Walt Disney World Releases Official Statement on Theme Park Reservation System Glitches

Jessica Figueroa

Walt Disney World Releases Official Statement on Theme Park Reservation System Glitches

Jessica Figueroa

Walt Disney World Releases Official Statement on Theme Park Reservation System Glitches

After a slow and frustrating launch for many guests on Monday, the Disney Park Pass system is now live for Disney Resort Guests to make theme park reservations ahead of the reopening. Guests trying to access the system were faced with unresponsive hold pages, countdowns that loaded to blank pages, and errors once they finally managed to get through to the Disney Park Pass system.

In a statement to CBS News, Disney stated that the theme park reservation had no such glitching errors, stating that guests were simply trying to “book before it was their turn”:

Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 10.27.55 AM

Mid-morning on the launch of the Disney Park Pass system, Disney updated their main Cinderella Castle hold page with a note on booking dates:

park pass notice

Many would argue that high levels of “user error” are typically a product of poor software design as opposed to consumer ignorance. Without the dates outlined on the holding page for hours after the launch of the Disney Park Pass system, guests who were not otherwise informed simply went through the holding process blind. In fact, multiple facets of the Walt Disney World website led to a holding page, so even guests who were just casually checking on their My Disney Experience account were made to wait.

If you’re looking to make reservations, you can check out our step-by-step guide here. Do note that reservations are only currently open for Disney Resort Guests with valid admission. On June 26, reservations will open for Annual Passholders, and on June 28, all other existing ticket holders can start booking reservations.

What has your experience with the Disney Park Pass system been like? Sound off in the comments below.

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126 thoughts on “Walt Disney World Releases Official Statement on Theme Park Reservation System Glitches”

  1. It was my time to reserve. I had a resort stay and theme park tickets. I waited at the countdown page multiple time, I lost count. The time stated at the beginning of the countdown was never accurate it was at least doubled and once the countdown ended it brought me to a white screen every time. I was signed in to my Disney experience and it happened every time until I finally was able to make a reservation after 3 hours Of trying.

  2. I spoke with Disney as I had 2 resort reservations with linked tickets, and an email to say that I was eligible to book 22nd. I booked for the guests I was travelling with yet I couldn’t do mine. Spoke with IT helpline yday who said there was a glitch with the system that wasn’t picking up people with multiple linked tickets etc so they were manually booking them in the backend and it was being worked on.

  3. It took me 2+ hours and we have hotel reservations and an annual pass. I am not sure which system they were talking about with no glitches. I went from screen to screen waiting. It started with the castle, then a spaceship with a count down that reset every 30 sec., then it just stopped counting and another spaceship. Then finally – 2 + hours later and i didn’t even know where to go. Thank to WDW (you) I figured it out.

    • That’s all? You’re lucky! I tried off and on at work (after setting my alarm extra early) for almost 12 hours before I finally got anything. Now it only lets me do 4 of 8 days.

  4. It took nearly on hour, between the Pink Castle page and the countdown page to even be asked for my log in…so how would the system even know if I was eligible or not. After constant restarts to the countdown (the initial 4:30 countdown took over 20 minutes), the page loaded to a blank screen that never changed. So, admit it or not, it was glitched.
    BTW, I am AP with DVC reservations for the requested dates.

  5. I had a resort reservation and still had problems. It took all day Monday to finally get everything reserved as it was capping me at 7 park days when my reservation was for more than that. Very frustrating to say the least especially to call and be on hold for over an hour just for the person on the phone to tell me they couldn’t help me. Finally got all reservation days by the end of the evening.

  6. I am a DVC member with a resort reservation and annual pass. I cannot get park reservations because the expiration date of my annual passes has not been correctly reset by WDW. I have spent hours on the phone just to have calls dropped once I was in the queue. I spoke with two cast members on Tuesday neither could resolve the issue. One actually suggested I purchase new passes at a cost of over $1200.00 so I would have a revised renewal date. I other words, I should pay WDW twice. I have spent 4 1/2 hours trying to get through to passholder info today, to no avail.

  7. “book before it was their turn”
    2 linked DVC stays this calendar year, active AP. Both stays making use of the same AP. Apparently is was before my turn on 1 of the 2 stays on Monday but it was ok on Tuesday.
    No other park tickets, so no MNSSHP issue.
    So, whatever Disney. Your IT is horrible (from someone who develops for a living)

  8. Umm no.. ? Sorry Disney but this was definitely abd for the most part your IT department that screwed up! I knew my reservation dates and still cane upon many error message pages such as glitch “eating my page” and error messages and a Freud’s our calendar! Not user ignorance! Nice way to pawn off your software issues onto your guests! Really?

  9. Uh, no, Disney. The system was terrible and filled with glitches. Please don’t blame your loyal customers for this mistake!

  10. Not true. We had valid Disney hotel reservations and theme park tickets all linked to our my Disney experience and could not get in for 1.5 hours.

  11. Total BS. 6 day parkhoppers… reservation for Xmas week. The process was NOT smooth and I encountered errors along the way.

  12. I tried at 1201 on Jun 22 (I have existing resorts reservations and tickets) I waited on the castle page for 45 min before it opened to my disney experience. I was unable to make reservations. I tried again at 7 am on Jun 22 and waited on the castle page for 92 min before I got to move on. Next was a space mountain page with a 10 min countdown that took 34 min to get to the park pass reservation. I got my park pass reservations made.

    There was no published start time….just a date. That wasted my time (and sleep). Perhaps Disney could get folks in line and then call them when it is 5 min to their turn so they don’t waste so much time.

    I remember when Disney used to research all these ways to give the best customer service and then deliver it. Sadly the last few months have exposed a few rust spots in their shiny aura.

  13. Not good! A glitch prevented me from reservations for all 6 days of my tickets. Spent hours on the phone trying to get through to technical support.

    • CodeSpyder…I had the exact same issue. 9 days booked at Saratoga Springs with up to date Annual Passes. Could only make 3. Finally got to talk to someone (after trying all day!) at 11:10 pm. She said many people were having same problem and tech was aware. Finally next morning got in to get other 6 days. So sad that Disney cones put blaming user error. No fairy dust or magic anywhere!

  14. I have a Disney resort stay and received an email stating that I would be able to get into the system on Monday. I too received the glitch, I’m far from stupid & the statements made on behalf of Disney are ridiculous. This is my very first time visiting and probably will be my last. Just admit there was an issue not call the guest dumb.

  15. I don’t usually comment, but that is a blatant lie. I have a resort reservation and park hopper tickets and could not get into my Disney Experience when it was first opened to make park reservations. When I was just trying to log in I got the Cinderella castle indicating I had to wait, and wait and wait. I tried again later in the day. The Castle then had the message indicating who could start reserving. After at least a dozen attempts of logging in only to have the screen stay on the log in screen I got in to reserve dates. Disney has not emailed me about any refund since park hoppers aren’t going to be allowed and our resort (All Stars) isn’t scheduled to be reopening so I don’t know what will happen. Worst of all I can’t call to talk with anyone to get answers or cancel, if that’s what we decide to do, because the line has been busy.

  16. I experienced all those issues and it was my time to book. Took 3 hours and 45 minutes. The system was glitchy and then some but it finally worked.

  17. I love Disney and personally I’m still going to Disney this year but the fact that they say there is no glitch is not true at all. I am someone who works in tech, and the way that the system was working, was that there was a glitch in that anybody who had a canceled not so scary Halloween party ticket, had found problems in Booking because the system kept trying to book with that as a one-day park ticket. once I deleted the park pass reservation on the day of the canceled party, and booked all the other days, and then book that date last, it did work. This was a glitch in the back end of their website and however they’re processing the data, so I’m very disappointed in this response.

  18. Dont fool yourself, there was a problem with the system put in place by Disney. I was there at 4 am Pacific, and it did not work.

  19. It’s clear that Disney IT didn’t thoroughly test their system prior to launching it. I’ve seen reports of MANY guests not able to reserve park days despite the fact that they had APs or park tickets linked to an on site resort stay in their My Disney Experience account. For example, AP holders with on site resort stays…many only able to reserve 3 park days and then blocked out. Or individuals with an AP or multiday ticket but ALSO a Halloween party ticket – those folks also had on site resort stays linked, but could not make park reservations. MANY guests have spent hours and hours on hold with Disney customer service, many times being disconnected after waiting 2+ hours, leaving them to have to call back and start all over. Information from Disney IT to the Disney customer service team also appeared to be lacking.
    The only people for whom it seemed to work fine for on Mon & Tues of this week were people with ONE multiday ticket per person and ONE linked on site stay. Anyone who had any other combination than that seems to have had problems. So if you had a group with ONE person with an AP and everybody else with regular tickets linked to your on site stay? You had problems.
    Totally unacceptable. I don’t know what sort of Mickey Mouse operation they’re running in their IT department, but they need to get their act together because the bumbling and stumbling around this week has been ridiculous.

    • This is EXACTLY what my husband said (an IT guy who works in automation and is a network engineer) – they didn’t properly test it before launching. My husband also reminded me that Disney outsourced their IT department to India… So…

    • They have needed to get their IT department together for YEARS!! I run into similar issues with the site freezing, etc. any time I need to book FastPasses or Dining! Every single time…every single trip. I am dreading having to make dining reservations the same day as my fastpasses…IF they bring back fast passes that is. Its not like they didn’t have time to work this all through either.

  20. I would say that the system crashed. I had all the requirements to get my reservations on Monday. However, it took a few hours before I was able to even get just signed in. Once I was signed in I was placed in a holding queue. That would repeat itself. About 9am CT I was finally able to make all my reservations for the parks in Sept. So I’m not sure what this spokesperson is alluding to. If they had gone on that day they would have seen it was a mad house. They weren’t ready for the volume point blank period. Just say that. People still got what they were going for. So..*shurg*

  21. Yes, I waited 3 hours to book a reservation. Though as soon as I was able to get through, it was seamless.

  22. Ohhhh Disney, sweet, sweet Disney…I have news for the Disney representative who gave CBS the statement…I am one of the MANY MANY people who got up extra early and sat in holding for over 2 hours! I was not mistaken, you see, I have resort reservations for December, I am a DVC member as well as an Annual Pass holder… I even called ahead and spoke with a cast member to make sure that I was correct in knowing I met all of the criteria for June 22nd’s Park reservation failure…eh hem, I mean launch. Even then the person I spoke with sounded a bit dreadful at the concerning knowledge of how poorly it was going to go! This was a cluster you know what beyond all recognition! This was like the Hunger Games meets Disney dining + FastPass on steroids! The page was having issues right out of the gate! And I’m not alone Disney rep!!! I was on an AP Facebook page and we all were talking to each other with the same issues…TONS of us! Issues and glitches were throughout the process for all! Nobody could get through to a cast member on the phone either…I tried and it either rang busy or I got a message that all circuits were busy and to try again later. MANY of us were let in only to get kicked out and then get a message that our passwords were wrong…no they weren’t! When you finally got to the countdown page, the clock would wind down and then jump to a higher time without any rhyme or reason! AND may people got messages that they had met their limit of reservations, but had more days to their resort reservations! Thankfully I didn’t have that happen.

    I love Disney, but they have REALLY dropped the ball over and over again in this entire process…it would have been better to break it down even further to a few months at a time within the sections/criteria they already have given. I was also told by multiple cast members on the phone that I would receive an email with more information of when and how to make park reservations…and I never did! Some people on the FB chat said they got emails that morning for $50 gift cards from Disney…didn’t get that either! Now they want to repeat this TERRIBLE PROCESS for Dining reservations to be at the 60 day window (same as FastPass if they bring that back after initial opening) and so we will be stressed and subjected to frozen pages yet AGAIN!

  23. Honestly, we fully expected it to be a clunky process. Once we were able to sign in it was seamless and easy. The majority of negative comments I’ve seen seem like folks who were not in the vacation package category and I think the downfall was Disney not being BLATANTLY clear up front who could and couldn’t book on the 22nd. I know they listed the sates

    • Sorry but this just isn’t true. I am AP holder, had on site hotel reservations. Also had a package booked with theme park tickets attached for a different month. I absolutely could not make my park reservations. Spent 3 hours on hold and an IT cast member told me it was a glitch in the system and she had been creating dummy accounts all day which allowed people to make their park reservations and then had to merge all the counts together. Oh and this was after getting the pink castle for an hour and then the space mountain countdown ticker which continually reset itself. It was a disaster and like the IT person said she had been dealing with it all day long. So it was not confused people who didn’t know when their day was to book park reservations

  24. Well that statement is a total lie. I am a passholder with 5 different resort reservations through next April. I was able to only book 3 days for me and my family (all AP) in the morning and that was it. My niece tried all day and I tried when I could (got called into work) and at 10 pm I was able to book the rest with a lot of difficulty.

  25. Well, Disney DEFINITELY lied to CBS. I have a reservation at AKL August 3-6 and had *major* issues Monday morning. Was on there for over two hours, multiple error pages, got kicked back into the waiting queue multiple times, etc. Disney just needs to do better. Period.

  26. This is a flat out lie, tried to book and it was my day to book. Took 2 hours due to constant glitches to finally make reservations.

  27. The my disney experience is a mess. Cant properly add friends and family. Hotel reservations have the wromg people added. There’s a major glitch they arent telling us

  28. In fact there are glitches. I currently cannot reserve park reservations for my son when we have a resort reservation because there is an older, still valid, partial ticket linked to my Disney account. Older partial tickets cannot be transferred or unlinked. As a result of this loophole, I’m only able to reserve him 1 day from the old ticket and the system will not automatically jump to his 3 day ticket (or start with it in the first place). With the phone lines all jammed starting at 7am sharp, it appears I have to wait until June 28 to reserve a random day (outside of our resort week) with his leftover ticket, then I should be able to make his park reservations during the week we have resort reservations. I hope anyway. They obviously didn’t think of that scenario…

  29. Well if they would have extended our passes when they said they would (still not done) then getting park reservations wouldn’t be an issue… But when you HAVE ACTUAL HOTEL RESERVATIONS but they used aren’t extended, then you CAN’T make park reservations because you need BOTH to be active 😠 and after being on hold for 240 min one time only to be rerouted to a random department who can’t help you. You call again to be put on hold for another 200 min and that’s after 2 hours of constant trying and getting a busy signal.. only to get REROUTED again.. and for the CM to say, yup that’s what’s happening, the system is rerouting calls to those who aren’t busy!! So yes it’s an internal error and not our error!!!! 😠

  30. ummm, no it was not us that were trying to reserve before it was our turn… I had hotel reservations and legitimate tickets already paid for and linked to my account. The login screen wouldn’t even load for more than an hour. Then the link that allowed you to make park reservations didn’t show for yet another hour, Thats multiple glitches.

  31. We have had tickets and on-site resort reservations for September. Disney emailed me recently that I would be able to do my park reservations starting this past Monday, the 22nd. That morning, I logged in around 7:30am Pacific, waited a few minutes in each of the “waiting rooms,” made my park choices (three days) and was out and done in about 10 minutes.

  32. Disney is not being honest. I have a resort reservation and tickets for 4 days in August. The system will only allow me to reserve 3 days. Have been trying to get through on the phone or chat since Monday. Always busy. No reply to the numerous e mails sent.

  33. “book before it was their turn”:, “user error”. Seriously Disney? How sad you blame your customers rather than admit your IT department once again dropped the ball. Very disappointed in Disney.

  34. I would like to know why Disney won’t address those of us with Resort Reservations and NO TICKETS. It’s like they WANT us to cancel our stay. :(

  35. When I called customer service yesterday they said I definitely did nothing wrong and they were waiting on IT to resolve an issue related to guests being limited to fewer days than they were entitled. They said IT contacted them letting them know they were still working on it as of yesterday evening.

  36. It wasn’t all that different than the systems used to buy tickets to concerts when they go on sale where you have to go through multiple stages waiting before tickets can be selected. It is a method used to manage server load.
    The one thing missing was an official time that the reservations would be available, there was nothing on the site that said the time that reservations would become available.
    Unlike concert and sports tickets I had no issue getting the desired reservations. I got in and got my reservations around 8AM EDT.

  37. My passes have not been extended yet! That being said and numerous chat sessions that no one could help me. I was only able to book our August weekend because our original expiration date is 8/10. It is extremely frustrating because we are DVC members as well and have been paying member dues through the pandemic and we already had to cancel one DVC trip earlier. We have points we cant use and are paying for! Now because our passes aren’t extended yet we cant even book our park reservations for our DVC trip in September. So disappointed in Disney. We are Silver passholder, DVC members, and castaway club members. Now all they tell us is to be patient for our passes to be extended. Meaning we have to wait until other passholder and probably even ticketholders will have a chance to book before we can. Even though we have DVC reservations.

  38. Actually there is a flaw in the system and Disney internet help confirmed it to me. I have spent over twenty hours on the phone the last three days. I have ten calls that range in duration from 48 minutes to over three hours that just inexplicably dropped out. I was on the phone with internet help for 3 hours and 52 minutes yesterday when i was hung up on. I have 8 day park hoppers for a party of eight arriving July 11th, but I am also an annual pass holder. When they added the extra time to my annual pass it prioritized it over my park tickets associated with my resort stay. I have been unable to book park reservations as the system thinks I am a pass holder trying to jump in early and not a resort guest with valid theme park tickets.I am traveling with my wife and six young grandchildren and we have been shut out. I asked for a supervisor who informed me that all he can do is give me phone numbers that I have been calling nonstop for three days.I have been more than accommodating, but someone must have taken it out on this supervisor as he was cold and indifferent, down right rude and condescending.

  39. Yes I’m not sure who that spokesperson is but they should be fired lol this statement is a joke right? There were so many glitches and I even had a cast members confirm those glitches. It didn’t happen to everyone but there were not only annual passholders with reservation issues but technical issues as well. I can also tell you that my brother and I were on the same reservation and at one point last night he could finally book but I couldn’t. I am a Dvc member and I have an annual pass. We had reservations and couldn’t book properly for both our trips. I even confirmed I was set up correctly! Oh and my roommate who has a trip on November with regular tickets and hotel didn’t have an issue. There were random glitches everywhere and i am just grateful it finally worked! Just makes me angry that Disney is not taking responsibility for their mess of a system and is trying to blame us!

  40. Wow, real nice Disney. Won’t even take accountability 😂. It was definitely “our turn” and if it weren’t maybe they should have sent out an email with more information. They didn’t even tell people what time it would be live. If we needed to take turns maybe they should have only allowed 2 months at a time to book.

  41. Hmm… We had the textbook definition of what we were supposed to have in order to make park reservations: a linked account with both a resort stay and tickets, and nothing complicated about said tickets or resort. Four people staying in the same room, in the same family, with four tickets purchased at the exact same time, back in February.
    I waited for more than 3 hours JUST TO SIGN IN to my MDE account. Then another half-hour for the countdown window. Then another 20 minutes for the countdown to complete (twice). I WAS able to make my park reservations in the end. But it took three devices, two different web browsers, and A LOT OF PATIENCE.
    Good to know it was all because I wasn’t following the directions (which I was), and wasn’t waiting my turn (which I did), and not because of any technical glitches (of which there were plenty).
    I get that some errors may have been caused by some people jumping the gun, but seriously, Disney, OWN UP TO YOUR OWN GOOFS!

  42. User error? This is SO NOT TRUE! I was even told by Disney chat that there was a glitch preventing those of us with multiple resort stays (and annual passes) from getting our park passes. Kept saying I had reached my limit, when I hadn’t. It finally got fixed sometime in the evening. Very poor roll out!

  43. Sorry Disney. That’s a big ol Nope from me. Try again with another excuse. I had resort and park tickets already and was logged in at 7am. I didn’t get my reservations until well after 1pm. It took me 3.5 hours of error upon error before I got to the screen that allowed me to select my park reservations. Then another 30 minutes of fighting with it because it kept sending me to an Olaf error screen when it tried to book that park. Try again, Disney! New excuse please!

  44. I had resort and ticket reservations all linked to my Disney experience account. I was able to get in after waiting. Then I was only able to make 1 days reservation out of 3. It would just give an error after I chose the day, park and time. Every time I tried it would error. Then it kicked me out and I had to wait all over again. After getting back in I was able to make my other 2 reservations. We reserved for a party of 8 at Christmas time.

  45. So ridiculous if we have tickets let us book hotel stays and get in to the parks! If you are afraid of getting the virus stay home!

  46. To say there were no glitches suggests they designed the system to act that way – they should be more concerned about admitting that. I had tickets and a reservation at a qualified hotel..but a glitch in My Disney experience prevented me from being able to add people to my reservation (one still says “guest” for two spots). Disney had non idea what to do last week when I reached out fearing this would be a problem, and when it showed up as one I could contact no one (all lines busy for hours). I did manage to make reservations in two sections – last one being at 3AM Tuesday morning – by having the reservation resent to them but it was strictly jerry-rigging…and even then I saw the countdown that reset itself numerous times (one time it took 27 minutes to get through a countdown that started at 15 and then just went directly to the castle). Did they really expect that a system that has numerous glitches all the time (My Disney Experience) would be a good platform for this???

  47. What a slap in the face to those who waited hours online and on hold with IT to correct this glitch in the system. Shame on you Disney. Why lie?

    Yesterday your own IT cast member said it was a glitch and she had been correcting it all day long!! I finally was able to book my park reservations with her help, after wasting hours of my time.

    It’s one thing to have a major issue, but to blatantly lie about it? Thats just low class Disney

  48. I had received the email that it was my time to book, I have a trip booked for October…I had all the glitches happen….That’s a load of crap!

  49. was absolutely down 4 hours to get reservation and My Disney Experience down too. Had a clock then kicked you to waiting room.

  50. What a lie! Can’t Disney even accept responsibility for their poor website performance? I, as well as many others, tried several times on Monday to make park reservations, all with the glitches mentioned — holding pages, countdowns, errors, etc. It was so frustrating! I have all the required resort reservations and annual passes for the dates I was trying to reserve. I was finally able to successfully make my park reservations at 11pm Monday evening. Don’t tell me there was no such glitch and it was likely people that were not eligible to reserve yet. What a bunch of baloney! I’ve experienced poor performance on the Disney website for years, I’m always getting the “Someone ate the page” message. And that used to happen all the time before Disney decided to have thousands of people trying to reserve all on Monday. Disney’s website can’t even handle the web traffic on a good day, what made them think it would work like this? Just crazy! I think Disney is sending the message that they just really don’t want anyone to come back, and they’d prefer that annual passholders just cancel their passes.

  51. I call BS. This is just another lie. I have a reservation for August and had everything stated abi e happen. It took me 5 hrs which is beyond ridiculous. The new CEO doesn’t know his butt from a hole in the ground.

  52. I have valid reservations and it was a nightmare. There were no dates provided to customers about when they should reserve. My planner told me on Friday that it opened at 7am on Monday. I was online to start the process at 7:03. It took me over 3 hours!!! This isn’t a user problem. This was a Disney problem. Also, did you guys know Disney is now backing out of the promised upgrades to Deluxe resorts for guests who didn’t cancel their 2020 reservations? I was supposed to be at Port Orleans French Quarter. It will be closed and they told planners now to just stick us in whatever “comparable” resort they can find room in. I’m now at a resort I did not want. Everything else “comparable” was full. They promised deluxe upgrades supposedly to help with social distancing. They’re now going back on their word which I assume means we will be packed in like sardines. We have seriously considered canceling.

  53. I feel like we’re the exception, reading the comments… We have tickets and a hotel stay booked. I logged on around noon Monday and was in within 15mins and was able to reserve our parks from there.

    • It worked later, but it certainly didn’t work at first and people certainly had some issues that they shouldn’t have beyond the morning. Just because we didn’t doesn’t disqualify what happened to thousands.

  54. It was horrible. Took me 3 days to finally get my reservations and I have confirmed hotel reservation and tickets. I finally had to cancel the only reservation I had and start over. Tried for 2 days to get through and constant busy signal. Awful experience.

  55. So DVC members are the general public to you Disney? Joe Q. Public can book full vacation packages today, but DVC members can’t even get tickets? What did our $20, $30, $50k get us!!??

  56. Work perfectly for me, already had tickets and hotel booked. The holding page lists the dates and who qualifies, so saying that Disney didn’t inform the users in simply false. User error all the way. Disappointing that self proclaimed site designers can’t pay attention.

  57. I have a reservation 7-25 so it has been turn!!! I ended up booking a new trip today for april 2021 and getting park reservations easily. Sad bc this july trip was made 18 mo ago and has been moved 5 times due to COVID so people with existing reservations were obviously left to struggle. I feel like wdw has done their best with the website the biggest problem is simple…COMMUNICATION. ALL my info has come from here and IG. Wdw has failed miserably to communicate with ppl abt their reservations. And after 12.5 hrs of calling monday I got thru and was given false info abt today. Never thought I’d see wdw be the company that failed to provide good communication and therefore good customer svc!

  58. So I am trying to book them park reservations for October 30- Nov 3, when I have valid resort reservations at Fort Wilderness. Our annual passes were to expire on July 31 but with the time added for the closure they should be valid well into November. Of course the message i get when booking is we do not have valid admission. So when is Disney going to update our annual passes?. It seems to me I should be able to get reservations now with other theme park guests.

  59. If the reservation system runs anything like a merchandise launch then we are going to be in trouble, plain and simple!

  60. This seriously ticks me off. I’d prefer they say nothing than to lie like this. I was on the phone for over 5 hours (guest services, then IT) because I couldn’t book more than 3 days as an AP holder with an 8 day resort stay, both properly linked. I was finally able to book on Tuesday, but there 100% was a “glitch.” Disney outdid themselves with this IT disaster, and that’s saying a lot.

  61. That’s absurd!

    My wife and I have had both tickets and hotel reservations booked since January. The website was showing no days available for any of the parks. We had to contact both guest services and tech support before the glitch was corrected and we were able to select park reservations for the days of our trip.

    No idea why Disney is trying to gaslight us into thinking the guests were the problem with their glitchy system.

  62. I got a note on Monday to make the reservation but when I clicked on the link… It came up blank and then when I tried to open my Disney Experience it would not open. I have tired for there days…I give up…. They can’t say that I did it too early because they were the ones that sent me the notes AND I already have a reservation

  63. I have an existing Disney hotel reservation as well as tickets, both of which I’ve had since January. It would let me make park reservations for myself, but said that my son wasn’t eligible. I assume because his name isn’t on the hotel reservation, although it was never an option to add him.

  64. I have a two four day park tickets and two resort stays booked for July. After spending hours trying to get into the system, I was only able to book four of my eight days. I then spent hours on hold on Monday only to have my call dropped. I finally was able to speak with a cast member at 10:45pm who confirmed the error was on their end and that they were working on it and the issue should be resolved by Tuesday when the system reopened. The issue was not resolved on Tuesday. I then spent an hour and 200 attempted calls just trying to get through to the phone system so I could Wait hold for another THREE HOURS! I finally spoke to a cast member who again confirmed that the error was in the system. She was able to help me and booked my remaining reservations. This was NOT user error. This was entirely Disney’s error.

  65. I was online at 7am and got the hold page. I finally got in after 9 hours and it would only let me get 7 park reservations. I am AP and had 23 days of resort stay booked. I kept trying to get back in and would get in rather quickly. Finally 12 1/2 hours later I was able to get park reservations for all 23 days.

  66. Ridiculous. I cannot believe they’re opening up to more people so soon with the phones being overly crowded and glitches still happening. I have valid passes and a resort reservation and could only get ONE pass. Not to mention four of my family members have been on the phone for nearly 12 hours and have been hung up on multiple times after being on hold for HOURS. It’s a mad house. Meanwhile universal is doing fine. How??

  67. I was eligible and was to the point of tears…glitches were so bad only a CM via the phone after a 12H wait was able to book my passes

    • I’m surprised. I was told by a CM that they had no access to the system and couldn’t book for anyone. So I guess they are now lying in the news and to individual customers.

  68. Never thought I’d hear Disney blame technology issues on the guests.. As a very social DVC member with APs and Ressies I can most assuredly say they had technical challenges yesterday.. I’m amazed they’d take the “must be you” posture.. guess they have all the 5 Keys Castmembers on furlough.

  69. As if I wasn’t already extremely frustrated due to it taking 3 hours to get park pass reservations on Monday and currently being on hold going on 2 hours trying to figure out what is going to happen with my closed resort reservation, now for them not to take ownership of the situation is wrong. We couldn’t even get to the login page for them to determine if it was “our turn”. Infuriating and losing a lot of respect I once had for Disney. Might just go to Universal for my vacation and spend my money there.

  70. Took close to an hour for everything to load up but after that it worked just fine. We made resort reservations back in January for mid July.

  71. I’m a DVC member with an annual pass and resort reservation for September. I had to stare at the computer with the pink castle image for three and a half hours until it went thru. ‘Before it was their turn’ , hardly. Also I’ve heard some have gotten Disney gift cards emailed to them for canceled or moved reservations, which I did from June to September. Guess I miss out on that

  72. I have DVC reservations for a 3br Villa at OKW July 18-25 and multi day park tickets (with ph+ options that I paid for and can’t use) for 6 people. I started trying to sign in to my account 20 minutes prior on my laptop and iPad and wasn’t even able to get a sign In Screen for 2 hours. When finally able to sign in I was given a 15 minute countdown, which started over after 15 minutes. Then it counted down 1 minute about 3 times when it finally put me in a blank white screen and then logged me out of my account and I had to start all over. Then on my laptop I opened safari, chrome and Firefox and tried to sign on from all 3 browsers. Also tried from my iPad and phone. After 3 additional hours I signed in and waited another 15 minutes, then 5 minutes. FINALLY I was able to make my park pass reservations! AFTER ALMOST 5 AND A HALF HOURS FOR EXISITING TICKETS AND RESERVATIONS! So Disney’s press release is BS!

  73. So I have a reservation from july 5 to july 17. I have a 10 day ticket. BS there was no glitch. I was signed on. I clicked the reserve my spot. Was met with a 15 min countdown. At which point I had to sign in again. Then I got another countdown for 10 mins which led to a pink disney castle and nothing. Finally after 3 1/2 hours, I was able to sign in and reserve. This was a shody launch and to blame it on customers is making me rethink future plans with disney.

  74. Wow Disney!!! Really??? It was my time to book and it was a DISASTER! Took me 2 days and 4.5 hours on hold for IT to get it straightened out. That’s just pouring salt in the wound Disney. SMH

  75. It ended up working a few hours later.. so I really dont see the problem..

    If you have a resort stay it seems like availability is green.

  76. I was eligible. I have had tickets and a resort reservation booked for 6 months, yet I still had all of those errors. Even if I didn’t have a reservation, I still should be able to simply access my account. It took over an hour just to log in.

    Disney IT has failed its loyal customers time and again with My Disney Experience. The app and website are filled with issues. Perhaps Disney should learn the word “accountability”.

    In times like these the Disney company shouldn’t just expect to coast to success on its name alone. Every single person on that website is spending thousands of dollars. Perhaps the Disney Company needs reminding it could be spent elsewhere.

  77. Frustrated. I have an annual pass that will expire a week before one of my booked trips. It’s too early to renew my pass but since my pass will technically be expired, I can’t reserve a park spot nor can I renew my pass to be eligible to reserve a park spot. Good call, Disney.

  78. Yeah. Right. Disney totally dropped the ball on this one. Every IT glitch mentioned in terms of the system, I experienced. Two and a half hours to get in, and then I finally got a tip to log in by 1st making a dining reservation. This tip worked like a charm and once in I was done in leads than 10 minutes. Thanks Disney spokesperson for throwing us all under the bus. TOTALLY THEIR ISSUE.

  79. I wouldn’t be surprised that those accessing that weren’t eligible for reservations and clogged up some bandwidth for others
    Probably should have had a rolling timing open up based on planned arrival.
    Definitely som e opportunties. I had a little trial and error and initially a long wait but I found that my wait was longer when I was using Chrome. Once I tried to log in with Microsoft Edge I was in within 30 mins had my reservation and done.

  80. My son is a DVC owner, whose reservations have been moved back 5 times already. He’s been trying for 3 days straight to get any reservations, but to no avail. Can YOU say s**t show?

  81. I waited for hours before getting to the select your party page..i got the space mountain page, Cinderella castle page, count down resting over and over again…. I was able to make reservations as I had resort reservations and an AP so it was not before my turn. I was only able to make 3 reservations even though I had six nights booked. I should not have been limited to 3 reservations per disney.com. I gave up trying to call. This morning I was able to make additional reservations so they fixed the issue. There were definitely issues.

  82. Not a glitch, my ass!! My hotel reservations and park tickets were ALL there and linked up properly…this wasn’t my first rodeo!! Why can’t they just admit they screwed up??!!

  83. I had just a little trouble at onset but I think it was me more than anything. Once I figured it out, I had a 5 minute timer. Once that ended I was finished within 10-15 minutes. Very easy and I usually have problems doing things like this.

  84. I have 4 rooms reservations for 5 days on December. It took me 10.5 hours to make the 20 reservations I needed to do. Also I try to work simultaneously in 2 laptops and 2 IPads 1 for each room. Had to erase the cookies several times. I was never capable of doing the reservations in the ipads. Also in moments some days options didn’t charge.

    I also want to note that WDW didn’t sent and email informing at least for me that this was going on. I receive the information looking in this Instagram page!! When I call to be prepared for Monday they told me that it was my obligation to be informed!!

    Another problem that I had was that the adult in each room didn’t have the kids as friends and the page wasn’t working to add them so I had to make 300 call to the phone of my Disney experience for them to help me with that!!

  85. Had a resort/tickets reservation and it took me all morning. I had to log back in 3 different times. So it’s just not true that it was only people who weren’t eligible that had delays and glitches. That being said I was able to reserve the parks we wanted on the days we wanted and once I was in the reservation system it was pretty seamless. Now I’m just hoping the governor of FL decides to start being more honest and transparent because I need to know things are relatively safe for my family. If not we’ll be cancelling.

  86. I wonder what dirt Chapek has on their employees to convince them to flat out lie about how great the company is. Eh, he doesn’t care about the common man, why should he give two craps about someone who works for him? Especially since his company has been known to kick out trusted, longtime workers in favor of those from other countries AND who get paid less, because he knows people from Haiti and Dominican Republic won’t complain about having ANY job.

  87. We have Disney resort reservations and park hopper passes and worked for hours trying to reserve our preferences for visiting the different parks during our upcoming trip in August. We called and called and tried to get through his the chat option on the site. Also the chat pop up window popped up in the lower right hand corner of our computer screens and would not minimize or go away. So it blocked us from being able to select different options. So, sorry to say it, but it was VERY full of glitches and problems.

  88. It took me 13 hours to finally get my park passes reserved and my tickets were linked to my resort stay. I was allowed to reserve 1 day and then the other 4 days of my 5 day pass all the parks said they were unavailable. So after 13 hours of trying and being put in multiple virtual waiting rooms, we canceled the 1 pass we were able to reserve and tried again. My husband could make 2 on the laptop before it glitched and said the other 3 days were all full, so I switched to my phone and was able to make the other 3. No glitches?! They are full of it.

  89. When I was first told the Disney reservation system would be ready Monday morning I was never informed there were different dates for different types of tickets. Only that people who have tickets could reserve Monday. I tried multiple times with similar to results to everyone else. By 2pm I gave up and never actually got a screen reminding me as a passholder I had to wait until Friday. I didn’t learn about having to wait until Friday until I clicked on a read this article. Just one more way I think Disney fell short for passholders.

  90. I got up early on Monday (West Coast) to get on right away. Our reservation for a Disney Resort hotel is 9/10-9/17. I had about a 25-30 minute wait on the castle screen, but once I got through it went very smoothly. I made a park reservation for each day, without any problem. I can see the park reservations in the “My Disney App”, so I hope we are good to go.

  91. I had a very brief wait and made my park reservations as i am going in August with resort reservations and passholder status

  92. Disneys response was completely wrong… Even a 3 hour hold for tech support yielded no results. My daughter finally found someone who had the same glitch she had and told her the work around so my daughter could get her passes requested _ my daughter requested 4 days and the rest of the days showed no availability even though the calendar was green… For my trip it took about 4 hours to get the site to respond correctly and show the dates so I could book.

  93. Uhm. NO! We have resort reservations for August. After multiple attempts at logging in and getting the pink castle, the clock adding 30 seconds every minute it counted down then the pink castle after the countdown ended or seeing that my password was invalid (it’s not) I gave up. I was able to get one day a few hours later but all other days were then greyed out for our trip. I was finally able to reserve the rest of our days Tuesday night. This launch was a disaster, as usual. I recommend 3-6 month increments. 18 months out allows for too many people trying to access at once. Incredibly frustrating.

  94. In the article it states that disney allowed guests with previous resort reservations to make park pass reservations. That is not true. We have had our resort reservation made for months but didn’t buy park passes as we didn’t know what was going to happen with a reopening. Now we can’t buy park passes and will very likely not be able to take our kids to the parks. I don’t think Disney thought about this type of situation when making ticket decisions. Now we have to wait for annual pass holders to make their reservations and then if there’s anything left we can buy them with regular stand folks. It makes me sad.

    Has anyone else heard anything about this?

      • I sure did 3 times. If you can help me at all Tom, I would greatly appreciate it. I’m so upset over this.

    • I’m in the same boat.. I made a reservation in Feb and was waiting to come back from my TDY to purchase my tickets. Finally made it to the base ITT and they aren’t allowed to sell any. Let’s hope the week I have my hotel booked if still available when I am able to purchase tickets..

  95. I can not believe that Disney had the audacity to say what they did above – I, just like everyone below and thousands of others who were accessing at the correct time, had all of the above glitches happen – I wasted 6 hours of my day to finally get 3 park reservations that I wanted, but could only book for half of my family. Even as of now and hundreds of attempts to call Disney, “all circuits are busy”, it’s disgraceful for how much some of us pay to receive such terrible service, they’ve had months to get their act together.

  96. I had no issues at all. It let me in on Monday morning about 7AM CST. It then allowed me to set my passes for my wife and I. It worked as I was told it would.

  97. Disney’s statement is complete BS. Spent 8 hours on the computer Monday trying to reserve parks. I reserved the first 3 days fine but could not reserve day 4 and 5. After much frustration I finally found out it was because of my MNSSH ticket which was canceled. I backed out of my successful day 1-3 reservations (nervously) and then reserved the days in the order of 1-2-4-5-3. By reserving the day I had a MNSSH ticket last I was able to reserve all 5 days. So yeah Disney had a glitch. Sorry not sorry.

  98. I’m calling BS. I have both an existing hotel reservation AND park tickets linked to my account and had THREE HOURS of problems and glitches on the reservation system on monday. Disney’s sites (including Shopdisney) tend to have an unusual amount of issues and I am disappointed that rather than be accountable and try to improve, they are transferring blame.

  99. I’ve had reservations and tickets for almost a year and spent 5+ hours Monday morning waiting for endless countdowns to take me to blank screens or to be told my name and password weren’t right. Eventually I followed another bloggers tips and was able to get on. No glitches, huh? 🤦🏼‍♀️

  100. Hi, you say that all other existing ticket holders can start making reservations from 28th June, I have a resort and ticket package for December 21. Can I make my reservation from the 28th.

  101. That is utter nonsense. We had 2 resort reservations , we’re AP holders, DVC and had the emails telling us we could book. Took 16hrs!!!!! 3 computers running multiple browsers and all we got was holding pattern. Finally got a few days, but then were told we were at our max. Took 3hrs waiting on the phone to only be told most of our days the parks were at max. Then after getting off the phone and looking at availability calendar and it showed that the days were available. We t back on the system, got right in and were able to do the rest of our days. Sorry Disney! Time to be honest and stop lying.

  102. Disney where nightmares come true… the last year has me questioning my dvc and passholder memberships.

  103. No problem for us. We had resort reservations and park passes already. Went in on Monday and made park reservations for all eight days in about ten minutes. It was simple and we locked in exactly what we wanted.

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