New Limited Edition Disney Parks Pin Releases Through April Revealed on shopDisney

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While the Disney Parks are closed until further notice, limited edition pins are currently being sold on shopDisney. And it’s not just already-revealed items, there’s new drops coming too. As such, we were delighted this morning to see a whole slew of release dates for the month of April. So, let’s take a look at what’s coming and when!

The first release will be the Disney Parks Easter Pins on Sunday, April 12th at 7AM PDT (10AM EDT).

On April 16th, get ready for some more limited edition pins to drop! These will also hit the virtual shelves at 7AM PDT(10AM EDT).

If you’re more of a Pixar person, these limited edition Pixar parks pins will also drop on shopDisney on April 16th at 7AM PDT (10AM EDT).

And last but not least, a special Earth Day pin featuring Flik from A Bug’s Life hits shopDisney on Earth Day, April 22nd at 7AM PDT (10AM EDT)!

Be sure to mark your calendars and set reminders if you’re interested! Limited edition Disney Parks items, particularly pins, on shopDisney tend to sell out pretty quickly. So be careful! But moreover, at least we can still get our pin fix even while the Disney Parks are closed!

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1 year ago

I was on right when they went live. It was only Star Wars Limited Edition pins from Feb, March, and I guess April. And a Doctor Day pin.
The site is being wonky. I put the pins I wanted in my cart, then they were no longer available in the search. Then they came back. Then disappeared again. Then came back. Now they’re gone again.

Either way. It’s only Start Wars Limited Ed pins today.

1 year ago

Will there be anymore of these pin releases?
4/22 was the final Release in the April events with earth day.
Will there be more in May?