New Original Show “Muppets Now” Premieres July 31st on Disney+

After their return as Muppet Babies on Disney Junior, we were lucky enough that on August 24th, 2019, Kermit the Frog, the one and truly, posted a message on Twitter stating that a show called “Muppets Now” would air in 2020 on the Disney+ streaming service.

Now, on May 20th, 2020, we are fortunate enough to have been given a date for when this show will air. Mark your dates folks, “Muppets Now” will be featured on Disney+ coming July 31st.

After 9 long months of waiting, your favorite rag-tag gang of Muppets are back and better than ever! The new, original unscripted Muppets series, Muppets Now, is coming to Disney+ on July 31st. Will you be tuning in to watch your favorite character? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Yes, I’ll be tuning in! I hope it’s better than the modern TV show that was on a couple of years ago. Ironically, I just watched some of the original Muppet Show last night. That never fails to put me in a good mood!

  2. I will watch. I also wish they’d bring back the original Muppet Show (Muppets Show?) from my childhood – just air all those reruns on Disney+. It’s better than the show they tried on ABC somewhat recently.

  3. “Better than ever” isn’t possible. Let’s hope the new show has different producers from the mess that was on a few years ago.

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