Image Credit: Jonathan Michael Salazar

Walt Disney World Issues Trespass Warning to Man Illegally Flying Drone Over Magic Kingdom

While Walt Disney World remains closed to guests, some people are determined to get a taste of the magic… and are ready to go to extreme measures to do so.

Image Credit: Jonathan Michael Salazar

According to Fox News‘ Alexandra Deabler, a Florida man was issued a trespass warning by Walt Disney World security after he was caught hovering a drone about 100 feet from the Magic Kingdom’s Cinderella Castle on May 20th.

The 40 year-old man, who was unidentified, was caught by an off-duty Orange County deputy who spotted the drone. Several officers as well as Walt Disney World security located the pilot. According to the incident report, the deputy stated:

I asked him why he was in a parking lot of an apartment complex he did not live in and standing behind trees out of view from Reams Road. He did not have a clear answer to the question.

The man was not arrested, but was ordered to delete the footage the drone captured, and was issued a trespass warning. The Magic Kingdom reopens to guests beginning on Saturday, July 11th.

Do note that this is different from the many aerial images we feature on the site, which were all taken by helicopter pilots and photographers after receiving clearance to do fly-overs across Walt Disney World. If you’d like to take a look at legally-shot aerial pictures of the parks, be sure to check out our reports with images from Jonathan Michael Salazar!

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