A new security structure in Tokyo Disney Resort

PHOTOS: New Security Structures Installed at Tokyo Disneyland

Even though Tokyo Disneyland has been closed since February 29th, and will be until at least mid-May, construction presses on. Case in point – the new Tokyo Disneyland entrance is almost ready. And while work is still underway on the rest of the area, two new security screening structures just popped up virtually overnight. Let’s take a closer look!

The security structure in the center has been in place for some time. I actually couldn’t tell you when they installed it, but I’d venture around 2001 when regular bag checks were introduced. But since Oriental Land announced back in November that “enhanced security measures” are on their way for the 2020 Olympics, the extra capacity is probably necessary.

The two new structures are pretty simple structures, with a flat, retractable roof for use on rainy or hot summer days. It’s a little disappointing that they didn’t go with identical structures to the one in the center, but what can you do. Each structure contains a different number of lanes. The center structure has three, the left has four, and the right one (seen above) has two.

The Tokyo Disneyland Main Entrance is scheduled for completion soon. And we’ll get pictures to show you once the project is all done! Amazing that its been two years now of construction. But we look forward to it actually being in action whenever Tokyo Disneyland reopens!

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