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Disneyland Files Permit for $200,000 Renovation of Frontierland Entrance Gates During Extended Parks Closure

Just after the demolition and installation of a new Adventureland entrance arch at Disneyland, Project Stardust continues with the renovation of the entrance to Frontierland – The Frontiers of America.

Image Credit: SuperHotLarry on YouTube

According to the OC Register, Disney is planning an expansive renovation of the Frontierland gate, coming in at $200,000 for the full project. A recent permit was filed calling for the replacement of a pair of 15-foot-tall faux wooden gates and a 16-foot-long marquee, along with the widening of an existing bridge at the Frontierland entrance.

Much like the re-do of the Adventureland sign, the renovation is meant to improve pedestrian traffic in and out of the land––once the park reopens after its extended closure, of course. Just last year, Pioneer Mercantile’s front porch and walkway were refurbished around this time as well.

While construction is halted throughout Disneyland Resort (much like at Walt Disney World Resort), permits continue to be filed for previously-planned work. Work has not begun on the Frontierland entrance, and other projects throughout Disneyland Park, like the reimagining of Snow White’s Scary Adventures, were left in-progress.

Featured Image: Disneyland Frontierland Area Music Loop (Full, 2012) – SuperHotLarry on YouTube

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1 year ago

It seems that most construction projects at the Parks should be able to move forward so long as the workers are practicing the required “Social Distancing”… Especially if workers were required to wear adequate face coverings.

I can only imagine the volume of work that could be done in a much shorter time span considering that there would be no need to hide it from guests or accommodate guest traffic through work areas. The down-time for the Parks seems like such a wasted opportunity for major construction and improvements.