHOTOS: New Themed Digital Tip Board Installed on Main Street at the Magic Kingdom

To help with crowd direction and overall ease of information, digital tip boards have been popping up on both coasts at Disney Parks over the last year. These tip boards are themed to the area they reside in, this one themed for the classic look of Main Street. The boards provide information on wait times, ride closures, and more. They are an easy way to pick up tips about the park without carrying around a park map.

Today, we saw a brand-new tip board spring out of thin air, situated in what is currently being utilized as the Tomorrowland Terrace Fireworks Dessert Party Fireworks Plaza Garden Viewing Area.

This tip board, which is not currently in operation, was unmanned by the Guest Experience Team.

The closest Guest Experience Team location is across the street in front of Casey’s Corner. We are not sure if that team will be hopping across the street, or if a new team will also be stationed here.

This will no doubt be a hub for people walking into the park every morning. Hopefully, just a glance at the board as you are sprinting to Space Mountain in the morning will save you those precious seconds we all think matter while racing around Disney.