CONFIRMED: Walt Disney World Cancelling All Dining Reservations, Experiences, Disney Dining Plans, and FastPass+; Official Details Released

UPDATE: Disney has removed wording regarding a specific “end” date for dining and experience reservation cancellations, including the Disney Dining Plan. As you will see further below, the original announcement stated cancellations through the end of the year. That has since been changed to the following:

Disney has released an official confirmation of the upcoming cancellations:

When our theme parks reopen, we will manage attendance through a new theme park reservation system on that will require all guests to make a reservation in advance for theme park entry. Over the coming weeks, we will be making some necessary updates to prepare for the launch of this park reservation system. Here’s some important information to help you plan ahead:

  • New Ticket Sales and Hotel Reservations: At this time, we are temporarily pausing new ticket sales and Disney Resort hotel reservations so we can focus on guests with existing tickets and reservations. Existing ticket holders and Annual Passholders will be able to make a theme park reservation before new tickets are sold; we will be reaching out to these guests soon to provide additional details. We will resume new sales of tickets and Disney Resort hotel reservations after that period of time. Theme park reservations will be limited due to attendance limitations and will be subject to availability. 
  • Dining and Experiences: In order to foster physical distancing during this time, upon reopening, our offerings, restaurants and other experiences such as behind-the-scenes tours will be limited in capacity, and other experiences may remain closed. As a result of limited capacity, we have made the difficult decision to cancel all existing dining reservations and experience bookings, including Disney dining plans included in packages, through the end of the year. We will reopen dining and experience bookings with more limited numbers closer to when the parks reopen. We will also shift from a 180-day booking window to a 60-day booking window for dining and experience bookings going forward to allow Guests to make their plans closer to their visits.
  • FastPass+ and Extra Magic Hours: As a result of the COVID-19 impact, the FastPass+ service will be suspended for the time being as we plan to use additional queue space to manage capacity at our attractions and maintain physical distancing. We will automatically cancel existing FastPass+ selections and share any future updates on the service at a later date. Also, please note that upon reopening, Extra Magic Hours will be temporarily suspended.

We are reaching out to guests affected by these updates with additional information and details on options, including refunds. We understand how much excitement, thought and time goes into planning a Disney vacation and realize some of these changes may be disappointing. Please know we will be here to help you, as we remain focused on delivering a wonderful experience for everyone who visits. 

You can visit a new “Know Before You Go” hub at, where you can find the latest updates on our operations and offerings, including details on how to modify your plans. If you booked through a third-party, we recommend you reach out directly to your travel professional or ticket seller.

We appreciate your ongoing patience and understanding as we continue to keep the well-being of guests and cast members in mind. Stay tuned for more information over the next few weeks on how to use the theme park reservation system and other tips to be aware of prior to your visit.

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  1. Imagine booking your reservations 180 days in advance to only have it cancelled…

    1. It happened to many of us already. What I find mind blowing is the anger towards Disney. Disappointed, sad, concerned, confused I get, but anger and the “foot stomping” is uncalled for, Disney did not cause this, COVID-19 did. Disney is trying to navigate the “new normal” just like everyone else. People need to just be more compassionate.

  2. OMG…. I feel like Disney just pulled the rug out from my Aug vacation. They got be to reschedule my missed May stay with a free dining option and now they just canceled that for our stay…. ughhh For a family of 5 free dining goes alot further than any discount they will likely try to offer. This is an example of completely horrible planning on Disneys part. Why offer a deal and than remove it later from those that have purchased?

    1. Family of 10 here. 8 children. Room discounts are so so far from value of dining plan. We always upgrade the free quick service to regular table service plan. Plus I feel trying to get reservations for a group of 10 will be pretty impossible under the new system. Getting large party reservations with the normal system is tricky. I fear there will be no allotment for our apartheid size and we would end up with no reservations with limited people in a location at any time. We told the kids no Disney this year. With no fast passes, wearing masks, limited experiences, possibly having to rent a large van when we get there to accommodate transportation (another $1000 a week), not knowing if pools will fully operate and on and on. Paying a whole lot more getting a whole lot less. September is off for us

  3. This sucks. I have a trip in late August and I am from NJ. I booked club level too and who knows what benefit that will even provide. On top of that, not even sure what is going to happen with the governors current 14 day quarantine order for people from tri-state area. Will Disney just cancel our trip?

  4. Would we be the only family happy to see the 60 day advance reservations stay versus the 180?! At 6 months I’ve barely settled in to having our reservations, forget thinking about EXACTLY where and when we will be eating! And, when you get that chance to add a trip a few months out, all the dining is GONE! Hope they keep 60 days!

  5. What a mess this all is. So glad I cancelled my August trip and got a full refund.

  6. This is overkill! Now they are taking away the free dining plan they offered to make up for closures. Apparently the park hopper will be axed the way the reservation system sounds. No fast passes, reduced dining and experiences. Now everyone will re-book for next year making the crowds horrible then. The news from Disney keeps getting worse and worse everytime they make an announcement. This is beyond aggravating!

  7. Im a season ticket holder with 7 season tickets..I would like a refund for the remainder of this year for all 7 tickets..over 5000 dollars was spent and now can’t enjoy the Disney World experience like we planned and paid in advance for..

  8. Do these cancellations include Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party as well as the Christmas party?

  9. So those of us that got free dining for cancelling in the beginning… it will now be removed? That’s unfortunate

  10. We were offered a Free Dining Package since our May trip was cancelled due to COVID. We applied it to our September 2020 trip and now it’s being taken away? I hope Disney will realize how unfair that is and discount our package appropriately, assuming they flat out don’t cancel it!

  11. So it’s back to square one? Re-reserving everything? Fight my way through the crowds trying to re-book what I have already done? So sorry Disney, but I’ll wait for the vaccine and things returning to normal. Which way to the cancellation window?

  12. It’s important to note canceling free dining has nothing to do w ‘safety’. This is a couple thousand dollar kick in the gut to every family they are doing this to. And in today’s environment that is even more magnified. This is a BAD business move that takes the magic out of Disney.

  13. So many people turning their backs on Disney. I love it. Maybe people will start realizing that Disney is a luxury and not a necessity….and it’s ok to not go every year. It’s ok to vacation somewhere else for a change…to open your eyes to the world.

    Then again, I think these nay-sayers won’t change their habits. They’ll spit at Disney and eventually come back.

  14. Disney I still love you. No one could have predicted the state of the world this year. So many complaints towards not just your company but many others that are just trying to do their best during very uncertain and constantly changing times. I will always be a loyal guest as you have always had excellent customer service.

  15. So our trip went from free dining to not having it. So a 4000. Trip just went up about 2000. Because we have to pay for food. Limited transportation so most likely we will have to rent a car another 500. Bucks and pay to park another 300 bucks. All the food went up in price while closed. No parkhopping . So Disney is being greedy to make up their lose. And 35% discount isnt making up for this bs.

  16. This is no longer the happiest place on Earth. It is now considered a dismal destination

  17. How does the new ticket system line up with already existing room only reservations? Do we just get left out and get to sit in a nice room but no park? lol

  18. My three dining reservations for mid November are still showing up in my plans on My Disney Experience. So, they haven’t canceled everything through the rest of the year. Maybe they only mean for summer trips or early fall? Does it matter that I’m a DVC member, maybe?

      1. Yep, so far I saw the Toppolino’s breakfast go away. The 60 day prior thing now lines up with when I’d also have to book fastpasses, if they still do those for November. Not looking forward to trying virtual queues if those happen. Might just cancel this year altogether. Haven’t bought park tickets yet anyway.

  19. Good bye Disney. We had a great run but now its over for us. Its not me its you.

  20. So with Disney giving the disclaimer that you voluntarily assume all risk of catching COVID-19 why is it not my choice to wear a mask or not but with no parades fireworks shows very hard to spend 3,000 dollars for nothing I will return one day but just not now

  21. I am beyond angry at this news. We only go to WDW about every 10 years since we live in CA and Disney is taking all the joy and fun out of our visit. Now I have to try and rebook dining & tour reservations I had confirmed and secured with a credit card for October. Now not only do I have to try and rebook, I have to hope I can actually get into the theme park with their new reservation system. I know they said people with prior reservations will get rebooking priority but if they don’t restore my original reservations for both tours, dining, and guaranteed entrance into the right parks to go with the tour/dining, we will probably cancel. Disney’s covid response is overkill. I’m okay with wearing face masks even though I feel I’m suffocating. The temperature check is fine but honestly, it won’t catch asymptomatic carriers. If people are willing to go to the theme parks, it’s a choice to assume the risk so why punish visitors who already made that decision to still visit? For everyone who already had confirmed reservations and packages, Disney did all of us wrong.

  22. I’m glad we went Thanksgiving week 2019! Sorry to hear new attendees won’t have the same wonderful visit we had.

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