PHOTOS, VIDEO: Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ Reopens with New Social Distancing Guidelines and “Shine Bar + Social” Patio at Disney Springs


PHOTOS, VIDEO: Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ Reopens with New Social Distancing Guidelines and “Shine Bar + Social” Patio at Disney Springs


PHOTOS, VIDEO: Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ Reopens with New Social Distancing Guidelines and “Shine Bar + Social” Patio at Disney Springs

Today marked the grand reopening of Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ in Disney Springs, one of the last but most highly-anticipated restaurants to do so since the closures caused by COVID-19. It was announced earlier in the week that the restaurant would open its doors today, albeit with a limited menu, so we had to get in and take a look around. Not only that, we have the brand-new Shine Bar + Social outdoor patio area to explore too!

homecomin reopening 17 4 1

It’s a beautiful day here at Disney Springs, and crowds were already starting to gather to get into Homecomin’ as soon as it reopened at noon.

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homecomin reopening 17 10
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At the front of the restaurant underneath the “Homecomin'” sign, cast members are stationed at the outdoor podium, ready to greet guests and welcome them ‘home’.

homecomin reopening 17 13

The menu is also published outside for guests to check out. As we can see here, although the offerings are limited, there is still a good selection of dishes, including classic burgers and fried chicken.

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Upon entering, a new Purell hand sanitizing station is positioned at the door.

homecomin reopening 17 22
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Now, we move up to the podium where guests can wait to be seated in the main restaurant. On the floor is a bold social distancing marker, reminding guests to “Do your part and stay 6 feet apart while in line”. These markers have become commonplace all over the stores and restaurants at Disney Springs since it first began its phased reopening, yet these blue ones are themed exclusively to Homecomin’.

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Published on the wall is an important liability disclaimer, acknowledging that although the restaurant has taken precautionary measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19, the virus could still be present and guests accept all responsibility in ensuring their own safety.

homecomin reopening 17 20
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The arrows and social distancing markers continue throughout the restaurant, although it is interesting to see that these “Walk this way” arrow signs are signalling for a two-way path down an aisle that definitely isn’t 6 feet in width.

homecomin reopening 17 25
homecomin reopening 17 26

Throughout the restaurant and bar areas, servers are on hand to help, moving around the tables which are set up to allow for social distancing.

homecomin reopening 17 27
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The HFK “Homecomin’s Florida Kitchen” logo is still stamped all around the restaurant. Plexiglass barriers are set up in between booths.

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Homecomin’ even has its own mini-merchandise line, with fun chicken and patterned prints. Some of the products on sale include these face masks ($10) and neck gaiters ($12).

homecomin reopening 17 18
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We like the cute washing line look, it really adds to the homey feel of the restaurant!

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Let’s go check out the brand-new Shine Bar + Social addition to Homecomin’ now, shall we? We have been monitoring the construction progress on this site since Disney Springs reopened, so we are very excited to see how the place looks.

shine bar homecoming new 5

The Shine Bar is a friendly, open and casual bar area, joining the new outdoor patio area to the main restaurant via the large, screened-in bar. For a better sense of the layout here, check out our video below:

shine bar homecoming new 7
shine bar homecoming new 4

The area is partially indoors, with casual wooden flooring, ceiling and bar area, accented by stylish blue stools.

shine bar homecoming new 6

There are five signature cocktails on the menu, which would you order?

shine bar homecoming new 3

Outside the restaurant, is this gorgeously bright patio area, with lots of socially distanced outdoor seating.

homecomin shine bar

Stay tuned for a moonshine-filled review of the newly-reopened Homecomin’, coming soon!

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One of the new additions to Homecomin’ are these earth-friendly agave straws, helping to cut down on single-use plastic waste.

homecomin reopening 17 41 1

Homecomin’ is busy today, and we sure are glad to be back! Will you be stopping by soon for a visit, and a social? You might just catch Chef Art Smith in action!

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