epcot guests relations 12-29-19 - cast members

Full-Time Walt Disney World Cast Members Given Option for Temporary Transfer to Return to Work Faster

As Walt Disney World begins the path back to reopening its parks, full-time cast members are being given an option that would help them return to work as soon as possible.

epcot guests relations 12-29-19 - cast members

According to a Facebook post by TCU Lodge 1908, full-time cast members are being offered a voluntary temporary transfer to another role at the resort to return to work faster. If they don’t care which role they take, cast members may utilize a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that would transfer them to a new role.

Upon the opening of the transfer window, workers will have at least 72 hours to log onto the cast member HUB and volunteer for a temporary transfer. They will then be able to select from a list of positions choosing many or as few options as they desire as you would like. Once all of the full-time cast members originally in that role are recalled, the company will use the list of voluntary transfers to staff the remaining full-time positions in that role.
Once the volunteers’ original roles reopen, they will be transferred back in order of seniority. Pay will be based on the rate of the new location of pay.

As the post states, this MOU is not for cast members with underlying health conditions (or have dependents with underlying health conditions) and do not want to take work in a new role, or only want to be recalled in their current job. Those who opt not to volunteer will remain furloughed until their current roles are recalled.

The post also adds that part-time cast members will be recalled following the full recall of full-time cast members.  Once recalled, existing days of availability will be honored, with the option to add extra availability continuing on. All preexisting time off requests are expected to be honored (at least for union members).

Disney is also expected to provide thermometers for temperature checks for cast members at home upon request. If cast members need to self-isolate due to exposure to COVID-19 at work, Disney will notify them and will pay paid for missed shifts. If cast members test positive for COVID-19 and provide proper documentation to health services, they will be paid for missed shifts for up to two weeks.

Keep reading WDWNT for continuing coverage of this ongoing story.

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3 months ago

Have you heard anything about employees called back to a temp transfer being transferred again without warning?   I know someone who worked food and bev in a resort, but put in for Memorandum of Understanding, to return from furlough, that transferred her to a new role running a ride inside a park.   She just informed me that after 4 weeks of training and working on a ride, she has been scheduled to work in a totally separate role in a totally different park, by no request of her own, with no notice or warning, starting less than a… Read more »