PHOTOS: New Parking Tram Loading Area Now Open at the Transportation and Ticket Center

We reported yesterday about the removal of some of the construction walls around the Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC). The installation of temporary, shorter barriers, revealed some of the work that had been completed around the area. One of those completed projects was the installation of a new load and unload tram area. This new tram area is directly in front of the new security screening checkpoint at the TTC.

Today, as we arrived to get our last kicks in at Magic Kingdom before the impending temporary Walt Disney World shut-down, we saw that the new load and unload area was actively being used!

Walking to the new security screening checkpoint, we noticed that the barriers that were in place yesterday to bar the entrance to the load and unload area, had been removed.

Maintenance staff was still in the area, checking for imperfections. Likely seeing from afar if anything went awry after the first few guests utilized the new space.

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We didn’t have to wait long to see a tram pulling up to the fresh new load and unload area.


As you can see, the area is not quite 100% yet. There are planters still in need of some landscaping off to the left. In some of the previous pictures, we can also see rolling hedge barriers still in place to direct guests.

Although not completely finished, this new tram location was a bonus to see before the parks go down for temporary closure. We, like you, will be keeping our eyes glued to our screens in the interim awaiting new Disney information throughout the global Disney Parks shut-down.

  1. I know it’s really hard to do, but WOW, those monorail lines REALLY need to be scrubbed and pressure washed. They look GROSS!

  2. I wonder if the trams are going to change the way they do service after Disney reopens.

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