Walt Disney’s Grandson Calls Out Company Executives for Furloughing Employees During Pandemic

It seems Bradford Lund, Grandson of Walt Disney has some thoughts on the misuse of funds when it comes to The Walt Disney Company. With thousands of Cast Members being furloughed in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems Lund feels that funds should have been distributed more evenly throughout the company.

In an interview with the Daily Beast, Bradford stated “I have already expressed my hope that the Disney organization continues to give reasonable compensation and support to its many loyal employees in the spirit of the company of which my grandfather was so proud,” adding that it be the “right thing to do during these difficult times.”

This isn’t the first time a member of the Disney family has spoken out against the way things are being handled during these trying times. In April, Abigail Disney took to Twitter to share her disdain over the furloughing of employees only to split $1.5 billion dollars amongst the company’s higher-up executives.

The Disney company has shared that the decision to furlough employees was one that was not made lightly, with the cuts saving the company $500 million a month, bonuses for executives were not affected, leaving others to feel like it could have been handled differently. Bradford Lund stated that they are unfortunately not putting proper care in place for its employees.

So what are your thoughts on the distribution of funds when it comes to the Disney Company weathering the Coronavirus storm? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: The Daily Beast


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11 days ago

I believe Disney did the right thing for guests and stockholders.

11 days ago

While I am all for seeing the parks reopen as soon as possible and seeing all the cast members back at work, I would take his comments more seriously if he said he was donating all of the dividend checks he receives during the pandemic to a cast member relief fund.

11 days ago

The distribution of bonuses were bad optics for Disney management. Not saying they should’ve distributed to furloughed CMs, but I am saying they should have retained some or all of the funds for the company.

11 days ago

I agree. The executive bonuses should have been used to help the regular employees who make waaaaaaaay less than those on top. No one should be getting a bonus when so much of their workforce is not getting paid at all for an extended time. But I am sure there is a lot if the “behind the scenes” part of the business we are not made aware of, so we don’t know the full picture. Seems unfair though.

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