PHOTOS, VIDEO: Art of Disney and World of Memories Reopens at Disney Springs


PHOTOS, VIDEO: Art of Disney and World of Memories Reopens at Disney Springs

Welcome to the arts! With many of the stores reopening today at Disney Springs, Art of Disney and World of Memories has reopened today as well with new social distancing measures in place.

art of disney reopening 2

Right from the moment you walk in through the designated entrance, there are social distancing markers in place for guests to queue up while the store monitors capacity.

art of disney reopening 3 1

A Cast Member awaits you as you enter, with important health and safety signage posted nearby.

art of disney reopening 4

New plexiglass barriers have been installed at the registers.

art of disney reopening 5
art of disney reopening 6

There’s still plenty of artwork to choose from, from figurines, to paintings, and more.

art of disney reopening 7
art of disney reopening 8

Social distancing signs have been posted throughout the store as well, so while guests admire the artwork, they’re reminded to stay six feet apart.

art of disney reopening 9
art of disney reopening 10

If you’ve been watching One Day at Disney on Disney+ while quarantined, you can pick up the accompanying book here.

art of disney reopening 11

The Haunted Mansion Host-a-Ghost Spirit Jars are available for purchase here as well. A ghost can follow you home this way until we can visit the attraction again.

art of disney reopening 12
art of disney reopening 13
art of disney reopening 17

From Disney Classics, to the Mouse that started it all, to The Nightmare Before Christmas, there’s something here for everyone!

art of disney reopening 1
art of disney reopening 14

For guests looking for animation sketches, there are some available for purchase already framed. The sketch station isn’t surrounded with plexiglass at the moment.

art of disney reopening 15

The nearest cash register, however, does have a plexiglass barrier up, as well as social distancing markers placed to form a queue.

art of disney reopening 16

A designated exit has been marked, across from Disney’s Days of Christmas store. Hand sanitizer has been placed here as well.

world of memories reopening 1

As we keep moving through the Art of Disney, we find ourselves in the World of Memories! It’s always fun to pop in here and see what sort of hidden gems might be waiting for us.

world of memories reopening 10
world of memories reopening 9
world of memories reopening 8
world of memories reopening 4
world of memories reopening 2

From luggage, to accessories, to plush, and even Spirit Jerseys for your pets, you can find all sorts of wonderful odds and ends here that might not be found at World of Disney.

world of memories reopening 6
world of memories reopening 5

There’s even walls of Mickey headbands, Ear hats and regular hats for you to pick from.

world of memories reopening 3

Ear personalization is available here, and is the only location at Disney Springs that can personalize your Ear hats. A plexiglass barrier has been installed at this cash register, as well as social distancing markers placed for a queue line.

For a virtual tour of these locations, check out the video below!

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Will you be stopping by Art of Disney and World of Memories now that they’ve reopened? Let us know in the comments!