Walt Disney World Annual Passholder Not Allowed to Cancel Payments Despite Losing Work Due To Coronavirus Pandemic

Jessica Figueroa

PHOTO REPORT: The Magic Kingdom 10/13/17 (Alien Encounter, Passholder Lines, Splash Mountain Closure, Etc.) annual pass sign

Walt Disney World Annual Passholder Not Allowed to Cancel Payments Despite Losing Work Due To Coronavirus Pandemic

Jessica Figueroa

PHOTO REPORT: The Magic Kingdom 10/13/17 (Alien Encounter, Passholder Lines, Splash Mountain Closure, Etc.) annual pass sign

Walt Disney World Annual Passholder Not Allowed to Cancel Payments Despite Losing Work Due To Coronavirus Pandemic

During these hard times, there are far more important things to worry about than when you’ll be able to go to the parks again. As layoffs sweep the nation in a time of economic turmoil, the parks are seeing entire workforces sent home to seek unemployment, and Disney fans at home are trying to lower expenses to make ends meet––including cancelling trips, cutting subscriptions, and even scrolling past the latest shopDisney sale. While Disney has promised to extend Annual Passes through the closure, a number of Florida resident Passholders are on monthly payment plans, and it seems there are no exceptions in place for cancellations or payment holds––even if COVID-19 has taken a hit on your income.

PHOTO REPORT: The Magic Kingdom 10/13/17 (Alien Encounter, Passholder Lines, Splash Mountain Closure, Etc.) annual pass sign

In a new piece from the Orlando Sentinel, we see the case of Roy Jossfolk Jr., a 34-year-old Orlando freelancer who works designing websites and mobile apps. Due to the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic, he’s lost a $7,500 monthly retainer after some clients have backed out. Despite cancelling other non-essential extras, like Hulu, he’s currently in a bind with his Walt Disney World Annual Pass, as Disney his not allowing any cancellations at this time.

Jossfolk told the Sentinel:

“If I want to cancel my bill because of a national emergency, I should be able to do it. How can they be ignorant to that?”

In response, Disney released the following statement:

“We understand this is an uncertain time for many people and due to the changing nature of this situation, we continue to look at various impacts and how to best meet the needs of our guests.”

Annual Pass prices went up across the board earlier this February, and with Florida resident Annual Pass monthly pricing ranging from $20 for the bare-bones Weekday Select Pass to $75 for the Platinum Plus Pass, these payments could represent anything from an essential cellphone or utilities bill, to groceries.

Other theme parks, like Universal, are assisting Annual Passholders on a case-by-case basis.

Are you an Annual Passholder struggling with monthly payments? Should Disney allow cancellations or allow payment extensions given the current Coronavirus crisis, or do you believe it’d be unfair to non-Florida residents who had to pay upfront? (After all, it is a contract.) Let us know in the comments.

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120 thoughts on “Walt Disney World Annual Passholder Not Allowed to Cancel Payments Despite Losing Work Due To Coronavirus Pandemic”

    • Absolutely! Just BREAK THE LAW, commit FRAUD, and be disgustingly unethical and immoral. Sounds like a FANTASTIC solution to an absurd, whiny, entitled problem!!

      • The only thing whiney and entitled is your comment but I guess its ethical to charge people 100s a month for services the cant use. That’s breaking the law too dumb ass

        • Yes Mickey I agree completely we should not have to continue these payments why is it fair for them to take monthly payments and we can’t enjoy Disneyland at all we maybe on lockdown up to a year it’s hard to think about it

    • You can report it stolen or just cancel it all you want but unfortunately Disney will consider this a non payment and will block you indefinitely from ever getting a future annual pass for the foreseeable future.. trust me, I know this by experience. Disney will NEVER forget you owed them money, NEVER. But you’re right, if you don’t care about that, then yes, you can easily cancel your card.

    • That’s a terrible idea. If Disney can’t get the passholder to eventually to pay the amount owed they will simply send the account to a debt collection company and let them handle it. I’ve dealt with debt collectors before and personally I’ve had my fill to last a lifetime.

  1. I’d never want to cancel my Annual Pass because I love Disney that much but in this critical scenario I think allowing us to pause payments temporarily (let’s say pause April’s payment & move that months payment to the end of the year) seems pretty reasonable for those who want to keep their passes.

    • I Think this is a good idea, but from a Bob spent to much money standpoint, this is a form of income right now for disney in a time when they are bleeding money

    • Makes sense since I myself lost half my hours and only work part time. I pay about $209.00 for my daughter and I a month for our passes. It’s not like we do not want to pay. We rather buy essential items not a pass when the park is closed anyway.

  2. This is crazy. We also have no household income now. $117 a month for a family’s passes to closed parks. I can have electricity or a worthless pass. This is not magical. I never thought I’d see the day where Disney should look to Universal for a lesson in high standards. Beyond disappointed. I thought Disney was better than that! At least pause the payments if you refuse to cancel them!

    • Maybe you should have put some money away for uncertain times instead of burying a frivolous extravagance.

      • Lisa could’ve paid for her passes without issue if the country wasn’t in light lockdown due to a virus infecting the population. It’s almost like you’re choosing to miss the point and be a jerk.

      • Wow.. so judging.. because yeah we should have all known we would all be living in a Contagion movie? This is more than just “uncertain times” who would ever imagined this? Disney should definitely pause payments due to people being out of work.. maybe you’re one of those higher paid employees if Disney that didn’t lose their jo?🤔

    • Hopefully this situation is no more then two months. If you can’t pay you can’t pay. Once things get back to normal and back to work, you make up the back payments and your card will be honored again. Worry about feeding the family. And do not worry about things that you can’t control

      • That’s not have it works, if you miss more then 3 payments in a row you will have to pay the whole thing off before using it again, at least that’s how it works at Disneyland

    • Disney fans: “Suck it up! You should have to suffer because I’m jealous you’re local and/or I think I paid more than you.”

      I sincerely hope Disney changes course on this because they are just asking for a class action suit. And to all you Disney World shills, A CONTRACT CEASES TO BE A CONTRACT WHEN ONE PARTY STOPS PROVIDING THE SERVICE IN THE CONTRACT. It’s astounding to me that you guys are AGREEING with a billion dollar corporation who’s treating their long time customers this way at a time like this.

      All you Disney shills need to understand that Orlando relies heavily on tourism and when that tourism isn’t here, the whole area suffers. It’s absolutely cruel for Disney to force people to pay them hundreds of dollars a month right now FOR NO SERVICE RENDERED at a time when we’re all worried about losing our jobs and affording our rent.

      You people who actually agree with Disney on this make me sick. We bought our passes right after the price went up AGAIN and now the company you’re all worshiping is being quite clear that they don’t give a crap about their loyal fans whatsoever. Once my pass expires, you won’t catch me supporting Disney in ANY way. I’m honestly sickened that this is how they’re choosing to move forward and sickened even more at the “fans” who attack other fans who are losing their jobs! Get your priorities straight, people.

      • A CONTRACT CEASES TO BE A CONTRACT WHEN ONE PARTY STOPS PROVIDING THE SERVICE IN THE CONTRACT. This is not sound advice. Bottom line if you feel that Disney broke the contract you will still need to keep up your side of the contract and sue them for lack of performance. I’m not a lawyer, neither is anyone else on here either so contact a real attorney to get actual advice.

    • So if the contract states i should have
      access to the park Monday thru Thursday, is that my fault if they wont allow me to???

      • You will need to sue if they deny you access. There might be a case for a class action lawsuit. I haven’t read the contract we agreed to but they might have an act of God clause, basically saying they’re not liable for pandemics, earthquakes, tornadoes, etc. and we still have to pay them. I don’t know what it say’s.

    • Read this very carefully: a contract ceases to be a contract when the service is no longer provided. Understand?

    • Exactly! People who bought the passes outright aren’t allowed to call and ask for part of their money back. That’s not how it works. You signed a contract, you agreed to a certain payment, it is your responsibility to manage it. It’s is not Disney’s responsibility to take more of a hit because of people’s financial problems. The man in this article is an absolute joke. If he had a monthly retainer that large, he has other work. There’s no excuse for him to not be able to make his annual pass payments. And if he can’t — his problem. Deal with the consequences. Don’t whine and blame a company for not saving you.

      • How stupid can Robert and Vanessa be? The parks are CLOSED. So no, one shouldn’t be paying a bill for a service that you CANNOT UTILIZE.

        • The annual pass is not a monthly subscription. It NOT a service. It is a SINGLE ticket (product) that costs between $319 and $999 and gives the purchasers access to all the parks for 365 days. Some people are required pay that *entire* cost ON the day of purchase. Certain people qualify to have that cost divided over 12 months. Depending on your standing, Disney waves the down payment of $159. Nobody pays more than a 0.00% APR. The days the parks are closed are being added to the end of your contract, so you’ll ALWAYS get 365 days.

          If you bought a TV from Best Buy on a payment plan, lost your job 7 months in, and then called Best Buy saying you can no longer afford it, what do you think would happen? You would still owe the full amount.

          • Again some of you miss the point of the entire article. We all purchase things that are not essential during times when we have “extra” income but the current situation makes it difficult even impossible for some to afford these non essentials. What we all are asking from Disney is to understand the times and make some adjustments to their policies and suspend, not forgive, the monthly payments til things get back to normal.
            If we as the public are asked to make changes in our daily lives then its not a lot to ask a multi-million dollar corporation to do the same. The people who have lost their income can not use those extra days on the end of the contract to feed their families.

            As for your Best Buy example, if you bought a TV from Best Buy and 7 months later all the money from you and Best Buy and everyone in the world was frozen because of a computer glitch then yes I would expect them to hold off from expecting payments till the glitch was resolved. That’s call human deficiency.

            • But it’s not a tangible item. It’s like a service. Just like if you paid for gardening etc. if they can’t perform the service why would you pay? I’m a contractor and I lost out in the contracts I had. I’m not being paid because I can’t perform the service. This ain’t rocket science here. And yes they should refund the pass holders who paid in full as well.

        • That’s not the way the real world works. By your logic if you’re buying a car with payments and it breaks then I can stop making payments and it’s all good.

  3. I don’t have the option to return the unused portion of my annual pass so why should someone who got a monthly payment plan get to return theirs? it’s not a monthly pass, it is an annual pass, suck it up like the rest of us.

    • Sure there’s a global pandemic leading to widespread layoffs, but you should still fork over money you don’t have and go hungry bc John over here says daddy disney needs it’s money. Capitalism is brainwashing, y’all bootlickers in the comments are insane

  4. I just paid 7,000 for a week at Disney with my son….lines were so long despite it being a slow week because of the locals who evidently only pay $75 A MONTH to be there. Boo hoo…pay the bill while the parks closed…it’s still an incredible obnoxious bargain.

    • So met me get this straight. YOU can afford to drop 7k on a vacation so therefore the rest of us under a contract who aren’t receiving what we pay for should just suck it up and be ok with giving Disney hundreds every month instead of rent and groceries? It’s a bargain to be ripped off by Disney!

    • Because your an idiot and paid $7,000 of your precious savings on a week to spend in the hot weather and long lines?

  5. If $75 breaks your bank then you shouldn’t be wasting it on an amusement park….put it in the bank…start saving money and stop clogging up the parks

    • Actually it is $75 per person. Family passes can be really expensive. What you can afford to pay when you are working is totally different than what is essential when you have no income. I am lucky that I can work from home so the monthly cost is not an issue = the issue is the park. People who have lost their income due to this virus should be allowed to postpone the payments or cancel. The place is crowded and the perfect place to spread illness. I plan to let my passes expire and I don’t plan on going back. Maybe in the next year or so, but I am sure there will people flocking there as soon as they open the gates

  6. Fortunately, our Silver pass expired on March 15. We will not renew until things are back to normal. Besides, we are blacked out for the summer. Hopefully, we get to renew in August.

  7. Why am I on the hook for my end of the contract if the other party isn’t holding up their end? I don’t understand why it’s ok for Disney to close with no open date in sight yet continue to charge me for a ticket I can’t use.

    • That’s what an EXTENSION means. The end date on your pass will be extended as many days as the park is closed. They are more than holding up their end of the deal. They aren’t saying you have to pay and they are still going to end your pass. They are saying you have to pay just as you would, and they will extend you access to the park. At least make some effort to be informed prior to climbing up on that high horse of yours.

      • Then he should be able to pay during the extension for the extended time, not pay while the park is closed. It’s totally lame on Disney’s part not to shift payments along with the shift in pass usage.

      • How does this work with being blocked out for the summer. Will we get extra time we can’t use. Extending my time into June or July makes no sense when I am blocked during that time.

  8. The pass is a luxury. It’s one of those things that you should make sure you already have the money BEFORE you commit. Anything could have happened that would make this fellow unable to work: an accident or illness, for example. Of course nobody was anticipating a virus laying workforces low, but he shouldn’t have purchased it if his budget was that tight. He was right on the edge to begin with.

    • Your mortgage is a luxury. It’s one of those things that you should make sure you already have the money BEFORE you commit. Anything could have happened that would make this fellow unable to work: an accident or illness, for example. Of course nobody was anticipating a virus laying workforces low, but he shouldn’t have purchased it if his budget was that tight. He was right on the edge to begin with.

    • Are you people illiterate or just plain dumb. The guy LOST his income due to an extremely unforeseen circumstance like many others these days! I longer wonder how the heck Trump won the election. Unbelievable!

  9. It’s not a gym membership. It’s not a Netflix subscription. He financed it across 12 months. If I buy new furniture and finance it over 12 months, then 3 months in I lose my job, I don’t get to say “hey, take this furniture back, I can’t afford to sit on it anymore.” You could, but it’ll be repossessed and your credit will be stained. Why is this any different?

    • But you pay for what you have, if Disney says “we closed”, am I still getiing what they promised? If it even means closed for over 2 months? Whats a deal if they can’t hold their end of the bargain!!!!

    • Ridiculous comparison. What if the store came back and took my couch before the 12 months is over but still made me pay for it?

      • Not ridiculous at all. They’re paying for 12 months of access, they’re getting 12 months of access. It may not be 365 consecutive days because of a pandemic, but they’re getting what they paid for.

    • Because your furniture doesn’t suddenly become unusable for weeks or months without telling you when it will be usable again

      • THE PASSES WILL BE EXTENDED. NO PASSHOLDER WILL LOSE ANY DAYS. Why is this so difficult for people to grasp?

        • Because!!!! I will lose my life to use it when they will open the parks. Make sense!!! Don’t want Take a risk to contract the virus at them fucking parks. 🤮

  10. This is such a difficult situation, as there has never been one like it before.
    Disney can, however, pause annual holder’s payments as long as their parks are closed. This seems like the right thing to do because there is no access to their parks.

  11. If Disney is extending annual passes, it should be without payment. The monthly payment can be made up at the end during the extended month.

    • Yes! At the very least, they should PAUSE our payments. I’m literally worried about affording groceries right now but Mickey still has to get his cut.

        • They have more than 140 billion dollars to pay employees with, doesn’t include the 10,000 CP’s they let go and only payed through March.. once they open, more jobs will be cut to make up difference in losses over time. The amount of FL based monthly payment making pass holders should have their payments delayed for at least this month and next, seeing as Universal Studios is delaying payments and still giving extra days to pass holders for how many day’s parks are closed. Paying $50/mo for park access isn’t what I’d call a big expense or luxury if you live here. Payment plans are mostly used for people who are low paid workers and people on fixed incomes who live here and want to also enjoy a bit of the magic during their off time. If people had the money up front, most likely it would be paid in full day of purchasing plan, but that isn’t the case for a lot of people. Imagine losing your job within a week and you make less than $20,000 a year. Guess what, most likely you’re living paycheck to paycheck and now have to choose food over park access.. That’s not ok. They are NOT thinking about their guests at all.. and now for many, people will overdraft bank account having these payments processed. It’s BS that they can’t delay payments. I understand contracts and no cancellations, but they could delay it. Universal has! I know I won’t be renewing.

          • Totally agree. So many companies have stepped up and have some sort of financial help. I had been an Universal pass holder for 8 years and decided to change a bit and do Disney this year but I’m extremely disappointed and deeply regret my decision.
            It’s at times like these that you see their true colors and Disney’s is very ugly.

    • Exactly what I had suggested. Car payments are doing it, my phone plan did it like I don’t understand why this isn’t an option. We still want it and we still want to pay for it but just temporarily pausing it would be fantastic and totally reasonable.

  12. I get Disney’s side of the arguement. These are annual passes financed over 12 months. The revenue is already accounted for in their financial forecasts. If they let a large percentage of these passholders cancel, it will have a significant impact in their financial statements. However, it is bad PR to have these stories out there, not that Disney has ever cared. It seems like it would be better for Disney to work out customer hardships than to let them stop making payments.

    • I get Disney’s side of this. The way I see it, while a closure for a few days (or, for that matter, a “capacity lockout” or a set of attractions at one park closing) isn’t a cause for a partial refund, we’re not looking at a lost weekend but probably somewhere in the ballpark of a 30-75 day closure of all parks (I think 45 is reasonable to expect, per above, but wouldn’t be shocked if it ran longer based on the situation in Hong Kong in particular). That’s unprecedented. It’s even worse with some of the limited passes since a greater share of their park access is being limited. For example, a hypothetical passholder who got a Jan. 1-Dec. 31, 2020 Silver Pass would, on a shutdown that lasts until the end of May, basically have lost about 22.5% of their pass time (they’re blocked out of about 92 days, but roughly 14 of those overlap with the shutdown that I’d be mooting, so of the roughly 75 days through the end of May for the shutdown to cover only 61 are “actually” lost).

      Basically, this is the sort of situation that force majeure exists for…no reasonable interpretation of passholder expectations at the time of purchase can be met (since even allowing for “normal” shutdowns, nobody could reasonably expect to lose 2-3 months of access to /all/ parks; prior to this, the longest closures were two days long at WDW) so the contract should be allowed to be either amended (by mutual consent) or dissolved, much like numerous weddings and meetings are being cancelled.

  13. If you need to finance an amusement park pass, you can’t afford it. You’re over leveraged and planned poorly.

  14. If I recall correctly, the payment plan is managed by a third party. Disney probably doesn’t have any control over how they operate. Disney gets their money up front.

  15. I think that it is ridiculous to have people continue to may payments. Disney should delay payments until this crisis is over. As far as people being frivolous and not having a lot of money in the bank, listen up, they still deserve to have a trip to Disney. I am one of those people and I plan 1 trip a year because that is all my family can afford. As far as committing to a contract even the government feels different. I have student loans and am currently not incurring interest and my payments have been deferred. Really Disney you’re better then this.

  16. You are in a contract, you pay the bill. If you can’t afford $75 a month less than a month into this situation than you shouldn’t have had a pass to begin with. You are going to get the “lost time” back at the end of your contract. I can understand a little frustration, but expecting it vs being pleasantly surprised if Disney chose to cease payments are 2 different things. This is like Disney+ subscribers expecting Mulan to go straight to Disney+.

    • not my fault you don’t live in Florida, they give us a discount because we visit more, just like we should be able to cancel until we know what’s going to happen, we support Disney, you come once for every 10 times my family goes, stop being haters and have compassion for other human beings, why would you be against someone trying to save money in a rare time of economic hardship? No wonder there is a virus, no matter the situation I always stand up for others in times of need, they should refund you as well.

  17. Consider that his retainer was $90,000/year. Plus other income as a freelancer. Sounds like he has issues with his spending other than an annual pass.

  18. It’s a tough call. With basically all of Disney shut down with no end in sight, I can’t imagine those with Annual Pass contracts adding that much to Disney’s bottom line. We’re not Florida residents and ours expire at the end of April. I’m sure we will renew, but we’re waiting to see how many days Disney will credit us for the days they’re closed. I would think Disney “Goodwill” by postponing payments for a couple of months would go a long ways.

  19. I’m disgusted. Was a huge Disney fan, visiting the parks sometimes three times per year. Will no longer support this Corporation. This is pure greed.

  20. The best partner for Disney are those Annual Pass Holders, now that these people are having financial problems due to the corona virus, Disney is not doing nothing really helpful like stop monthly charges since their parks are close.

  21. “After all it’s a contract.” That’s a pretty cold thing to say in the middle of a global crisis with people losing jobs due to extraordinary circumstances.

    I bet if Disney randomly altered the terms of the passes to reduce access or remove discounts once reopening there would be hell on all these sites and none of that “well, you signed a contract with that caveat…” mentality.

  22. All business with reoccurring payment models are going through this. After enough time and complaints, they’ll make it right. Calm down, relax, and just be curious. That’s how we should act everyday to everyone and especially now.

    • This isn’t a reoccurring payment. They are making payments on a loan that they took out to pay for their yearly pass up front. The people that did pay for their passes upfront don’t get the money they spent back.

      Everyone gets time added to their pass, whether or not they paid for them all upfront, or agreed to make payments over a year.

    • That’s what I was wondering. If Disney is paid for the passes upfront by a financial institution who is collecting the payments, Disney doesn’t really have much say.

  23. I bought a ticket for Villians Night at DCA. Will Disney give refunds to their special events if the park is still closed?

    • We had tickets to go see a 25th anniversary of A Goofy Movie in Burbank next month. We got a refund last week for the tickets after the event got cancelled.

  24. I pay 26 and change monthly for my weekday select pass, not 20. I work weekends anyway that’s why I got the weekday pass since my days off are during weekdays. But wow, 75 dollars a month for a pass? That’s like a credit card bill.

  25. I’ll reopen my bank account when you reopen the parks and If that is 2 years from now so be. :) Good day.

  26. The biggest issue that I see, at this point, is that we’re probably looking at somewhere around a >30 day park closure in Florida. 45 days seems like a realistic guess as of right now. Compare this to the shutdown surrounding, say, Irma (which I think was about two days) and there’s quite a strong case that the passholder(s) in these cases should be able to breach their contract with Disney due to non-performance. Nobody expects Disney to deliver operational parks under the present circumstances, but that also means that Disney shouldn’t expect to get passholder revenue at the same time.

    As to families feeling the crisis having “not prepared”, it really depends on their individual situation. There are definitely folks going into “lockdown mode” and slashing expenses even though they have reserves because of the anticipated economic meltdown coming out of this; expecting a family that is invading their (ordinary) reserves to cough up for passes at the same time is unreasonable…again, especially since Disney isn’t providing operating parks to go to.

    Please note that this is absolutely not a case that Disney shouldn’t have shut the parks down, just that they should need to find ways to make passholders whole on their purchased time given the unprecedented period of the shutdown versus a “normal” park shutdown. They’ve “comped” a month at times in the past [bumping 12-month passes to 13 months] so it isn’t unreasonable to expect something here.

  27. Doesn’t affect me I paid in full . It’s a business they decided to continue taking payments and adding days to your pass. People can cancel their credit card but they will never be able to get a pass unless that one is paid off in full… Your choice no one is forcing anyone to keep paying.

  28. Unpopular opinion but I always felt like if you had to pay over 12 months you shouldn’t be buying it anyway. Disney 100% knows thats a plan that preys on those without the means to keep up.

    • Our family could afford to pay up front but Disney gives people the option to basically get an interest free loan for 12 months instead. We gladly take advantage of that in order to spread the payments out over the entire year. We certainly aren’t the only family to do that.

  29. Florida resident with annual passes… sure would be nice if they at least didnt charge you while the park is closed. Even after the park reopens i am uneasy about the thought of returning anytime in the next year. 3rd year I’ve had my passes and possibly the last… they need to do something. As it is they’ve laid off employees left and right and I’m positive disney plus sales have significantly increased during this pandemic. Shocked quite honestly at how poorly disney has handled this. Maybe Iger didnt pick the right person to take over…

  30. Ok so here is what’s really happened, idc about Disney world but at Disneyland Disney isn’t handling your payments, a third party is so technically Disney cannot stop or cancel payments because they are not the ones taking them. You can stop payments by changing cards but if you miss more then 3 in a row you will have to pay the whole remainder on that pass before you can use it again. Likewise you will not be able to get a new pass until you pay your old one off. Short of creating a whole new identity Disney will know.

  31. This is absurd on Disney’s part. I have friends telling me Sea World is letting them stop payment on their annual passes. If other places can do it, so can Disney. What do they need the money so bad for, so they can pay their cast members until April 18th (as posted today in news articles). Well I am glad your cast members are getting paid, maybe they can pay for my annual pass then since they still have an income, and I do not.

  32. I think is very unfair and unethical from Disney to keep charging the monthly payments when people can’t go to the parks because they’re closed; Universal had suspended all payments until further notice, at least, they care about their customers.

  33. We are now unemployed and have 4 passes to Disney that we can’t use. Yea I think it would be quite a nice gesture if the multi billion dollar Disney corporation would allow family’s on payment plans to defer payments or cancel all together. But hey maybe it’s just my morals speaking.

  34. I find it pretty disgusting that this multi billion dollar company that basically owns everything, can’t give us a break. I just had a $52 payment go through. I’m a massage therapist and unable to work. The last thing I care about is a payment to them. I wish they would consider people struggling, but honestly, when has this company ever tried to break a deal for anyone? Because of this, I plan to end my pass when it is over and never give another dollar to Disney again.

  35. So I ordered four Gold passes on the monthly payment plan February 29th, 2020. This costs over $200 a month since the prices went up. We were planning to go during spring break 3/15/20 to 3/20/20, but when I found out Disney closed, I cancelled. Then I lost my job, so now I cannot pay for the annual pass because now the money I do have saved I need for more important things. So I called Disney seeing if I can get a refund back of my deposit and first month payment, or suspend my payments and they told me no. I understand I signed a contract of 12 consecutive payments, but my passes haven’t even been activated yet, I never went, so they should be able to refund them since they haven’t actually started yet, not until I walk into the park. I am sure I’m not the only one in this situation, and what Disney World company is doing to people is disgusting, with everything going on, and people unexpectedly losing jobs, and now living off their savings for all their groceries, and other neccessary Bill’s. Universal has cancelled all their payments, because they see how wrong it is, why can’t you?

  36. A contract is an agreement to perform from 2 sides. Disney has failed to perform its main function, yet demands it will continue to charge you in spite of. I am in this situation, and sent them a notice of breach of contract and demanded a refund in full of the amounts paid by me to them during this contract period. Should they attempt to draft my credit card again, this will amount to wire fraud, on top of breach, which is a violation of pretty much every Deceptive Trade Act on a state basis in the United States and you can sue them for treble damages. Trust me, Disney does not give a damn about you or your family and would sue you in a heartbeat. Their attitude towards their customers has gotten worse and worse over the years……. they are not owed anything from you, but you are certainly owed compensation back from them!

  37. All I have to say: watch out for those already ridiculously priced passes to go UP again! If they cleared a couple of billion Last year, bet the big shots are sitting pretty right now while the rest of us are struggling. All about THE MONEY! Makes me sick. Hardworking plain folks can’t afford to go any more.

  38. I consulted a lawyer and was told this is a breach of contract, therefore, Disney cannot continue taking out annual pass monthly payments. I am initiating a class action lawsuit on this. This is unfair and absolutely illegal for Disney to do this.

    • Thank you for initiating a class action lawsuit. I was literally about to do the same thing. It is totally a breach of contract what they are doing. It makes me even more angry that they continue through with this even through both Universal and SeaWorld are suspending annual pass payments.

  39. I’ve started a change.org petition for Disney to temporarily suspend passholder payments until the parks fully open like Universal has done. Please sign and share the link to support those of us who are now unemployed and unable to make those payments.

  40. Sea World paused my payments for 3 months..and they are in a much more financially difficult situation than disney..shame on them!

  41. The extension of my silver annual pass will put me into the 2 month block out this summer. How is this a fair adjustment when I won’t be able to access the park during the extension? I am paying my monthly dues and I feel like putting a stop until Disney is more clear about how blockout dates will affect extensions

  42. While we all signed a contract for our passes with Disney we are obligated legally to full fill it. It would be in good faith if they would at least allow certain cases to be frozen for a period of time for hardship. Similar to what student loans will help you with. Once you get on your feet then the payment should resume.The frozen time should have a limit so that it is not abused.

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