Disneynature’s “Dolphin Reef” and “Elephant” Original Soundtracks Now Available for Digital Purchase and Streaming

If you’ve already enjoyed the new Disney+ Original Documentaries from Disneynature, Dolphin Reef and Elephant, you can now listen to the soundtracks for both films, now available for digital purchase and streaming.

The Dolphin Reef soundtrack, composed by Steven Price (Gravity, Suicide Squad, Baby Driver), is available at digital retailers including Amazon.com and iTunes, and streaming on Spotify and Apple Music. Have a glimpse at the tracklist!

1. A Different Set of Rules
2. Flook
3. The Clam Shell Challenge
4. Introducing the Dolphins
5. The Nightmare of Mr. Mantis
6. The Coral Clean Up Squad
7. Safety in Numbers
8. When They Meet It Is Magical
9. There Is Unexpected Treasure Here
10. Fine Sand Evacuation
11. Get Off My Lawn
12. The Great Contest Has Begun
13. The Cleaning Station
14. Strongest of the Humpbacks
15. Ambush
16. Lionfish in the Moonlight
17. The Largest Breath of Air
18. High Speed Hydroplaning
19. A Very Special Trick
20. Times of Crisis
21. Echo Fires Up Another
22. The Pulsating Blob of Death
23. A Great Example
24. Out to Sea

But if you want to be inspired by the creatures of the savanna, there’s also the soundtrack to Elephant, with music by Ramin Djawadi (Iron Man, Game of Thrones, A Wrinkle in Time), also available on digital retailers like Amazon.com and iTunes, and streaming on Spotify and Apple Music. Here’s the listing for this soundtrack:

1. Elephant Prologue
2. Pool Party
3. Mud Rescue
4. Leaving the Delta
5. Family Reunion
6. A Magnificent Bull
7. Stepping Stones
8. Bones
9. A Thousand Mile Journey
10. Caterpillars
11. Under the Stars
12. Victoria Falls
13. Palm Island
14. Crocodile Crossing
15. Angola Rains
16. Lion Hunt
17. Death of a Matriarch
18. Mourning
19. Rival Herd
20. Floodwaters Return
21. The Final Push
22. An Unforgettable Journey

Have you seen these documentaries yet? Which was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!


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