Walt Disney World to Reportedly Use New Theme Park Reservation System Through 2021

Jessica Figueroa

Walt Disney World to Reportedly Use New Theme Park Reservation System Through 2021

Jessica Figueroa

Walt Disney World to Reportedly Use New Theme Park Reservation System Through 2021

As we mentioned in our earlier post on the addition of “Reservations Required” labels on Annual Passholder admission calendars, it was shown that reservations would be required through June 2021, meaning a full year of the new Theme Park Reservation system at Walt Disney World.

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Of course, these calendars can and may well change as we near the reopening of the theme parks and as further information is released on the new reservation system, however additional information is surfacing on the potential that this system will in fact be used through 2021. A tweet from Scott Gustin indicates that multiple travel agencies based in the UK have received communication from Disney that suggest the reservation system will be around for a while:

Given that Disney is currently overhauling its existing system of FastPass+, Dining Plans, and more in order to accommodate this new system, it seems the system will not just be a temporary one instituted due to stringent reopening guidelines, but a long-term infrastructure for the theme parks moving forward.

Disney has yet to release full details on how the Theme Park Reservation system will work, but so far, we know that Annual Passholders will be limited in how many reservations they can have at a time. Reservations can only be made for one theme park at a time, meaning that the popular practice of park-hopping will be temporarily discontinued for the time being.

Stay tuned for all of the latest updates on this new Theme Park Reservation system at Walt Disney World (and yes, even at Disneyland Resort) as they are announced.

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10 thoughts on “Walt Disney World to Reportedly Use New Theme Park Reservation System Through 2021”

  1. Bad idea. Park hopper cancellation will be a negative as far as I’m concerned. Being a DVC owner at Boardwalk we constantly come and go at Epcot and DHS. Dining and shopping is an important part of our trips.

  2. What are they doing with passholders whose passes expired during the 4 month closure…we intended to renew but couldnt and if they extend us by those 4 months then we should still be able to renew when reopen…but…i saw they arent planning to sell AO or renewals…???

  3. All I know is I am a platinum plus annual passholder and they ever say no you can’t go on a certain date…..well there better start talking about refunds. Especially after we had the recent price increases !

  4. Then why have platinum or platinum plus AP levels if you can’t use them for what they’re intended for?!

  5. That’s ridiculous. I hope they are going to lower the price on my existing annual pass then, because that doesn’t make sense for me to be paying full price monthly for an annual pass, but being limited to the access of going to each park. I wouldn’t even be able to park hop and that’s one of the cool features to have as an annual pass holder, having the liberty to access one, two, or varies parks when ever I would like. If all of these limitations will be put, then I hope they will be changing the price in which they will be charging for annual passes or having the option to cancel the pass without any penalties. I understand the situation, but there has to be a balance and fairness, especially for those who are rolling on their existing annual pass contract.

  6. So what is Disney doing for those AP Holders and those who paid extra for the park hopper option, who can’t park hop now? Are they refunding or giving a rebate. That doesn’t seem like they are holding up to their end of the contract. I understand and agree with the reduced amount of people in the park and I’m ok (as an AP holder) with not being able to go every single day. The park hopper is one thing I don’t agree with for their “new norm”.

  7. This could be a real game changer in the whole planning phase of a WDW vacation. Not only will Guests need to get up at the crack to book ADRs and FP+ but now a third reservation “event” is added in the mix.
    Personally, I’m not sure how I feel about this just yet. If this negates the need for FP+ and potentially maintains a certain level of Guest volume in the parks, then I may learn to love it! However, if it’s yet another thing I have to do and stress over pre-arrival, then the Guess experience will suffer.

  8. No surprise here. I posted on many boards the day the original reservation strategy came out that this would become permanent. Though they say it’s still temporary, it’s not.

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