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Walt Disney World Vice President Reiterates That July Reservations Are Not Indicative of a Reopening Date

The Orange County Economic Recovery Task Force met once again early today to discuss additional developments on reopening plans given the progression of Phase 1 reopenings across the state, with various restaurants and retail locations now open under strict new guidelines and parameters.

During today’s Task Force meeting, Vice President of Walt Disney World Thomas Mazloum reiterated that the booking of reservations starting on July 1 is not necessarily indicative of a reopening date:

“We have taken reservations for July, but that should not mean we are operating in July yet. As you all saw on the news yesterday, we’ve opened up Shanghai, which went extremely well. We were very prudent… and very, very conservative and things went extremely well, but at this point we have really nothing to report about Walt Disney World yet. As we have said continuously, we will allow data to guide us as well as the government and not a specific date. Just wanted to make sure we had clarity around that.”

You can watch today’s full Orange County Economic Recovery Task Force Meeting below, with Thomas Mazloum’s segment starting at 59:00:

Walt Disney World Resort has stated similar parameters with every new booking window announced, as it did with initial reservation openings in June.

Disney Springs is reopening on May 20, starting with some of its third-party restaurants and retail locations. As of today, Disney-owned restaurants across Disney Springs are now showing availability on My Disney Experience starting on June 1. Starting July 1, dining reservations are open for nearly all restaurants on property. Walt Disney World Resort recently announced that it would only take bookings for July 1st onward, with June reservations to be potentially cancelled on a week-by-week basis.

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looking for pixie dust
looking for pixie dust
1 year ago

was I too optimistic re-booking for September? Yikes!

1 year ago

We’ll most likely cancel our July reservation, but plan on keeping our September and December ones. I’ll be optimistic with you. Hopefully our Monorail face masks will arrive by then.