Think You Know Disney Movies? Try Our New Online Game, “Name That Animated Disney Film in Seven Words”!

By now, I’m sure some of you are on the way to (if not already at) restlessness, cabin fever, or boredom. Or all three! Well, don’t worry, between our daily WDWNT Live shows, Disney+ playlists, and other content, we’re doing our best here at WDWNT to keep you entertained! Gotta get that Disney fix, after all!

Now, we’re proud to introduce our latest offering––try to name a Disney animated film in seven words! (Yeah, seven!) It’s fun, give it a try:

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As it says, you can take the quiz as many times as you want. Hopefully, this will bring some fun into your life during these tough times! If you want to check out our other games, feel free to visit our Games page.