PHOTOS: New Social Distancing Measures Being Tested at Tokyo Disney Resort

Spencer Lloyd

PHOTOS: New Social Distancing Measures Being Tested at Tokyo Disney Resort

Spencer Lloyd

PHOTOS: New Social Distancing Measures Being Tested at Tokyo Disney Resort

With Ikspiari reopened with increased social distancing protocols, surely the Tokyo Disney parks aren’t far behind! Well, we still aren’t sure when Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea will welcome Guests once more, but we do know that they’re inching closer to their return! On a trip around the Disney Resort Line today, we noticed new social distancing protocols being tested at both parks. So let’s take a look!

Tokyo Disneyland

TDR SocialDistancing 11
TDR SocialDistancing 2

At Tokyo Disneyland, the system seems to mark boxes, either for Guests to sit in or for Guests to stand on the marked lines. Only two areas are currently marked for this, the center and this one on the new (left) side of the entrance plaza.

TDR SocialDistancing 3

In the center, the layout appears to be the same. Each area appears to be individually divided between these planters rather than creating one contiguous line.

TDR SocialDistancing 18

The new security checks, including metal detectors, also have markers for appropriate social distancing.

TDR SocialDistancing 17

Cast Members could be spotted periodically walking the plaza. Many of the Cast Members were in more formal wear, so perhaps the trainers are being trained first.

TDR SocialDistancing 12

The social distancing markers extend even out to the handicapped parking area. Since the plaza regularly overflows with people back-to-back on a regular day before open, the Oriental Land Company seems prepared for even the most extreme circumstances.

Tokyo DisneySea

TDR SocialDistancing 4

Tokyo DisneySea appears to be following a similar measure with these boxes. However, instead of the wide horizontal lines, Tokyo DisneySea will use its very long vertical columns to distance Guests.

TDR SocialDistancing 10

It also seems that DisneySea will divide Guests with switchbacks rather than funneling Guests through their nearest turnstiles.

TDR SocialDistancing 6

Switchbacks appear at the front and back, depending where you are in line.

TDR SocialDistancing 14
TDR SocialDistancing 7

Towards the security checkpoints, the boxes split up and become disconnected. It seems extra distance will be placed between Guests waiting and Guests having their bags inspected.

TDR SocialDistancing 8
TDR SocialDistancing 9
TDR SocialDistancing 13

The progress seems to be much further along at Tokyo DisneySea than Tokyo Disneyland. Most of the plaza is already divided up, and cones are placed between line sections to keep Guests in the correct positions.

TDR SocialDistancing 15

Even past security, there are points to wait for Guests to actually scan their tickets.

It’s nice to see Tokyo Disney Resort progressing in their efforts to reopen. With Japan’s state of emergency lifted, the resort now depends on national and local government advisories to determine when it reopens. The two parks and three hotels remain closed until further notice.

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