BREAKING: Spaceship Earth Will Reopen with EPCOT on July 15th, Refurbishment Postponed Indefinitely

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BREAKING: Spaceship Earth Will Reopen with EPCOT on July 15th, Refurbishment Postponed Indefinitely

Despite having its status recently updated to “Closed for Refurbishment” on the Walt Disney World website and on My Disney Experience, it seems Spaceship Earth may make its ascent once again upon the reopening of EPCOT on July 15th. Thank the Phoenicians!

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According to the UNITE HERE Local 362 union, which represents attraction workers throughout Walt Disney World, Spaceship Earth’s refurbishment has been pushed back. The information was revealed during an web conference and subsequently posted on a WDWMagic forum earlier today. The attraction is set to reopen with the rest of the park. You can find more details on the refurbishment below:

As times have changed, the Spaceship Earth attraction at EPCOT has changed with them. Opening in 1982, the ride received massive overhauls in 1986, 1994, and 2007, usually with the departure or addition of a corporate sponsor. With over a decade since the last reimagining, coupled with the 2017 departure of Siemens, Walt Disney Imagineering is ramping up for another round of changes to the park’s icon attraction.

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The reimagining was set to begin on May 26th, despite a $900M decrease in CAPEX spending on the parks due to postponed or cancelled projects.

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We first announced the closure back in October 2018, and still expect the closure to last about two and a half years as part of the park’s massive overhaul, which includes a new building for the exit of the attraction, and potentially a new name, as revealed during the 2019 D23 Expo: “Spaceship Earth: Our Shared Story.” As with all the changes overtaking the park, this reimagining promises to make the attraction––in newly-appointed CEO Bob Chapek’s words––“more Disney, more family, more timeless, and more relevant.”

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The overhaul will be so thorough that it will require the ride to close at least until the park’s 40th anniversary in the second half of 2022, possibly leading into 2023, or even further now with the closure setbacks and further postponement. It’s also unknown whether the full set of changes will be implemented given the current theme park climate.

For the full announcement from Walt Disney Imagineering, click here.

Are you looking forward to the reimagining of Spaceship Earth, or are you secretly hoping it’s been scrapped? Let us know in the comments.

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14 thoughts on “BREAKING: Spaceship Earth Will Reopen with EPCOT on July 15th, Refurbishment Postponed Indefinitely”

  1. I wasn’t secretly hoping the refurb was scrapped, I was blatantly and openly hoping they would permanently scrap the plan. So much of “My” EPCOT has or is being changed. #neverforgetmaelstrom

  2. You know what? I’m Looking forward to a new reimagined version of “Spaceship Earth: Our Shared Story”, which take place in “World Celebration” as one of the 4 new neighborhoods at EPCOT! Now, all Disney Parks’ construction project site and Epcot’s overhaul must be restarted on July 15th in Orlando!

  3. I wasn’t secretly hoping they scrapped the refurb, I was blatantly out and out praying they would drop that silly idea. With all the things that have either changed or are about to, I feel like I’m loosing “My” EPCOT. Can’t we keep just one attraction relatively the same as an iconic fixture?#neverforgetmaelstrom

  4. This may give me the chance to ride the ride using the last two audio versions I haven’t tried yet: Portuguese and French. I’ve ridden lots of times with the standard English narration, and once each with the Japanese, Spanish, and German versions. IIRC.

  5. Hoping it gets scrapped…most changes to existing attractions have been awful… it’s seems like the people making these decisions are not true fans of Disney or WDW and have no concept of the magic. It’s all about business with them!

  6. Count me as one of the people who secretly hope the overhaul will be scrapped! A 2 1/2 year project that will shut down the attraction seems like a very long time, and it also means a lot will be done…which makes me believe many of the things I love about the attraction will change or be gone permanently. I guess if it must happen, the one thing I hope remains is the smell of Rome burning. That always sets my nostalgia on fire (no pun intended) to when I saw the attraction for the first time as a child way back in 1984.

  7. I love Spaceship Earth and the story it tells of our ability to learn to communicate. I hope that never changes. The comparison of Roman roads with today’s internet is a “magic moment” for people as is the understanding that human communication has been a multi-cultural phenomenon. I hope that story continues in an updated refurbishment of this awe inspiring EPCOT attraction.

  8. I felt the 07 version lacked the gravitas of the 86 and 94. I enjoy dame Judy but the script they gave her wasn’t great. That being said I did wear a “thank the Phoenicians” t-shirt last December. The touch screens added a touch of fun, but just a touch. Not worth losing all that time in the ride. I would like to see the changes if corona hasn’t killed the plans.
    – Chris from Cleveland

  9. So glad this is NOT changing.. We have enough change in our lives right now.. Let’s leave somethings for nostalgia.. If it isn’t broke Don’t try to fix it. ~

  10. I have made a list of people who would be good narrators (Who are alive):
    1. Sir David Attenborough
    2. Professor Brian Cox
    3. Mr. Bill Nye
    4. Dr. Neil Tyson
    5. Dame Jane Goodall

    And people who I wish were still around to do it
    1. Dr. Carl Sagan

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