Disney Parks Fans Petition for Splash Mountain to be Re-themed Into “Princess and the Frog” Attraction Due to Racial Stereotypes

Jessica Figueroa

Splash Mountain

Disney Parks Fans Petition for Splash Mountain to be Re-themed Into “Princess and the Frog” Attraction Due to Racial Stereotypes

Jessica Figueroa

Splash Mountain

Disney Parks Fans Petition for Splash Mountain to be Re-themed Into “Princess and the Frog” Attraction Due to Racial Stereotypes

If you recall the initial debut of the Disney+ streaming service back in November, viewers were shocked to see “content warnings” placed on several shows and movies, even including beloved Disney animated classics like Dumbo, Lady and the Tramp, and The Aristocats. With the recent launch of HBO Max, a similar issue arose surrounding the 1939 classic, Gone with the Wind. HBO received backlash after adding the title to their library without so much as a content warning, or any historical context. (Why they couldn’t just borrow a page from TCM and offer some kind of written or spoken backstory from a knowledgeable host is beyond me.)

Before Disney+, there was the Walt Disney Treasures DVD Collection, which is how many of us first learned of the many issues behind outdated cultural depictions and racial stereotypes portrayed in some the earliest Mickey Mouse shorts. Before each of these segments was an introduction by film historian Leonard Maltin explaining the context behind these cartoons and why the decision was made to still show them.

mickey blackface
Mickey’s Mellerdrammer is a 1933 American animated Pre-Code short film produced by Walt Disney Productions and released by United Artists. It presented Mickey in blackface.

Fast forward to 2020, and the Black Lives Matter movement is gaining traction after the tragic murder of George Floyd, leading to larger discussions on diversity and representation across all forms of media, including Disney movies and its theme parks. Which leads us to a new Change.org petition asking Disney to re-theme Splash Mountain to an attraction based on The Princess and The Frog, the 2009 animated musical film based in 1920’s New Orleans. The film was supposed to be a resounding return to hand-drawn animation, yet despite its incredible visuals and talented cast (it was the last Disney animated film where all of the voice actors also did their own singing lines!), it didn’t do as well as Disney hoped at the box office. It certainly didn’t help that a.) The movie was marketed poorly as “just another princess movie” and b.) Avatar was released the following week. Still, the film boasts a huge following of fans, with any and all merchandise related to the film or Princess Tiana constantly flying off the shelves, with fans still clamoring for more.

Screen Shot 2020 06 10 at 10.19.21 PM

The premise of the Splash Mountain re-theme is simple: The attraction is based off of Song of the South, a film that has been locked in the Disney vault since the 1980s due to its racist and idyllic portrayals of Southern plantation life in the late 1800s Reconstruction Era. That film inspired an E-ticket attraction that’s now featured at Disneyland Park, at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, and at Tokyo Disneyland, and is now a glaring reminder of problematic film––and theme park––history.

song of the south sing along song
Image Credit: VHS Collector

Growing up in the early ’90s, my only exposure to Song of the South was through Disney Sing Along Songs home videos, which featured the film’s Academy Award-winning song, “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah”. However, I had no idea who Uncle Remus was, or what his ties were to Br’er Rabbit, Br’er Fox, or Br’er Bear. That disconnect exists because Disney carefully picked out what to exclude from the attraction––Uncle Remus is nowhere to be seen, however the same dialect popularized by Song of the South author and folklorist Joel Chandler Harris is used throughout the attraction script.

Screen Shot 2020 06 10 at 9.50.34 PM

The answer is no, Joel Chandler Harris was not black.

Which brings us to this idea by Disneyland Cast Member Frederick Chambers, also known as @FreddyFromBatuu on Twitter. In an interview with CNN, he took a stance on the true potential of a possible re-theme:

“The bones of the attraction are good, but I think it’s time for us to take a serious look at where our stories come from and how people of color are represented on screen and in the parks.”

gallery princess tiana 2 fd86a988

Some Disney fans would argue against the idea not in principle, but in practice. That is, The Princess and The Frog deserves its own, new attraction, not a re-skinned version of an aging, problematic log flume ride. Princess Tiana will be getting her very own bayou-themed restaurant at the upcoming Reflections – A Disney Lakeside Lodge in Walt Disney World, but it’s definitely worth digging a little deeper to enact even more ways to make theme parks and resorts a space where everyone’s favorites are properly represented.

When Disney retcons things (like, for example, its Disney Cats pin trading sets), the move is oftentimes a conscientious one, but it ultimately comes off as reactionary if they still do not openly and retroactively address cultural and social change.

What do you think about re-skinning Splash Mountain into a Princess and the Frog themed attraction? If you ask us, it sure beats a certain Toy Story marionette show re-theme elsewhere in the Magic Kingdom…

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87 thoughts on “Disney Parks Fans Petition for Splash Mountain to be Re-themed Into “Princess and the Frog” Attraction Due to Racial Stereotypes”

  1. Absolutely not. Splash Mountain is a classic attraction and is loved by so many people, including myself. Rethemeing it would be an absolute mistake and a horrendous idea.

  2. I’m sick of all the love PATF is getting at WDW, can we just talk about Tangled receiving at least a stage production for one of the WDW parks instead, Splash Mountain can keep Br’er Rabbit and the Brier Patch Gang

  3. Splash Mountain should stay as is. Regardless of different peoples views of the original movie, the ride is fun with just animals in it and nothing negative.

    What I think would be a great place for a Princess and the Frog themed ride or area, would be Tom Sawyer’s Island. You could either re-design the island as a walk through of the swamp. Or re-design the island as a swamp and install a ride that goes over, around, and through the island. Part of it could go over the river and enter a show building built on the other side of the railroad tracks.

    With the money issues due to COVID and the probable reduction of already planned updates, I doubt either option would be viable anytime soon.

    • Please, Bob’s. Ignore the parent comment to this thread. Tom Sawyer island needs to be UNTOUCHED. Stop turning everything into a movie marketing scheme. That’s why WDW and DL are awesome, they are original. If I wanted crappy movie themed areas and attractions, I’d go to Universal Studios.

    • You’re right that they can’t afford to do anything financially right now. I personally would prefer that they demolish Tom Sawyer Island, modify the Rivers of America, and take advantage of a huge plot of land to build another attraction. Maybe that’s where the Princess and the Frog could go.

      • They just donated 5 million dollars to rioter and looters. They have the money. I hope they dont change it

  4. Ya know, the vernacular isn’t offensive to those who still speak it in the south, of which millions still do.

  5. I also didn’t know that splash mountain was even based on a movie until a few years ago. Nobody in two generations had even seen the movie. It’s my favorite ride and I’ve never liked the princess and the frog so this would be a serious blow if they changed it. But they probably will because it’s Disney and it’s the hip thing to do these days.

  6. Brer Rabbit, trickster figure originating in African folklore and transmitted by African slaves to the New World, where it acquired attributes of similar native American tricksters (see trickster tale); Brer, or Brother, Rabbit was popularized in the United States in the stories of Joel Chandler Harris (1848–1908). The character’s adventures embody an idea considered to be a universal creation among oppressed peoples—that a smaller but ingenious force can overcome a larger, stronger, but dull-witted power. Brer Rabbit continually outsmarts his bigger animal associates, Brer Fox, Brer Wolf, and Brer Bear……. People who want it changed literally have no idea what the actual folklore tale is about. It’s an African folklore tale, first told by African people. It is part of African history. The movie may have its problems in today’s world but the actual tale of Brer Rabbit is a story about using your brain instead of your brawn to overcome.

  7. This is the dumbest piece of crap I’ve read today. Which is saying something. This is a beloved ride with no racial undertones in the ride itself. Most don’t know it’s history. What is next? Pocahontas? Dumbo? Peter Pan? I’m so done with this. And frankly why is it being promoted and circulated?

  8. “(it was the last Disney animated film where all of the voice actors also did their own singing lines!)”
    What voice actors who did songs didn’t sing in Frozen, Moana or Frozen 2?

  9. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. It’s bad enough they changed Pirates (multiple times I might add) to where we don’t even have “we want the red head” anymore, this is ridiculous. And I’m certainly not alone based on the amount of complaints every time Disney decides to change something like that, like Pirates. Plus these stupid online petitions have lost any sense of importance to me at least because people just make one for any reason. I guarantee in the next day there will be a “petition” for the exact opposite of this. People are so self entitled and opinionated it’s impossible to make everyone happy, no matter the outcome of this there will be people mad now because someone had a brilliant idea to even make this a thing. Now even if (and hopefully when) nothing comes of it, people will moan and complain over something that shouldn’t have even existed. I miss the days when I could just go to Disney and enjoy a log flume with an animatronic rabbit for what it is, a classic Disney experience. Nothing more, nothing less, just a simpler time before everything was a politics debate.

  10. Tony Baxter, one the greatest imagineers Disney has ever had, created Splash Mountain. This ride tells a story about How a rabbit outsmarted a Bear and Fox. While the concept came from “Song of the South” it was his way to remove the negativity and racism from these characters and the music as well as Taking something that tarnished Walt Disney’s legacy and making it something EVERYONE can respect and enjoy. Re-theming this attraction because people say its racist insults the creator of this attraction. This was never suppose to be “turning a movie into a ride”. This was a man that turned something negative into something positive. Turning hate into joy. This is the story people should be telling about this fan favorite attraction.

    No, i do not think they should ever retheme this ride. If people think this ride is about racism or represents it, they are sadly mistaken.

  11. i see no reason to change this ride seeing how it is based on the movie but is VERY different in terms of the actual movie seeing how there isn’t a mention of uncle remus and i thought we all liked splash mountain. idk that’s my opinion

  12. a good choice to re theme but gonna be a weird addition for a frontierland/ critter country ride but i think its time to re theme.

  13. I am a 62 year old Disney fan from SoCal. I saw “Song of the South” as a child, I didn’t like it then and I don’t like it now. I think this concept for a re-theme makes perfect sense and is right on point.

    • I agree with you. I’m 41, and actually saw the movie in the theater the last time it was released (1986) and kinda felt uncomfortable about it then. If they did it right, this could be a really cool re-theming.

  14. If they do that, they will kill everything we love about Splash Mountain. Removing the brer rabbit and friends theme would be ripping the heart out of the whole experience, leaving it a lifeless shell of what it was. Song of the south isnt even acknowledged. It’s just adorable animals that EVERYBODY LOVES. The grievance crowd hell bent on erasing everything they don’t like, even if that is a beloved Disneyland ride is seriously walking on thin ice, pushback is coming!

  15. If we complain about this ride, we need to be predators to lose an attraction. If we feel this ride is unjust, sure it should be shut down. But it will be cheaper for Disney to keep this ride closed than to re-theme it. If they do spend money to update it, that is one less other new ride or update that will not happen.
    Why did the author claim that Princess and the Frog was a failure? I read that as the systematic racism that we are rallying against. I think most readers if this site knows about the black princess movie, and have opinions that they do or do not like it. Here this article tries to gaslight to claim this wasn’t a popular movie but also taking the white guilt approach that they have to speak out against South of the South.
    It’s a hard discussion. I hope to find this comment approved. If it is not approved, I ask the editorial review board of this site to consider if this post should have been made in the first place.

  16. i recently watched song of the south and enjoyed it, it also depicts the strong bond between a young white child and an older black man. they hold hands, they connect, they have a love for one another. this, in my opinion, is a very strong message….much stronger than the racism aspect of the movie. if we continue to “erase” our history of slavery and conflict by removing movies, statues, literature from school…..history WILL repeat itself because we are not teaching future generations and learning from it. unfortunately, it is part of our history and it is super important to acknowledge that. with this being said, i NEVER had any inkling that splash mtn had any kind of connection with racism until someone pointed it out to me, and i have ridden it dozens of times. the ride should be left as is, too many originals are being changed.

  17. So Splash Mountain has existed for 30 years, is beloved and been ridden by millions of people of all colours from around the world, and all of a sudden the mob declares it ‘problematic’? If Disney kowtows to this madness then I will never set foot in a Disney park ever again. This is absolute insanity.

    • Well then prepare to never step foot in a Disney park ever again then. Of course they will give in to the mob. It’s what they do. If they rehire a director they fired due to his disgusting jokes about pedophiles, due to pressure from those supporting him, then they will literally do anything the mob demands. Bank on it.

  18. I completely understand that this is a delicate topic, which makes this a tricky problem and potential solution. I think people are more upset with the film that the ride is based upon, rather than the actual theming of the ride if that makes sense. I personally don’t think Splash Mountain is a racist ride- we need to look beyond race and realize the ride is about finding your laughing place, which I interpret as learning to be comfortable in your own skin, which is an extremely valuable life lesson. I think that Tiana should totally get her own ride at DL, although I have no idea where the imagineers could fit said attraction into New Orleans Square. As for WDW, perhaps Tiana could get a show/attraction/SOMETHING in the part of Adventureland near Skipper Canteen, which is set in a 1920’s-30’s time period.

    I could be completely wrong about this whole splash mountain issue, and someone please let me know if I don’t have the right idea!

  19. Give me a break. This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of. This attraction is a classic. Stop letting a few people who have no life and spend their days on social media destroy iconic attractions. People need to get a life, go outside and get off the internet! Quoting CNN? Seriously? People still watch and follow this fake news outlet?

  20. So let’s destroy this family favorite ride because of a banned movie. When Walt Disney made the movie he sat down with black leaders and worked to make sure the movie was not racist and he only finished the movie with the approval of the black leaders. No one will talk about that but cry babies rarely know the history, only what they wanna hear. Yes the movie in today’s world would not be approved but the ride has nothing to do with racism and that is why they took out everything that was offensive and made it a classic Disney ride what families love. Singing characters dancing props and a thrill. No one ever got off the ride and cried it was wrong and racist. Stop looking for problems. Once they destroy this ride I’m sure Dumbo, anything with Pocahontas and the Hall of Presidents will be next in line. Than what’s safe? Everyone can find a reason to dislike something if you look hard enough. Just work on making the world a better place. If they change the ride I’m sure the people will be upset and no one will go on that replacement and Disney will feel the effects of overreacting to these babies.

  21. this country is going nutz! leave splash mountain alone! cant we keep politics out of the parks!

  22. I’m willing to bet the vast majority of people who ride Splash Mountain have no idea what movie it’s based off of or that it’s based off of a movie at all. I think when they created the ride it was smart of them to remove Uncle Remus as the animals left are just animals, not black or white, and they tell their story as animals. I keep going over the attraction and what’s in it and I’m having a hard time finding the racism in it. What am I missing? Is it because it’s a nod to the movie?

  23. Hard no. The ride isn’t racist at all. If they want a Princess & The Frog ride they can build a new one.

  24. I feel like once you retheme Splash Mountain you are giving in to fans and opening the door to even more re-themes in the future. Now some Twitter guy wants to re-theme Haunted Mansion too? I don’t see the point. Why cover up a piece of Disney history like these rides? It’s not like they are boring or need an upgrade. Splash Mountain still produces extremely long wait times. There is no need for a re-theme. The movie may be problematic, but the ride isn’t. So what happens next? Re-theme Magic Carpets because Aladdin doesn’t represent cultures accurately? It will just start a domino effect of angry “fans” wanting Disney to change every ride with money and time that Disney doesn’t have.

    • Exactly right. Peter Pan – bad portrayal of Native Americans. Aladdin as you mentioned. Haunted Mansion because a female is depicted as a murderer. Small World due to stereotypical depictions of different cultures. Snow White for depicting small people as Dwarfs. Pirates for looting…. oh never mind, that’s OK now.

      • That’s actually the one thing I’ve noticed. People are curiously VERY selective when it comes to racism. As in, only African-Americans. All you see is Black Lives Matter. You don’t see American Indians Matter. You don’t see Asian-Americans Matter. You don’t see Hispanics Matter. The irony in this is that everyone who chants BLM are themselves being disrespectful towards other races.

        • Why is it so hard to understand that “black lives matter” is not about preaching black lives are more important than other lives? Of course all lives are important. That’s a given. You’re passionate about this ride so you come on here and let your voice be heard about it. No one is saying your opinion about this ride doesn’t matter because where were you when they closed Jaws to make The Wizarding World in Universal Studios? But if you came across someone who was super-bummed about Jaws being closed, you could empathize with them because even though you love Disney, you know what it’s like to loose a ride that means something to you. That’s what the world needs more of.

  25. Please tell me this is a satire. Has te entire world gone crazy? Do these people even know what racism means? There are people who only see cinder in Cinderella, and today, we have people who see racism everywhere, even in Splash Mountain. Seeing one and only one thing everywhere is a sign of mental illness…

  26. I own a copy of song of the south. The author of Uncle Remus, Joel Chandler Harris was a poor illegitimate red haired Irish kid whose family lived in a shack in the back of a plantation along with the slave quarters. If anyone would please be kind enough to acknowledge the plight of the Irish back then, I’d appreciate it. Joel spent most of his time in the slave quarters, because he felt the most at home there, being a red haired outcast. He listened and revered the stories he was told and wrote the uncle Remus tales as a preservation of his childhood, the plight of slavery and of preservation, as you would a song. Song of the South isn’t in my view a glorification of racism, it is a learning tool to understand the suffering and coping skills of those who were enslaved. It shows how to overcome although it ends where it began, never reaching freedom, and being stuck in a circular system of slavery. It shows an America that was sick, but one of its most important lessons is the ability rise up, and seek refuge in love, art, poetry, and song. I understand the anger towards song of the south, but I think it’s misguided. Is it appropriate for a Disney park ride? Probably not, I didn’t understand why they built it in the first place.
    I’d write more about this but it would be a novel.

  27. If they choose to re-theme, I would just hope they would let their imaginations create something cool and new. Too often Disney has a bad habit of being restricted by having to re-use as much as possible: like having to design around that circular theater in Tomorrowland. I’d hate to see the theme determined based on re-using the showboat at the end of the ride.

  28. I’m getting sick of the movement to change history. If we don’t cater to their demands, we are racists. WDW must not cater to these radicals that could care less about the ride but they just want to push their leftist views around. I’ve seen mayors and political officials cater to these and our cities burn and have social unrest. I don’t know if anyone before this has looked upon the ride as RACIST. Don’t came in Disney!! We will back you.

  29. No way! I love that attraction! Stop changing things! The past is the past. You don’t erase history or you never learn from it!

  30. Splash Mountain is an iconic and classic attraction. It’s one of the main attractions that I look forward to whenever I go to Walt Disney World. I grew up with tales of Brer Rabbit and Brer Fox. Can’t guests enjoy these tales presented in the ride without having to know where they come from? Was Song of the South a problematic film? Yes. But it was a product of its time. Splash Mountain presents the stories of Brer Rabbit in a bright and fun way without containing the false depiction of slavery that Song of the South did. If anything, Splash Mountain succeeded where Song of the South could not. Why should one of the best attractions at the park need to be rethemed whenever it provides an enjoyable story and many nostalgic memories to millions of Disney guests?

  31. The 4705 that signed the petition more than likely have never seen the ride or movie. Simple solution is if the ride is not PC enough for you, Don’t ride it or even go near it. There are more guest ride Splash Mountain in one day than will ever sign such a ludicrous petition.

  32. I grew up watching this show and even have a soundtrack. Love every little thing about it. I’m a red headed Irish and you don’t see like any of us freaking out about how our people were treated back in the day. Though I would love a Princess and the Frog ride…I refuse to sacrifice the Song of the South theme for it. Make a whole different attraction. DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT CHANGING SPLASH MOUNTAIN!!!!

  33. I don’t get why Disney hasn’t rebooted Song Of The South with African American writers, directors, etc. It is rooted in African history that belongs to them and they should be the ones to get to tell it. I love PATF, but it is also criticized for the fact that much of the movie the two main POC are frogs.

  34. I am so sick of this country jumping on EVERYTHING that is “traditional ” and “magical” Nd turning

  35. There are so many petitions at the moment in change that they are all blending together and losing the message, if you have to look to change everything of the past then you’re overlooking the message and you lose sight of the Forrest for the trees! Too many things being forcibly changed by a vocal group could turn into a backlash that causes more hatred and further divisions! It is right to look to history but not to try to erase it, you study it and learn from it and put it into context! You’re likely to create more racial divisions than you will solve if you forcibly make unpopular changes.
    I genuinely believe that splash mountain needs updating and overhauling properly but you mustn’t substitute the beloved ride for a watered down racial message that will just alienate people even more!

  36. Bob Chapek after reading this article: “Colleen get me Imagineering, we’re starting work a Toy Story Marionette Log Flume.”

  37. This is the MOST STUPID thing I’ve ever heard! Come on, this is a beloved ride at WDW and to change it would do way more harm than good. But, we all know how Disney is like a freaking noodle and will bend to anything that may be controversial.

  38. Wow! Maybe the Secret Swiss Bobsled Training Facility could replace Splash Mountain. Or perhaps Splash and Big Thunder could just be bulldozed for Lilliputian Land. I’m offended by Spaceship Earth. Maybe we should tear down Spaceship Earth for the 80’s Space Pavilion. Is a giant geodesic sphere as a park icon need to exist? Of course not! Or maybe everything I just said is as ridiculous as the idea of replacing Splash Mountain.

  39. Ladies and gentlemen, what we see here is an attempt of left-wing radicals to control a company with a strong global brand only for their own gain. Let’s all be real for a moment – there is NOTHING insensitive/offensive/racist about Splash Mountain. It’s family entertainment in its simplest form. Not too mention one of the most popular attractions in the world.
    What could be worse than these special interest groups claiming a long-standing beloved attraction as racist? I’ll tell you… A long-standing company pandering to the thin minority and neglecting the very core of their business – the Guest experience!
    DISNEY WILL DIE A SLOW DEATH once they decide to re-theme this attraction. Where does it end? Re-theme Main Street USA because it exemplifies “while privilege?” Remove the Presidents from Hall of Presidents who owned slaves or are deemed “racist?” Remove the statues of Walt & Roy because they were white males?? It’s a slippery slope, and Disney will set a nasty precedent.
    I, for one, believe the Customer (or Guest) will speak out, and will do so the one way which will hurt Disney the most – with their wallet. Watch attendance numbers and park revenues tank. Your move, Disney…

  40. Ok, cool. Probably time to get rid of the American Experience too. Can’t have vestiges of History around. Walt would never approve of that…(SARC)

  41. First, I love Splash Mountain. It’s absolutely one of my favorite attractions. That said, there are reasons why Disney has never released Song of the South on home video, why it hasn’t been shown on a screen since 1986, and why it’s not available on Disney+.
    It is flat out racist.
    Even when it was being filmed, the NAACP was working with Disney and tried to get Walt to make changes. He refused. It was racist then, and it hasn’t improved with age.
    That said, the Imagineers did a phenomenal job taking the characters from the film and turning them into a fun, funny, clever, and creative ride. But I do know blacks who won’t ride it, and won’t let their kids ride it, because of the story’s legacy.
    If white folks, such as myself, can take just one lesson (of the many available to us) out of all the current protests and attempts to raise awareness, let it be this: It isn’t up to us to determine what is offensive for some other group. They will let us know. And we have the responsibility to listen to and respect them. Even if that means change, in society or for ourselves, that we didn’t plan on.
    Personally, I am fine with following the lead of those who are most directly affected by the history of the story. Maybe it’s right for a change.

    • If people are offended by Splash Mountain, I just don’t care. This is sensitivity overkill catering to a micro-minority of people looking to be offended by something that is topically relevant. Quit enabling victimhood over something as benign as a log ride. Jesus Christ this country is insufferable right now!

  42. This is ridiculous, these people need to stop talking nonsense. Splash Mountain is a classic and one of my favourite rites!!

  43. I think a re theme in WDW would be really cute! Y’all Disney purists are so annoying, and Walt (who I assume y’all worship) would think the same. I just think they should keep the Splash Mountain in Disneyland the same because of the vintage animatronics and stuff.

  44. Then let’s take this literally and retheme the ride to the Darryl Hanna and Tom Hanks movie “Splash,“ Eisner’s initial promotion. It has Eugene Levy (a voice in Canada Far and Wide), mermaids, and recently edited partial nudity. What’s more Disney than that?

  45. Love both themes but do not beleave Splash Mountain should be changed. Splash Mountain is no way racist it’s animals are we going to start on fur color now?
    Loved Doug’s Idea about “Princess and the Frog themed ride or area, would be Tom Sawyer’s Island.” there is also a lot of bushy area’s around the lake where the Liberty Bell cruises, that could include Princess and the Frog themed scenes castle etc which can be viewed from the paddle steamer

  46. Seriously? The ride has NOTHING to do with the racial overtones of the movie. But they’re fine with keeping Tom Sawyer Island, a book which itself could be seen as racist today, But let me guess, because they’re American Indians, it’s OK? We don’t need another classic ride being rebranded. And that’s not even taking into account how Princess and the Frog does NOT fit the theme of Frontierland AT ALL.

    • I’ve always felt that the show/story on Splash Mountain was sub-par. I just see it as another Eisner-era example of doing things on the cheap by using mostly characters from America Sings instead of creating a truly original experience. However, I do like the actual flume ride. If they must remove the Song of the South theme, I think replacing it with Pocahontas would be better…especially given its location along the Rivers of America.

  47. Absolutely NOT! Leave this classic attraction alone. For people who are offended by Song of the South, as mentioned in the article, Disney carefully picked what is and what is not taken from the movie and represented in the attraction. Even some people responding in this comment section didn’t know the attraction was based on the movie. You have some animals and a cool song. Enough! Leave it alone! Give Princess and the Frog it’s own attraction. Don’t ruin this one like they did with Maelstrom. Disney caved with Dixie Landings, and then with Mickey holding a musket with a ball and string. Enough! Leave Splash Mountain alone!

  48. I know that Disney can do this but really……..we are now goomg to change a famous theme park attractiom since the park opening of 49 years ago. Do not change what we have had for years and 75% of people.habe not even read this book or know what the story is behind Splash Mountain.

  49. Absolutely not. There is nothing wrong with the ride. If there was a problem it would have been pointed out by now. I think if the Princess and the Frog gets a ride, it should NOT be on the grave of Br’er Rabbit. I say we keep Splash Mountain as is.

  50. I think it would be a better idea to create a new attraction princess and the frog themed !

  51. I say keep Splash Mountain there is no reason to rename the ride because of people’s in differences. The black community is asking for to get rid of building, this movie, this attraction ride, this statue and so forth but you don’t see people saying hey let’s get rid of the cotton fields and the plantation farms, it’s the same thing you see anger, pain and hurt but it’s up to you to deal with that, have a tough skin, there are things that I see and things other people see that cause pain and hurt but we know that is in the past we don’t live there anymore, that part of history shaped us a country the only thing we can do now is replace the people in the office that are hurting this country. People remember it’s only a ride, a TV show, a cartoon, a book don’t let bother you so much because all you are doing is stirring up hate then we will have a bigger issue. Far as the princes and the frog why not have a restaurant at Port Orleans, attraction would be nice over by the haunted mansion then at Halloween the voodoos daddy comes out.

  52. Leave it as it is… The Princess and the Frog deserves its own attraction no need to take over another one.

  53. They better not retheme it! What a bunch of idiots, and Disney is nothing but cowards for backing down to this Country’s stupidity. Don’t think that we don’t know about it being all about this next election. How bad is the left gonna cheat to win this time.

  54. All I can say is “wow”… and that isn’t a positive wow! I remember watching Song of the South when I was a little girl ( yes I’m a grandmother) ! So sad that Some people would be offended by an innocent movie… I never remember thinking that the movie had racial overtones. Splash mountain is just as innocent.

  55. It’s a joke. If I were James Baskett who was uncle Reumus in the movie and sang zip a dress doo dah – I’d say it’s racist – wiping out my acts and songs due to my colour! It’s a unisex ride with animals (rather than another princess one), and it’s a classic. What’s more if the movie had pretended that those Brer Rabbit stories were of white descent – that would have been racist! It’s black American folklore! – I’m not amused! Uncle Reumus is the hero!!!! And he isn’t in the ride anyway – no child today has even seen the movie!!!! We learn from the past – just as Disney introduces children to death without dwelling on it too much, the film introduces black history without dwelling. From there, they ask questions and learn and hopefully history is not repeated!!! We learn through the past!!! Splash mountain is my 7 year old girls 4th favourite ride in all of Disney. She finds the near funny! Was looking forward to my 2 year old boy enjoying it.

  56. I HATE this idea! This ride has been my children’s favorite ride since the first time we went to Disney World. What a terrible disappointment. I will miss this ride.

  57. I find it disappointing Disney is willing to give into the mob an obliterate a much loved ride. We need to grow from history not erase it. Also, kids only see the ride as cute little characters. Tell me why disney can’t rebrand the cartoon characters into a new appropriate cartoon rather than model it after a movie nobody liked. Disney did after all start with the Mickey mouse cartoons.

  58. I am sick and tired of companies and corporations pacifying the liberal media and a % of the populations view. I in fact never viewed Splash Mountain as “racist” nor have I ever seen Song of the South. As a Disney fan, Passholder, and DVC Member, I viewed it as a ride with a cute story and theming. The world is not made up of princes and princesses and because of that every ride cannot be themed as such. Instaed, i hoped Disney would of made this a learning experience instead of erasing history. I would of rather seen a disclaimer when entering the cue explaining the history of the ride and in addition donate the money that folks through into the water to fighting racism. What’s next re-theming the Hall of President’s?

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