Tokyo Disneyland Releases Statement on Possible Splash Mountain Retheming


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Tokyo Disneyland Releases Statement on Possible Splash Mountain Retheming


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Tokyo Disneyland Releases Statement on Possible Splash Mountain Retheming

On June 25th, Disney announced that Splash Mountain in the Magic Kingdom and in Disneyland would be receiving a retheme to Princess and the Frog.

splash mountain princess and the frog retheme announcement concept art 3

Now, according to The Asahi Shimbun, Tokyo Disneyland is considering if their Splash Mountain should receive a retheme as well. In the article, it states: “Oriental Land Co., operator of Tokyo Disneyland, said June 26 discussions were still under way on whether to change the popular attraction following a decision by Disney in the United States to change the theme of the ride at two of its amusement parks there.”

Do you wish to see the Splash Mountain in Tokyo Disneyland receive the same retheming as the United States Disney Parks? Sound off in the comments below!

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41 thoughts on “Tokyo Disneyland Releases Statement on Possible Splash Mountain Retheming”

  1. Splash Mountain is our family’s favorite ride. I honestly don’t care what happens in Tokyo or Disneyland, but I wish they would leave it alone in Disney World. Regardless of what people think of the movie (most of which probably have not even seen it at this point) there is nothing racist in the ride. It is all critters!

  2. NO

    We wants the redhead and we wants splash mountain (both of which are found at Tokyo Disneyland)

  3. I may never go there, but I hope they keep one original version alive. I love old Disney. Still miss America Sings. If those characters die forever and end up in storage, it will be a sad day indeed. Save the geese at least! Is my new battle cry.

  4. Please do not change Tokyo version. It is the best version by far. Tokyo Disneyland has done well at preserving many of the classic attractions in their original iterations. For instance, Tokyo has not ruined the spirit of Pirates of the Caribbean by making the never ending political correction revisions that Disney has pandered to in the states. Oriental Land Company please stand firm again and do not succumb to ever fickle politically pressured whims. Park goers do not legitimately believe the ride pushes any messages of bigotry or racism. Please remember Splash Mountain is a beloved attraction that should remain for as long as it is being enjoyed by the countless riders it commands to this day. Keep Tokyo the last bastion for classic, quality, uncensored Disney.

  5. If Disney going to re-theme splash mountain then they should re-them Tom Sawyer Island and the Riverboat they both had ties to slavery, my idea is to re-them Tom Sawyer Island to Princess and the Frog with a boat ride around the island, meet mama Odie, Dr. Filiecer shop, a bayou restaurant and so forth. Keep splash mountain

  6. Even Japan, in all honesty, The Princess and the Frog isn’t popular in Japan, so i can expect it to be themed to another property, like the Country Bears or something.

  7. Leave it alone. There should be at least one place in the world where we can experience one of Disney’s greatest rides.

  8. Yes would love to see a new splash mountain design as much as I love the classic which I was at the grand opening it’s definitely time to update it ! Can we update haunted mansion next ?

  9. No! They don’t need to have each park homogeneous. Leave the original concept in Tokyo and build Tiana her own dark ride in their new fantasyland.

  10. I think that the theme for Tokyo Disney might want to have a theme that more closely relates to their culture. Maybe Disney can come up with a story that is more inclusive to show some love for our Japanese brothers and sisters as the attraction is in their country.

  11. Tokyo should definitely keep splash mountain the way it is now- w brer bear, brer rabbit, brer fox and zipadeedooda! at least 1 should be left in its original form.

  12. I think this is an American issue and Tokyo Disneyland should save its money. It could also be a reason people go there for the Nostalgia. While the film “Song of the South” has controversy, I don’t think many Japanese, or Americans for that matter, are aware of this controversy. I think most people that understand the ride’s characters just remember the Briar Rabbit stories and the song “Zip-a-dee-doo-dah.” Though most Japanese probably arent even familiar with that since the movie has been locked in the Disney Vault since before Disney opened the park in Japan. I think it is moving the theme from a movie that has subtle references to the idea that Black’s should be okay with the idea of being subservient to Whites to a more modern movie that is full of Black stereotypes. Really, the vote should be left to the Japanese.

  13. No. This is stupid pandering. First it was pirates and now splash. Look out “small world”, you’re next.

  14. This is absolutely ridiculous and absurd, Disney needs to stop this. They shouldn’t have made the decision to retheme the parks in the U.S.

  15. No! Changing Splash Mtn at Disneyland and Magic Kingdom is already a colossal mistake. Leave this masterpiece attraction alone.

  16. I dont think they should change any of the rides. My 6 year old boy likes the rabbits and bears it has no racist images for him. We have never seen movie associated with it. It is sad I liked the ride as a kid too and I never knew anything about the movie. The Princess and Frog is only an okay movie would rather Emperors New Groove do something non princess themed for boys.

  17. NO! Tokyo Disney should not retheme their Splash Mountain or any other ride and either should the U.S, Paris, or Shanghai! This is a classic ride beloved by millions of people young and old and a Walt original. If you want a rethemed ride just build a new ride.

  18. Yes, please! Racism is not cool. It is literally that simple. Don’t agree? Check your privilege!

    • The issues with the film doesn’t extend to Japan or have anything to do with it. Why don’t you check your nationalism!

    • I have never seen a Princess and the Frog item or a guest wearing anything related to that movie in 6 trips to Japan. They like cute animals, they won’t remove Splash Mountain.

  19. Please keep it the same in Tokyo. Splash Mountain is my favorite Disney attraction and I would love to still have the opportunity to visit one day. Princess and The Frog doesn’t even seem like it’s a popular film in Japan.

  20. NO, Splash should remain as is! Tokyo Disneyland, actually in Chiba Prefecture, is AMAZING and SO VERY MAGICAL!!!
    Splash may have the Song of the South theme song, but isn’t racist. It was made from refurbed animals from America Sings, which make you happy and sing yourself, as well as laugh and scream down the log flume before getting wet. Disney needs to keep some type of History in their Parks, as they are ALL “Magical Places” in their own way, US and Overseas, and people need to stop reading things into every little thing, especially Disney movies. Tokyo Disneyland’s Splash by far is the best of them all and Br’er Rabbit talking in Japanese is totally adorable! 🐰 What’s next will we never get excited to randomly see Br’er Rabbit, Br’er Fox or Br’er Bear again as Characters in the Parks? Is the Tiki Room next on the chopping block? Its all very sad, as they are only “HAPPY” Disney Characters, nothing more… nothing less!

  21. D. Brown you said it to perfection. Japanese are all about animals and they should leave it as is.
    The United States Parks shouldn’t change their two Splash Mountains, (Disneyland and Magic Kingdom), but sadly already made up their mind and without even consulting their loyal AP’s. Why can’t we all just get along and take a ride on Its a Small World?

  22. I hope they dont follow the US i was already planning on takin my daughter on a trip there instead of world so she can experience the same splash mountain i did or similar at least. Its always been my favorite ride. She already loves it via youtube since she wasnt able to board the last time we went. Just a couple inches to short

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